Strawberry Panic!

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Nagisa took a deep breath in and tried to calm her nerves the best she could. It wasn't particularly easy though as she was about to start a new school. It's nerve wracking enough doing something like that, but moreso part way through the year. For some reason she had butterflies in the pit of her stomach. she had never been so nervous, yet at the same time she felt a thrill of excitement.
Her parents were overseas working, and she hadn't really enjoyed her last school. No one there had been very friendly too her. Her mother had spoken to her Aunt, who told her about the place she used to go to school. She called it Astraea Hill, which was the location of three very prominent schools. She mentioned she had gone to 'St. Miator's'. Her mother agreed to let her Aunt try and get her a place there, and she was successful.
And now it was the day she had been waiting for with trepidation. She gazed up at the mighty looking hill, and to the top of it, where she would have to continue her journey. At last feeling she could delay no longer, Nagisa put one foot firmly in front of the other and set up the hill, her nervousness and excitement doubling with each step.

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Shizuma yawn, she had grown a little tired of all the meetings she had to sit through lately. Her mind wandered with excuses not to be there. She couldn't pretend she was listening any more. She could hardly contain herself in her imagination, always ended up mumbling and confusing her schoolmates.

Shizu figured she should have been let go of this position, now that she had to go it alone. It wasn't really fair. She toyed with the little blue bead on the necklace. She was given it when she started. Tears would have welled up if someone didn't call her name.

"Shizuma, get it together. We have events to plan for all three schools!" Growled her friend.

"Hush, the meeting is already over." She sighed. The remainder of them had left five minutes ago, leaving Shizu and her friend alone. "There is little left to even discuss. I need fresh air."

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The young girl reached the top of the hill, and took a moment to both catch her breath and gaze at her surroundings. Cherry blossoms were falling all around. It was a beautiful sight indeed. Girls running, playing and frolicking in three adorable looking uniforms. She couldn't wait to see which she'd be getting to wear! Full of excitement, Nagisa took a large step forwards...catching her foot on the Caste Iron gate. Stumbling, she fell face first onto the ground. Her momentum set her rolling down the nearby hill, stopping just short of a very large tree.

Despite being in considerable pain, Nagisa couldn't help but admire the beauty of the tree. As her mind wandered, she thought it almost silly that her thoughts told her this would be such a perfect secluded spot. No one could see down here by the looks of it. Anyone could be doing anything down here...
She shook her head, then grasped it in pain, reprimanding herself. Imagining exactly what she'd say if she told her parents she'd been so clumsy on her first day, she tried to gather herself. As she stood up, a great bell rang in the distance. She didn't have to be a genius to know what it meant.
"DAMN!" she cried out.
Putting one foot forward, she was about to break into a run, but her foot caught under a root, and she fell face first once more. This was just not her lucky day...

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Shizuma watched the strange new girl from a few trees away. She caught her being a complete Klutz and careless. Her hand gracefully covered her mouth as she laughed.

"Don't damage the roots." She spoke kneeling in front of the new girl. "They need those to live." Both of Shizu's hands slowly reached out to catch Nagisa's face to keep it from hanging in the air. She turned it toward her eye level and studied her for a moment. "What are you doing down here?" Shizu's silver hair blew up in the wind and wrapped around their shoulders. She could smell the sickly sweet strands of strawberry red hair.

The hill back up was steep and Shizu was sure that the girl probably did more than just twist her foot. It looked as though it had started to swell. Her attention gazed back at the root tangled around her ankle and back around into the ground. "Now... don't move." Her emotions didn't change much when she knew she'd cause Nagisa more pain.

The root was easy to untwist, it was being gentle that was the hard part. Her touch slid up onto her ankle to feel how swollen it was judging by the twisting expression she'd see in Nagisa's face. Her became firm as being gentle was not her attention now. "How badly did that hurt...? Maybe you broke it."

Shizu decided to finally help her up and take her to the nurses office.
Nagisa was moaning and whimpering in the pain of it all. Firstly from falling head first, and secondly from the pain in her foot. It was highly likely she'd sprained it, possibly even broken it. She dreaded to think what her parents would say when she told them she'd not only been late, but fell and hurt herself too. She was so embarrassed by the thought, her cheeks went a light red.

She looked up as she felt herself being caught by someone. She gazed at this new figure. She was taller than she was, and her hair whipped about in the wind. It was an alluring silver. She stared at her, almost unhearing as she untwisted the root from her foot. She immediately raised a hand to her mouth and bit hard to stop herself from yelling out in pain. Too many thoughts were running through the girls head to even say anything.
Eventually she managed to mumble out a 'Maybe'.

Nagisa looked down and sighed. She hated herself for being such a klutz right now. This girl had come and helped her, when she probably had far better things to do than aid some idiotic fourth year who had stumbled and tripped themselves up.
"Th...thank you for helping me..." Nagisa managed to get out, though it too was quiet.
"Not a problem." Shizu breathed softly into her ear to embarrass her just a little. Shizu lifted Nagisa's torso close to her's. Then her small arm was looped around her neck. "I can't lift you, but I can be a crutch." Her smile was wide and then a determined.

There was a path they could take but Nagisa would tire out too quickly is she made her hop all that way. So Shizu figured climbing up the steep slope was wiser. She wasn't eager to get to class anyway. This was a good excuse to miss out on all the morning classes. "I was worried, so I looked after my fellow classmate. I stayed with her for emotional support. You see, she was confused and needed a friendly face to convince her the nurse wasn't going to hurt her." She rehearsed it in her mind. Too her it sounded like a good enough bullshit excuse.

Her legs were thin, but strong. She dug the toes of her policed black shoes into the ground and forced their way up the hill. "Don't trip, or we'll both get hurt." She teased Nagisa. "I want to get you to the nurses office on the first try."
Nagisa couldn't look at Shizuma, she was too embarrassed. Her first day and she'd already done numerous foolish things. Bothering some helpful older student now being the newest addition to her list. She'd have to find some way to make it up to her. buy her lunch at the cafe? Perhaps this was someone trying to tell her she didn't belong here? No! she couldn't think such thoughts. Her Aunt had pulled such strings to get her in, she wouldn't be a disappointment.

Nagisa leaned herself lightly on Shizuma, trying as much as possible not to force her weight in the wrong direction. One slip up and they'd tumble down and likely end up in some compromising position together...
What on Earth was wrong with her today? Perhaps today just wasn't her day. She felt Shizuma's long, silvery hair gently wisp against her own, a few strands lightly passing over her face. She made another mental note to ask the girl what shampoo she used. Her hair smelled divine. She made a final mental note to stop making so many damn mental notes whilst she was at it.