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  1. This is the OOC thread! Hurray♥
    I dunno what we should do here except talk and plot things.

    c: about time i made this......
  2. party will be starting soooon!! :v lots of npcs needed.... -lays on back-
  3. Whoopee! I'll probably be making one or two in the coming posts ^-^
  4. *shyly rolls in* Hii???
    Nice to meet you Sol :">
  5. Nice to meet you too x3
  6. yooooooo
    gotta postttt n edit -lays on back-

  7. eyyyy guys should we plot for our characters??

    edit:omg I love your post sol lmao
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  8. sure sure suuurreeeee

    we need to plot for further events cuz honestly.... i only planned up to the bar party -cries-
    /trying to post again btw.
  9. Maybe a rival gang starts taking territory? I've got a couple characters that might work for that...

    I dunno, I'm down for whatever xD
  10. yeah ofc we're gonna do that! maybe do some fancy-shmacy welcoming event for the new soldiers..... or something -scratches head-

    oh and rip ginger ale
  11. Lol xD Won't be able to post tonight, but I should be on around 200ish tomorrow afternoon xD Night~!
  12. goodnight~ c: -wavesss-
  13. OMG I have got some amazing inspiration for Astoria -flails-
  14. Niice! Im [finally] homeeeee, so imma post as soon as posiball. c:<
  15. Short post is short :/
  16. thats perf fine!! ~ w ~ feeling kinda lazy myself.....
  17. Woo, long post and a new charrie! xD
  18. ominous ale foreshadowing -wiggles fingers-
    he's secretly a bottle of pop the secret is out
Thread Status:
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