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  1. Hey everyone! I want to run something... that I've not seen around here before. So I'm not sure how well it'll go over, and thus the interest check!

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    Premise: World at war! I've created a custom world with three large continents and various countries spread amongst them, and now the largest conflict this world has ever known has begun, and it's up to you to lead your faction to victory.

    World Map
    Here's what the world map will look like, roughly. Depending on which faction the player(s) choose the starting affiliations of the regions can change, so don't use this map to pick your faction.


    So, here's how I see this RP being played, very generally: Player characters will likely be commanders of a portion of the military force of their chosen faction (though I could possibly see someone playing as a 'hero' unit who actually fights in the battlefield, likely attached to another player's subfaction). All players will be on the same side. I'm not a fan of PVP. There will be strategic choices- resources that you can spend to upgrade your army or expand it, a base system to reinforce your position or extend your reach or provide additional capabilities. And you will be able to plan offensive to strike against your enemy, as well as defensive actions to counter their offensives.

    Intel will be a very important part of this- gained by using spy planes, scouts, expeditionary missions, interrogating prisoners, etc. As a result of gaining Intel you will learn of enemy positions and bases, and have options presented to you on how best to cripple and eventually defeat your foes. Do you go for the communications facility first to cut off your enemy's forces in the region from calling in reinforcements quickly? Or cut through their front lines in a surprise attack to destroy their fuel reserves, rendering their war machines helpless? Or do you respond to the pressing threat of an attack on your airfield that- if left unchallenged- could deny you of aerial support? These sort of decisions will be the most important part of the game.

    But beyond the strategic level, I do also intend to get down to the tactical for battles. Each battle would entail anywhere from one to... I dunno, twenty (or more) decisions, based on the size and complexity of the engagement. Your combat units can handle most things on their own but will check in with you for orders at critical moments. As for how the actual fighting goes, that will be determined by the attributes of your forces- their training, experience, quality, morale, equipment, weaponry, numbers, tactics, etc.- as well as a small degree of randomness. I'll handle all that, though, all you need to worry about is the results.

    As the conflict goes on, the world map will change and evolve, with borders being redrawn as territory is conquered or lost. Not everything revolves around you though; your enemies, allies, and other commanders of your faction (player or NPC) are all conducting operations as well and their actions impact the way the war develops. The goal is to win, obviously, though diplomacy and politics might play as much of a role in that as military might.


    Right, so, here's the part where I ask for input! Who would like to play? And if you would... please answer the following questions:

    Technology Level: When it comes to the technology level of the setting, there are a couple of options I'm down to go with. I'm leaning toward slightly futuristic, with 30 foot tall walking mechs instead of tanks, genetic engineering, cloaking fields and the like. But I'd also be alright with traditional World War 2-esque technology: tanks, artillery, machine guns, dogfighting planes and whatnot. Also... I'd be willing to do either of those two options with mecha girls instead of vehicles if anybody's interested in that, just throwing that out there.
    Cancel that, I think I'm going to go with a dieselpunk, semi-advanced WWII level of technology. So the only real question is normal vehicles or mecha girls?

    Side: Which faction would you like to play for? There's the Nazi Germany style Grienzstren Hegemon, with an emphasis on elite troops and advanced technology but limited manpower. Or the Soviet Union style United Council of Centralized States (The UCCS) with mass-produced cheap vehicles and immense numbers of (questionably loyal) infantry. Or the US style Confederated States of Olanetia (CSO) with their emphasis on training (but lack of experience and low morale) and their high quality gear and vehicles, or one of the other Allies style Coalition nations with their battle-hardened experience but dwindling resources. You are free to choose whichever one you'd like- there are no good guys or bad guys, just people, trying to do what's best.

    Role: What role would you like to play? Commander of a subfaction? Perhaps a captain or lieutenant controlling a portion of a commander's subfaction? Or a special 'hero' unit, a tank commander or mech pilot who leads from the front lines. The latter role wouldn't have much control over strategic decisions, although you could certainly advise, but you'd have a greater degree of control in battles.

    So anyway, please do let me know if you're interested! Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. =)
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  2. I certainly would be interested.
  3. Well that's good to hear, seemed that no one would bite for a bit there, heh. Would you mind answering the questions posed, though? :o
  4. Oh, well this sounds sort of like a blend of Quest and Roleplay, thus giving those involved more in depth control of where the story goes. Interesting I suppose.

    In case some people aren't aware of what a Quest is, have a link.

    EDIT: Oh right, there's questions to answer.

    I do like my Ship Waifus, and Mecha girls, but that also sort of throws a wrench into my desire to play a "hero" unit. Hrm...

    In any case, I'm leaning more towards CSO for the long run.
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  5. Looks really interesting I'm always gun ho for a good war rp and I live the PvE idea behind it. Nazi Germany inspired deffinitly. Who doesn't like die hard loyal troops?
    As for technology I would like both normal vehicles and Mechs but if I had to pick one Mech all day.
    And my role is a two parter too. I would love to command a sub fraction on my own and then have a hero character in another person's sub faction. So I can do my own thing and then help my Ally's
  6. Well it's a mix of a roleplay and game, really. Which... is basically what a quest is I suppose, to an extent. I used to run a quest on tgchan back in the day and I do still love the idea.

    I guess I'm leaning toward not using mecha girls, which would make it a bit more serious I suppose. I think I'll start working on this to get an OOC posted some time soon.

    @Honorific You disappeared from my last game without a warning on the forum or on Skype. Never explained yourself or apologized, nothing. Why would I let you in this game?
  7. @Insomnant

    I'll definitely go for the U.S. style, with a part as a "Captain" or Hero unit. Of course I could go for commander as well, but I find smaller unit tactics much more interesting. Also, normal vehicular combat for battles.
  8. I don't really have a good reason for never explaining myself. :( the rp was basically dead by the time I left and I had some serious Rl issues that I would tell you about in a pm of you wanted.
    If you don't want me you don't want me. But I would love to be apart of this!
  9. I PMed you @Honorific.

    And it looks like two votes for the Confederated States of Olanetia, as well as one and a half votes for non-mecha girls. I'll keep working on the rules and try to have everything up as soon as possible- hopefully within a couple days.
  10. Not bad, not bad at all.
  11. Hasn't even started yet! Still workin' on the rules and stuff in my limited free time. xD

    I like to have mechanics and whatnot for my games. I already created a mechanic for a Starcraft mass combat game... but it'll require a little bit of modification to work for this, so I'm doin' that now.
  12. I'd definitely like to play the Grienzstren.

    In terms for battles, have you considered establishing the scenario and then providing a list of decisions that need to be made in said scenario to the player involved, and then allow the player to creatively respond to them within the limitations of their abilities?

    And second, if we're all on the same side, what's the point of creating multiple factions?
  13. Cool, that's definitely who'd I'd enjoy playing more but... since I'll be playing the two sides that you guys are not, I'm pretty impartial as to which team the players join. xD

    That's pretty much exactly how it'll go down. Think of it as a turn-based battle, only each turn extends over several (5 to 10) minutes of fighting for their units on the battlefield. Players serving as commanders will be able to roleplay anyone from their actual main character (who represents them) to their command staff to the field officers ordering their units around to the units themselves if they want to (heroic units controlled by other players not included, obviously).

    The only thing is that I'll be informing everyone of the results of the combat turn in a write up. Not "5 tanks destroyed, 2 squads injured, next turn?" sort of way, but y'know, like actual descriptive writing covering what happened. "Tanks 5 and 6 rolled up to the village to be met with scattered small arms fire, and after a moment's hesitation their main cannons boomed a retort that converted several of the shacks (and their unfortunate inhabitants) into plumes of debris and smoke and blood." That sort of thing.

    I'll also be providing a (very) basic battlefield map as well, so players have an idea of where things are in relation to everything else. Not to mention the terrain of the battlefield, which does effect cover and movement.

    I don't quite understand this question. Not sure what you're asking. Are you saying why have multiple nations at war? Or... why have different subfactions for each commander to control? I'm going to assume the latter, because without having several factions that are at war with each other, this wouldn't be much of a war game! xD

    So as to why the different subfactions, the reason is that each player would have control over their own subfaction, including base design, unit composition, upgrades, etc. Think of it in terms of the actual army (and I'd recommend viewing this page to help with visualizing it): An army is made up of many smaller organizational levels. So, each player might start out as a Captain in charge of their own Company for instance, but as they go they'll get promoted and thus get access to additional troops and materiel and support. So kinda like the Katamari Damacy scale-growth of global conquest! :D

    And the reason I use 'subfaction' when I describe it is that I'm creating various specializations/abilities/perks that commanders can choose, giving their own Company or Battalion or whatever its own personalized flair. Like... If you do go with the Grienzstren Hegemon you could choose the Grienz Viper Company as your subfaction, and specialize in lightning attacks and speed upgrades with a penalty in defensive structures. Or you could go with the Keirstran Honor Guard, an older military establishment with exceptional skills in urban combat but with limited artillery support. Or the Grienz Thunder Battalion, specializing in heavy armor and big guns, with absolutely no aerial capabilities. (I just came up with these off the top of my head as examples)

    The goal is to allow for diversity between each player's armed forces, thus providing incentive for them to cooperate together to cover for each others' weaknesses while still allowing for opportunity to shine in the spotlight when capitalizing on their strengths.

    And just as an update, I have the mechanics done, just working on typing everything up to put in an OOC thread! Miiiight get that done today, but maybe not. Hopefully tomorrow at the latest. But if anyone else has any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
  14. My question was more a matter of why there is any option as to what faction to play as. You created three, which seem to be based upon the Soviet Union, Allied Powers, and Nazi Germany of World War II, but state in your post that we the players are only part of one, as you say you "don't like PVP." Which is far from a bad thing, given how out of hand it can get.

    You answer part of my question in your reply to my comment, stating that you'll play as the two factions that we won't. My question now is how do we know which faction we, as players, are ultimately a part of? Is there to be a vote by the players to choose between the CSO, UCCS, and Hegemon, or will you assign us to the faction?
  15. Oh okay, I see what you were asking now. Yeah, I was planning on there being a vote! I'll be providing quite a bit more information about all three factions, including their histories and advantages/disadvantages so the decision can be made with a more complete picture. And the decision will be up to whoever shows up to play the game, not just those who post here, obviously. Plus you're free to try and convince others to choose the side you want too!
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  17. xD It's actually the DiZens Party (Portmanteau of Distressed Citizens) that has risen to power in Grienzhoff under the wildly charismatic and equally enigmatic man known only as 'Father.' And they aren't bad at making allies! They did win the support of neighboring Keirstra who vied to join the combined Grienzstren Hegemon, as well as the ethnically Grienz region of Gredstocrevetsia and neighboring Qurgany and Sudasia. :P
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  18. A nation with Super Tanks poor spending decisions AND actual allies. HAIL THE FATHER! RISE OF OUR MIGHTY NATION GRIENZSTREN HEGEMON

    Wait does Hegemon sound like a Digimon to anyone else or am I just that childish?
  19. Germany had allies in WWII y'know =P
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