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  1. Stream of Consciousness: "The continuous flow of sense‐perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and memories in the human mind."

    A narrative mode that seeks to portray an individual's point of view by giving the equivalent of the character's thought process. This is typically done in a monologue, or connects the character's thoughts with their actions.

    I did this exercise once in high school, where the teacher basically said to write whatever comes to mind, and even if you hit a blank, you're supposed to keep writing. So a lot my stuff had lots of "Uhhh..." and more "Uhhhh"s.

    You are then to write about any subject your mind wanders into. You will have to write continuously for ten minutes. (Sorry you're gonna have to have a timer or something on you, perhaps your cell phone?) You may write from your perspective or a character's, but I highly encourage you to write this yourself. What I want to see is writing about your five senses or perhaps opinions. Don't be afraid if you burp out uhhh's, this is okay. Run on sentences, or long winded sentences, will pop up, it's okay!

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  2. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    Preface: I done goofed. I apologize to anyone who reads this.

    Mom's texting someone. Uuuh, life. School, oh school today. School was kinda' meh. I mean, I wrote a good bit in history, but it was with my notes, and it was a completion grade, so I ain't sweatin' it. Oh snap, I just used "ain't." What do people have against that, anyway? Oh, that reminds me, my Spanish teacher from last year, who's from Pennsylvania, had a rant about all those "Southernisms" once. Stuff like "Hun" and "Sug" sounding quasipathological unless used with your girlfriend or boyfriend or lover or aaaah.

    So, my schedule was f'd up. I felt like cuttin' a basic b***. Luckily, the counselor was nice and I was all stressed out looking instead of in Bad Girls Club mode, so she got it changed during my first block. Oh gawd, my first block, AP Statistics. THIS IS NOT MATH. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOOOOT MATH. Basically, he talked about stuff that I already learned from IB Math Studies in the Statistics unit last year, so it was sort of a cool review and sort of a bore for me at 7 something in the morning.

    Speaking of early in the morning, I had to get up at around 5. This shiz takes forever to even get half-tamed, yo. I'm talkin' about my hair. So the bus took longer than normal. I was sort of expecting that. What I wasn't expecting, however, was the amount of people on the bus. I felt like I'd been trapped in the Bell Jar I'd read about in Sylvia Plath's novel, fuming in my own disgusting air while staring out a dirty window. I wanted to puke, almost, but that's probably because of the coffee as well as all of the people making the bus so cramped and warmer than usual. Oh well, shouldn't've had coffee, I guess?

    So, uuuuum, can't think of much to write, uuum, moving along. I was totally nervous last night. I was probably almost as moody as I am when I'm about to write some seriously dark or depressing poem, but that's another matter. I haven't really written poems like that in awhile. Lines just seem to only stay in my head for so long before they dissappear. For example, I'd provide the two lines that I thought of last night to start a poem, but they have left my memory already. Sad.

    Blargh, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum,k I think I have something to write. Fairies in the forest. Tacos, ooh, tacos. I could really use a giant taco right now. I'm kind of hungry, but that's pretty much because I didn't really have much time to eat anything. Tacos just reminded me of Spanish class. I don't have it 'til tomorrow, but I'm sort of annoyed about it because I was expecting an old teacher; however, there's some new teacher there and he's a dude, which just makes it blargh. (For some reason I've detested most male teachers I've ever had. Most of them were either immature, jack****, or some combo of the two)

    I'm trying to think of something to write. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian. The Kardashians! There we go! I watched their show on Sunday. Kim's kind of an attention whore. But then again, I think anybody with a brain that functions normally could tell you that. Moving along, I like Kloe, or however her name's spelled. She seems the only one who's willing to be a sarcastic and/or somewhat realistic **** about things. Uuuuuuuuuum, I don't know what to write right now. I'm feeling okay now. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    So I haven't really met anyone. It seems like love evades me like some sort of cruel creature that floats around my head and laughs at me in a cage of my own mind. Ew, reminders of the Bell Jar, sorry. I have a test on that on Thursday, yippee. Read the book twice; will still probably fail because in IB English, one does not simply learn English.
  3. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    Oh yes I realize that I'm doing my own challenge, so don't mind me, this is what happens when I'm bored at night and I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come to bed because he has nothing better to do. Ugh. I wish it wasn't so hot right now. And I really wish it would turn autumn soon so I can celebrate Halloween. Blah, what sort of costume am I gonna wear? I mean, I'm not Trick or Treating anymore so there's no point in dressing up unless I find a party to go to. The party would probably have to be one without alcohol, er, well, a party that isn't focused getting wasted. I don't mind alcohol, but I don't care for what it does to me personally. I like laughing at the people who do get drunk because I can poke fun at them.

    Goddamnit, my hips. This is what happens when you have flat feet and you sit improperly in your chair. It sucks. Oh and the inserts for my shoes, they're not working out. I'm gonna have to see the podiatrist soon about it, unfortunately my next appointment with him isn't until the next month so that kinda sucks. I guess I'm gonna have to deal with it until then.


    So I have this song, A Thousand Years stuck in my hair. And I've been playing it and singing it ALLL DAY LOOOOOONG. It's a really good song and I found this Youtuber who did a cover of it with just a piano and cello. It was a really nice cover too and I kept playing it as I was posting. The only thing I dislike about the song is the fact that it was on Twilight. Stupid, retarded Twilight. Yeah come at me with your comments about how it's not a bad book/movie. I'm sorry, but vampires that sparkle are not my thing and goes against every single thing that holds true in vampire lore. Oh god... I'm gonna start ranting now. Must not rant, that is not the point of this exercise!!! THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE ZEN!!! THINK!!!!

    ................ Hm.

    I've been thinking about making a forum based Bar Night roleplay in which the forum story has nothing to do with the Chat roleplay version. And I'm definitely going to be making it something similar to Doctor Who. Although funny thing is, not a lot of people have watched Doctor Who. To this I say, "WHY?!?!?!?!" Honestly... I don't think you've lived until you see that show. I don't know how the writers can keep making the show interesting... Maybe they just pull this stuff out of their ass? I don't know. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out what sort of plot to use and to be frank, I'm starting to think I'm a horrible GM and just horrible in general about coming up with roleplay plots that keep people interested. Okay sure, I know people love Bar Night, but it's a lot easier to keep people interested in a plot for three hours, whereas a roleplay can take several MONTHS to finish. It's just easier to keep people's attention on a Chat rp. So yeah, I am feeling very discouraged especially since I had to delete a Rp OOC not too long ago because no one posted. Blaaaaah, just gotta keep thinking and tossing ideas around in my head. I will figure it out, the idea isn't gonna my head until I do.
  4. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    I've never done of these before, I'm excited and nervous about how it will turn out. Is nervous the right word there? It could potentially be embarrassed. Well, no point in trying to predict the future, otherwise I'm gonna get pretty circular about this shit. Oooh, Zen has an october signature. I can't wait for October, all the horror and gore and maybe i'll actually have finished my Big Daddy costume by then. Octoberfest. Of course my mind went there, even though there's not many brews I like more than the normal. Does it even make sense for it to? Why would the seasonal be better than the normal, considering they should put the most effort into the brew commercially available through-out the whole year, what with economics and customer satisfaction and the like. Corporations like money. I like money. Why won't the damn institute get back to me yet, I know it's the summer but seriously. Oh well, two more days and they said they would let me know, but I hope it turns out all right. Cambridge is an epic city to work in.

    Huh, how long has it been? Okay like five minutes, so just a little bit more. Hmm. Well shit. THOUGHTS. COME INTO EXISTENCE. Existence is like existentialism, considering it's the root word. I should read more of Nathaniel Hawthorne, bat shit crazy and prone to living in the woods, as he was. Ughhh. Mmm so soft. Wait, they won't understand why I said that. My ferret walked by and brushed my leg, her fur is so soft and warm. I love that cute ball of crazy. More so since I learned her spaz attacks are referred to as 'Wardancing'. Now it just sounds badass. Maybe now I can justify to Caitlin why I made her middle name 'Ragefire'. But then it just sounds like a terrible name for a signature move in a bad japanese anime. Fuuuuuuck, I'm bad at names. Ugh, naming system. I should really avoid getting Guild Wars 2 at all costs. But it's so tempting... but I don't think I can trust myself. Stared at the october signature again, damn you Zen. The nightmares will find you? Hah. That makes me think of Courage Wolf. Police are here? Sucks to be them! Oooh, someone messages me on league. Wait. NO. I'M NOT DONE WITH MY MONOLOG YET, STOP MESSAGING ME. PING. PING. PING. WAIT. TEN MINUTES, YES!
  5. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    So ten minutes huh?

    I have no freaking idea what to think about. My room is pretty... uhm... I don't even know. It's not cleaned but it's not dirty... I guess I should drink my coke. After this I should probably play with my hetalia card game. Yes I have a hetalia card game, because I'm awesome. And I have awesome friends that are awesome, because they gave me a hetalia card game. And I misspell all the time so I have to go back and spell the words again. God damn it xD

    I guess I.... Coke... Ehm... uhm... Why can't I thnk about stuff to write about? Geh geh.. uhm... MIND THINK:.... GOd damnit.. Why am I saying God damnit all the time when I am thnking in English? I mean.. I don't even believe in god... xD Hmm... hmm... ehm... Ooh I have Friday the 13th here right beside me :D hehhe Now I felt like watching a horror movie.

    I have read hundreds of fanfics about Jack frost and pitch. Or actually I have read like ten or twenty... anyway, ehm.. I can't help but ship those two, its soooooo adorable, I don't even know. I just like to do weird shippings. Like matoba and natsume. GAWD they are hot together... even though they hate each other. hmm... hmm...

    My room is kind of cold, which is weird because its always warm. hmm.... I hate some ....blbalblabla I don't even know, my mind wont think correctly. What is that smell? I dont' know, my room smells weird.. Maybe because I have old food in it that I haven't thrown away yet. Could that be it? Probably. Hehhehe. Why am I laughing so much in my head? Gosh. Well well well well well... Loki is soooo hawt

    Why did I even think that? Oops, clicked some button so something weird came up on my screen xD there I lost four seconds or something like that. Oh well, shit happens. Ouch, my arm starts to hurt. Have I written too much? Ouch stop hurting stupid arm... Why am I even thinking that my arm is stupid? wouldn't that make me stupid?

    I'm not stupid. Uhm.. maybe I am but ... I don't know.. Have I written I don't know a lot in this? Probably. Why am I using smileys when I am thinking? Seriously, I see smileys in my head xD YES I SAW THAT SMILEY... what the heck? okey I won't write that smiley even though I thought about it... But that breaks the rules right? xD Gosh thought about it again...

    Uhm... hmm.. Ouch my arm, whyyyyy must I get cramp now? Now of all times? And now my finger hurts too... Just keep writing, the time is probably up soon. I have no idea, I didn't look what the clock was. And I cant look at my phone because then I must stop writing. uhuhuhuh. I wonder how much time is left. Five minutes? No it must be less, maybe two minutes. Hmm... Oh well, we'll soon see.

    Maybe I am thinking too much... uhm... I will soon start vlogging, maybe. ... I am thinking about it but don't know if I am going to do it. It would help me practice to speak English but I don't wanna speak English in front of people, but at the same time it could help me to get better English because if I decide to do it and don't do it so other people see then I will probably stop...

    And there the time was up xD FINALLY!!!
    My phone had a really loud alarm xD hahah didn't know that xD WOW eight paragraphs? Cool.
  6. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    Sometimes I wonder what life's about. Big stuff, small stuff. Things that go on behind the scenes and the things that happen on-stage. It's hard to think as if you were an outsider and could see everything that goes on in your life. Sometimes you act in ways you can't explain and sometimes you can't change what's happened. In any case, movies will be movies and they will still cost you $11. I remember when I could bring $20 to a theater and still have money left over. Not anymore. I don't know why the world's the way it is. Things and life are very unfair. Just 'cause it's unfair doesn't mean you have to be happy about it. If life were a boat, the seas would be filled with ghost ships. I wonder what it's like to live on the ocean forever. I can't swim. Swimming is equivalent to walking for us landwalkers. The sea is scary. Mainly because you just never know how far you'll drown if you fall into the waters. You could go on and on, it feels like forever, but I'd bet you'd lose consciousness or get eaten by a shark before you reach the bottom. The day the sea rivals the land is everyday. Imagine if land didn't exist. What would we be like? Would we even exist? That's a strange question to be asking since we currently exist and going back to a time where we didn't exist is like going to a movie we never saw. Stupid $11 movie tickets. I used to think $0.99 was actually 99 cents and that I was going to get my penny back. Nooope. It sucks, doesn't it? I miss my pennies. They could have been useful. For a rainy day savings. I remember a show where a guy paid a candy store completely in jars of pennies. Amazing. Must have been a pain in the ass for the cashier though. Kinda funny I guess. Friendships are hard to maintain. They're like any other relationship in the respect that, if you want them to work out, both sides have to put mutual effort. One-sided friendships hurt. And I'm speaking from experience, lol. Having a friend for so long and then BAM! All of it was for nothing. It's hard to see why one side could care and the other couldn't. Carin's not hard is it? Maybe. Being honest is hard. I am not sure why, but if we were all a lot more honest about our feelings to ourselves, we'd be happier. Happiness is tough to achieve. It's a temporary feeling, so once you get it, it goes away eventually. Which is why you have to have it like food. Be happy often, truly happy, and you'll be happy on a regular basis. There are those times when that emptiness in your heart comes in. My heart anyway. It's like an insatiable monster. Eating up everything and sometimes spitting out the bad feelings, left for me to experience on my own. A heart. An ice box. A vortex. Cold. That thing in my chest is like that. I wonder if I'm really human. But then my humanity is confirmed when I, regardless of everything that's happened, still want to be happy. Money and social status. I'd give them up if I could be truly happy and live a life where I could sow and harvest happiness. I like farming. I like the countryside. I like nature. I sound like a hippy, huh? It's really not that bad though. I think. I still eat cows and I don't do marijuana. Oh well, looks like my time's up.
  7. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    I'm not good with writing like this, I think I get distracted so very, very easily and I misspell everything because I'm just not good with typing...
    I'm not even sure if it's okay to edit out my spelling mistakes or if I'm suppossed to keep going, but I'll edit them, because otherwise no one could read what I'm writing.

    Oh look, the cat's twitching in his sleep... that always worries me and I'm scared he'll hurt himself. I know he's probably just dreaming about hunting (raindrops or snowflakes, not mice, because he's special like that) but it looks scary. I don't like it.

    Anyway, I wasn't going to write about my cat... I don't know. I feel like there's so much going on in my head, putting it into words is such an imense task. Sometimes I wished those speech to text softwares where better so I could just dictate what I'm thinking. Would make it so much easier, even if I'd still get distracted all the time.

    They should make a speech to image one. That would be cool. Maybe not for artists, because I think a programs art style would be very different from an actual artists, but for us regular folks. Like, for character or scenery, because I can never find the perfect picture and will just end up taking a substitute that's no where as good as the image in my head. That sucks.

    I don't know what to write anymore. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep, but I hate sleeping alone. And the cat's still sleeping so he's not really company either. I hate being alone when I'm awake as well... But it's 11 pm. There's like no one else awake and if they are, they're partying. Maybe I should do that again sometimes, too, but I don't really like having a lot of people around me, either. Too much going on and I can't focus and I won't get anything done and that's just as bad as sitting in bed with my laptop on a saturday night while watching the cat twitch and snore.
  8. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    My dad came home today after being at work for two days. I wish he was gone more. That sounds horrible, but I really wish he wasn't home as often as he is. Things around here are just more peaceful when he's not here. My mom's happier when he's gone too. They get along better the longer he's gone. He's loud too. I can here him from my room. I don't think he knows I have my door open slightly. He's talking about me. He's always got some negitive opinion about what I do with myself all day. Today's rant is about my sleeping habits.

    I havn't been sleeping well the last little while, despite what I try. I'm trying to put myself back on a school schedual, because I need to et up super early for class. But it seems like every time I seem to be gaining some ground, something will happen and I just won't be tired. I'll lie there for hours in the dark with nothing. So I'm awake until 6-7 before I finally fall asleep, and end up sleeping right through my computer alarm.

    Bleh, I suppose the more school I go to, the quicker my sleep schedual will even out. I'm so excited for school. I haven't done any form of schooling for 3 years. And this might be something I really enjoy. Can't wait. I kinda miss high school. Not for the people, just being in school. Doing something with my time instead of sitting on my computer all the time. I'm always on my computer, or some kind of game console. They're the one passtime I really enjoy.

    I used to enjoy writing and art, but its not as fun anymore. I mean, I still draw sometimes, but its usually small doodles. Meaningless lines that happen when I'm bored. Writing. I miss writing. I've got all these crazy ideas in my head that I want to write, because their amazing. But I have zero motivation to do it. I don't want to start another half baked idea and grow bored with it before its even halfway done. They deserve better than that. I've also been building my own world, getting everything set just right. Its... difficult, but I'm getting pretty far along into it. Hopefully I can start using it soon.

    My music is kinda distracting. I should have turned it off for this. Hmm, my room is messy. I should probably clean it. It sort of looks as if I'm half-way through moving out/in.
  9. Re: Writing Exercise: Stream of Consciousness

    A challenge like this is a CHALLENGE for me, and I totally mean it! I always rethink my posts/ try to get them perfect before posting...unless i'm like uber duber tired and then I get all cranky and slam my fingers into my keyboard...well, I hopped on here after having an argument with my ex on facebook...yes! I know, sounds weird, but uhhh we have a mutual friend and she posted, well its hard to explain? It was a screenshot of this kid saying that JRR Tolkien copied JK Rowling...which yes, totally stupid.

    We both commented at the same time, but then he had to say that JK Rowling was a bunch of crappy sludge smeared across some poor papers....I want to be an author one day, which he knows, so this really ticked me off. So, I got on my soapbox and posted this: "if you compare. But of course, If i were to compare anything, it would seem totally different. I could compare myself to Anne Mccaffrey and come out a total failure. I could compare you to Bill Gates and that would be a failure as well...JRR Tolkien was a genius of his age, but it wasn't seen until fact, he has regularly been condemned by the English Literature Establishment. What made his series popular was THE FANS and the pirated version helped when it was published in 1965...the point is, Matthew...JK Rowling inspired children to read. She created characters a child could relate to and gained..oh what is it? Oh right, she gained FANS. At least she was able to get kids to read...*steps off soapbox* 'Nough said."

    Yeah, that's right! I did my freaking research! Anyway, so now my blood's can't possibly compare two different authors from two DIFFERENT TIMES and expect one of them not to come out looking like a total goofball...I mean...seriously??

    Anyway...five minutes left? Oh shoot, time to think of something to talk about....I guess I could talk about work? Nah, work lately has just matter what I do or how much effort, it goes book! I could talk bout that...and my writer's block, and about how whenever my laptop has more than one window open it decides to crash...yeah, add a new laptop to the long list of things I should probably get. I could go back to paper and pen, but I seem to misplace my book, or hide it somewhere my siblings can find it...and when it's on the computer it doesn't seem uhhhh so final I guess you could say? uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh what else to talk about? yes, my mind tends to wander like this frequently...I'm glad I'm actually focused, even if I'm growing tired and uhhh frustrated at my ex....yes, he frustrates i didn't break up with him, tis the other way around...and I knew for a few months it was coming...yes, it happened recently and no I'm not better...oh! ONE MINUTE...okay okay,,, I can talk about my Yoshi backpack and my cream soda and my zebra blankets and my candles...oh! Time's up...nno more insights into my beautiful brain....
  10. Ten minutes, eh? I don't have a timer really, just my laptop clock. Oh, a minute passed already. Well, not technically a minute, just a few seconds, but since I can't see the seconds marker I'm gonna have to wing it. What time did I start at again? Oh yeah, 12:16. Damn, I need to pee. I should've probably gone before I started this exercise but laziness. Speaking of which I should probably let my dog out too. My skype chat has messages. Should I check that? Nah, it'd interfere with my stream of thought or whatever it's called. They can wait. I hear sound upstairs - who's up at this ungodly hour of the night? My sis probably. Eating something? At midnight? Then again her sleeping patterns have been kind of screwy recently. And it's probably partially my fault. I miss spending time with her. Whoa, back up, not venturing into that territory, nothing sentimental or personal. I still need to pee, can I just finish already? Draft saved. Oh that's convenient - I always end up refreshing my page accidentally, no, more like, uh, mindblank.... I always end up losing posts cause it times out for whatever reason. The skype message is really getting on my nerves. My dog is up and sneezing, I'll probably have to let him out soon. Beep. Microwave. Sister confirmed. Collie no. Collie please. Stop digging in my covers. Only three minutes to go. A surprisingly small amount of text for ten minutes of time. Kinda makes you think you're unproductive. And have I even had any profound thoughts? No, not really. Speaking of profound -homework-essays-should probably but don't want to. Dog is whining, bladder is whining. Don't you make that adorable, pitiful face at me, wagging your tail. You're gonna have to wait 2 minutes. If I can do it, so can you. Is that lemonade on my desk? I should probably do something about it. Not much to say. Only one minute to go. Any last words? One minute. One minute. Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about my senses. Crappy vision, hearing, oh I covered that already. And time.
  11. Oh shit, ten minutes. This is a long time to write continuously. I mean, I've done it before, but I'm really more of a burst-writer than a marathon typist. Does that even make sense?

    So, things to write about. The boyfriend is stationed overseas, but no one wants to hear about my love life. I'm going to college but whoop-de-fucking-do, that doesn't make me special either. High school is also dull as shit. The music I'm listening to is inane, though it's Breath of Life by Florence and the Machine in case anyone is interested.

    I quite like Florence. I find her music inspiring.

    Inspiration is a problem for me. I have all kinds of ideas but few of them translate well to RP and I never have the patience to write out a solo piece worth reading. I mean, I used to, but I haven't updated my FictionPress in forever. I should probably do that, but when? I never feel like it. I do feel like Roleplaying, but it's sometimes difficult to find time.

    Enough with that train of thought.

    Shit. Seven minutes.

    Ok. So what else is there? My reflections on life? The music is still playing and I fucking love this song. Aren't we all looking for a breath of life? Something that makes us feel alive, and fulfilled, and happy? I wish I had something better than RP for it, but a lot of days I just don't feel like I've done something until I've posted a decent RP reply. Writing is my passion and I should be more diligent about it, but it's hard. It's not like I'm going to be published or anyone's gonna read it except me. Plus there are always video games to distract me, or books, or my cats.

    One of them is plucking at the screen door now. His name is Mew Two. I didn't give him that stupid-ass moniker, that was his last owner. I got him when he was a few months old, along with his mom Itsy-Bitsy. They're both really fat now, and he's thirteen and she's fourteen. I fucking love these cats. They're black, fluffy, warm, cuddly, and my family. I'm an only child, so I guess that probably helps. He's probably going to want food when he gets inside. I hope he wants to lay on my feet, my feet are cold.

    I kinda want to sing along to this song but my parents are asleep in the next room and it's twenty minutes until the RP I want to get going starts up.

    Ok. Three minutes. Shit, the time has really flown by. My eyelid itches.

    My fingernails are sharp. I should cut them, but I don't want to do it now because on Tuesday I have to wear my uniform and that means I have to cut my nails. Why am I even in ROTC anymore? I don't like doing anything in there. But college, I guess.

    Now my scalp itches.

    Scratched my scalp then my ear. Then my nose. I always get itchy in the cold. I need to lose weight or I'll be one of those fat people who's always itching at themselves and going to wal mart and generally being a disgusting ham planet.

    I need to stop thinking about my weight. But I do need to lose some. Is 135 ok? Nah. 125 would be ok. Maybe I should be bulemic. No, the toilet clogs up too often. Shit, no one wants to hear this.

    That was a risky fart. Oh shit, was that a shart? I hope not. I've had diarhea all night and it sucks ass. Last time I drink bubble tea from a shady looking Thai place. I love bubble tea but it has invited things I don't remember eating and they've all come streaming out of my ass for the past hour and a half. Like, wtf did I eat? The tea was strong but holy shit this is the worst dirrhea I've ever had.

    Oh shit, five seconds. This is a terrible way to finish.

    EDIT: Shart confirmed. Luckily I was wearing ugly panties that I don't feel bad about tossing.
    I can also spell diarrhea. I just derped.
    Also, it was Itsy who wanted in, not Mewie.
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  12. Okay, ten minutes to write anything. Is that too long or too short? I don;t know I've never done anything like it before. Shit! This typing thing is irritating me. Wrong letters. Sheez. Delete. delete. replace. How many minutes left? Still to many minutes, I bet. Ugh. What should I type about? My room? I've got new sparkling, glittering walls. I've wallpapered it yesterday. Looking quite fine if I say so myself. Wrong letter again. I must learn to type better and faster. I'm murdering my keyboard as it is. a shame. a shame. So yeah. back to my room. It's looking like a disco ball. which is a good thing! All sunny and sparkly makes me happy. That ryhmes! LOL. Speaking of that word, I always get it wrong. Did I get it right this time? No,lol, red line under it. Never mind. My arm hurts. Uhhhhhhh. I feel like stopping. But no! I must persist! Resist, resit! Somehow the line, " I must, I must increase my bust" keeps running around my head. Not that I need to increase it or anything. No. It's big enough as it is. Okay. Too much info, I bet. What time is it? Dear god, I still need to study but I'm here roleplaying. Don't have any motivation this week. Speaking of this week, exam results came out today. I did good. Hehe. If only I can maintain that. But I bet, I won't. My arm hurts again. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My curtain is blue, powdery blue. More like grayish a bit. From the dust maybe? Note to self, change my curtains. Am I doing this right? I don't know. I remember just now that I should describe something?Or was the instruction just type whatever comes to my mind for ten minutes? LOL. YESSSS! The alarm sounded. That was fun. Huff.
  13. Here goes my stream of consciousness piece of shit. AKA Let's see how many spelling and grammar mistakes I can make in ten minutes. God my head hurts why the hell are my temples throbbing. my lips are crusty as hell where id i put that rosebud salve. (takes a break to gratuitously slather balm all over my fish scale lips) oh man did i really actually type all that out. i did, and the funny thing is is that i didn't even put anything on my lips. i probably should get to that before something makes me laugh and i end up splitting my lip. i totally had fun last time that happened.

    I totally figured I'd have like three times the amount of text i have . That's probably because I keep stopping. It's not my fault my mind works like a stalling car. I should probably do some more writing exercises. I'm about as rusty as a stalling car too. speaking of car i noticed that my front tire was a little deflated yesterday. I'm gonna go fill it with air later on. i swear to god if it's not one thing it's another with that damn bucket. as soon as i get my tax return I'm gonna see if i can trade that piece of junk in for something i won't be prematurely spending my inheritance on fixing up every two weeks. bah. today's gonna be another boring errand filled day. I know I'm forgetting something. also damn i need to take a shower i smell like sweat and procrastination.

    ooh ooh speaking of showers, i had been looking into those waterproof note pads you put on your shower wall to take down notes when you're bathing. those look so neat. oh lord do i need one of those badly. I'm always getting the best ideas when I'm washing my ass and then they vanish just like that when i step out. that's some straight up witchcraft. I also need to shave my damn head I'm a couple of weeks away from having an afro again. but ugh its such a chore and i hate cleaning all that hair up after. my titty itches. ooh look at me I'm typing one handed because my other hand is busy putting salve all over my lips. okay I'm back to doing it two handed style. i think I'll play a game later on today. I haven't picked up no more heroes in a while I think I'll see how far I can get in that in a single sitting. I think i might have to drag the humidifier out the closet and bring it into my room i feel a nosebleed coming on.

    Okay I think ten minutes are about up I think I'll check my timer now.
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