Strangers to Love

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  1. The rain was coming down hard the late afternoon in the village of Ashtafal, forcing children back to the houses of their parents and mothers and fathers to light the fires and close the shutters. The streets were virtually empty as the water droplets pelted the earth. Under the watchful gaze of golden eyes, a small group of wayward people ran into the boarding house set up just before the edge of the village. Duchess hurried her boarders into the house, giving them towels to dry off with. She smiled at a young man as he passed her going into the house before moving to close the doors.

    That's when she saw him.

    A man, a strange man she had never seen before, coming towards the village, absolutely drenched. She ran her fingers through her curly black hair and stood on the porch, watching him curiously.
  2. Rain slapping on his body, watching as people ran back and forth to get out of the rain, just trending along the the road, someone bumps into him and his stuff falls on the ground "SORRY!" the person said while running, he leaned over to pick up his stuff. While picking up his stuff his mind started wondering, "If it rains like this I might stay..I don't know yet.." as soon as he said he looked and stared for a little bit.

    And so this woman , standing their on the porch watching him.

    A woman he's never seen before was watching him like a hawk, so he kept walking looking back and forth to her. And turned to a little roof spot that was covering about 6 feet of the ground to keep it dry. Setting his stuff down he sat on the bench and looked one more time and saw her still staring at him. "Hmmm.." he said to hisself.
  3. "...Hey!" Duchess called to the strange man that sat on the bench not too far away from her boarding house, "Hey stranger!"

    When he looked her way, she waved him over with a kind smile, "Do you need a place to stay? You can't sit out there in the rain like that. You'll get sick."
  4. "Hey stranger!" the woman called out, as he saw her she waved at him as he looked up "Do you need a place to stay? You can't sit out there in the rain like that. You'll get sick." she said with a look on her face. " ma'am I'm fine ma'am, thanks..." Clu while he was shivering, trying not to show her that he was cold just a tiny bit. He loved the rain but then again he didn't want to be stuck out in the rain without shelter.
  5. Raising her eyebrow at him, she rolled her eyes and released a gust of air; "Men," she mumbled before trotting down the steps of the porch.

    The rain immediately soaked her through, but she disregarded it and made her way over to the strange man. Once in front of him, she crouched down and so they were more eye level. Her golden eyes stared into his dark ones, her ebony hand reaching up to push back his wet locks.

    "Look, I know I'm a stranger and all, but I'm not going to do anything to you. I own a shelter of sorts; I can give you a room to sleep in and a warm bath," she told him, smiling kindly again.

    This just so happened to be Duchess' kind of personality: willing to help just about anyone, even if they were complete strangers.
  6. As she walked toward him he thought to himself "Oh boy...." as she got there, she kneeled to him and looked at him with her golden eyes, he thought to himself "Wow...she's..beautiful" as she stared at him for a moment she said "Look, I know I'm a stranger and all, but I'm not going to do anything to you. I own a shelter of sorts; I can give you a room to sleep in and a warm bath." with a kindly grin on her face, she was wet like he was so he responded with a chuckle "Yes ma'am since you came all the way over here to tell me that I'll accept it. and what do you mean by 'Men'?" as he stood up and started grabing his things.
  7. "Curious?" she questioned with a little wink before grabbing one of his bags and leading him back towards the house.

    Once they were within the warm confines of her home, she took his bags and set them aside while grabbing a towel to dry his head with. She reached up since he was a bit taller than her and draped the towel over his hair, wiping the water from his face. She studied his features, her eyes growing wide a fraction when she realized how handsome he actually was.

    And how warm.

    Despite him being out in the cold rain, he still exuded strong body heat and she could feel it through her drenched clothes.

    'Keep it together, Duchess,' she thought to herself, looking down at his nose instead.
  8. "Well..nothing.." he said with a smile "I'm not like other Men.." he said under her breathe hoping she didn't hear him while they to the house. She grabbed a towel and started drying his head, while standing on her tippy toes, "Haha thanks but I can dry myself off, if you don't mind, plus it looks like you need to dry off yourself." he said with a grin, noticing how beautiful she was, he walked over to the bed and asked while taking his shirt off "Do the shower are at, ma'am?" he said staring into her eyes.
  9. "'s right down the hall on the left," she replied, tearing her eyes away from his very fit body and going into the hall.

    There, she grabbed him a larger towel and a bar of soap, returning to his room to offer him the items to wash with. Once she was sure he was okay to handle his own bath, she went down to the kitchen to make him some food, figuring that he might be a little hungry. However, in the middle of fixing him a sandwich, a sudden leak in the roof spilled all over her already wet shirt.

    "Oh no," she gasped, dropping the knife and grabbing a bucket to catch the stream of water.
  10. "Thank you." he replied back to her while walking down the hall, and turning on the water, he walked out to get some fresh clothes till he heard,
    "Oh no." and it was coming from the kitchen and it sounded like the women that gave him a place, Clu ran to their with his shirt off and his pants undone and said "Are you ok, Miss?" seeing that the roof was leaking, and was getting all over her skirt, he sighed in relief and kinda chuckled "I thought you where getting hurt or something. Here let me get that for you." he digs in his pocket and grabs this tool and a peice of tiny wood and nails it to the roof, "There all better, yes?" he smiled as he walks away to the bathroom to take his shower.
  11. "Wow...that was...pretty amazing," Duchess mumbled as she looked up at the fixed roof; at least, it was fixed for the moment.

    She looked back towards the stranger she had taken in, prepared to thank him for helping her when her words got caught in her throat at the sight of him. He was still shirtless, but his pants were undone and starting to hang a little lower on his waist, revealing just a tiny bit more than she was prepared to see. When she saw that 'v' that disappeared under the band of his trousers, a sudden heat flared up from her neck to her ears and she nearly stumbled into the counter.

    ' going on?' she thought to herself, putting her hand to her cheek and flinching when she felt exactly how hot it was.

    She was surprised that this man...had such an effect on her. It wasn't like he was the first male wanderer that she took in; there were plenty that had stayed at the shelter and plenty that were easy on the eyes, but something about this man...

    'Again...hold it together, Duchess,' she thought to herself, taking several deep breaths to calm her nerves before going back to finishing his sandwich.
  12. *whistling a romantic song in the shower* after 15 mins, Clu got out of the shower with a towel over his waste. He walked to his room, forgeting to close the door behind let his towel fall beneath him, still whistling he smelt food like a very good sandwich, and suddenly remembered she was making food for him and her,

    "Smells good!" he yelled while going to his bag, getting out fresh clothes.
  13. Duchess laughed to herself as she made her way up the stairs with a tray in her hands, his sandwich and a cup of ale sitting atop of it, "I had no idea someone could smell a sandwich."

    She said this aloud as she pushed through his partially opened door, not bothering to knock since she figured that if he wanted privacy, the door would have been shut all the way. However, when she stepped into the room and saw him stark naked, she jolted and hopped back out again, closing the door in afterwards.

    "Sorry!" she yelled, trying to hide her embarrassment as well as push down the growing heat that was, again, flaming up her neck and to the tips of her ears.
  14. "Hahaha yes ma'am, I have a very good sense of smell." he said with a smile, picking up his clothes from his bag, all of a sudden he hears "Sorry!" and he jumps up in the air and slips and falls on his ass and says "Oh...shit, I'm so so so so sorry!" he said with his face beat red. ((Hey, I need to head to bed, I got early shift in the morning I get off around 11 or 12. Want to start it off then? And finish this off with the post and a reply if you don't mind))
  15. Duchess laughs to herself and bites her bottom lip, "It's okay. I should've known to knock before just walking in."

    ((That's fine. ^.^ Go and get some sleep, okay? I'm not exactly sure when I'll be on tomorrow since I'll probably be going out with my best friend, but we'll definitely pick up tomorrow. Night!))
  16. "It's fine, I should have closed the door." slapping himself on the head as he said that and started getting dressed, "Ok I'm desent." he said chuckling.
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  17. Duchess pushed the door open again, cautiously this time, and peeked inside to see that the stranger was indeed decent enough for her to be in his presence. She gave a small smile before entering the room fully, setting the tray down on the table set up in front of the bed.

    "I know it's not much, but it's something," she told him, pulling on her wet shirt that was clinging to her curves, "Did you have a nice bath?"
  18. "Yes ma'am, I'm not a picky eater, but thanks" He said while staring at the food on table that was set up by the bed, "Did you have a nice bath?" she asked him while pulling her wet shirt that was clinging to her curves, "Yes I did, but it seems like you need one as well, I must say, I got it from her ma'am, you need to take a shower or bath which ever you perfer, here I'll go and get it started for you." Clu said while walking to the bath room and starting the water, "Oh and my name is Clu Fix, my friends call me Clu." he said toward her, but at the same time he couldn't get her out of his mind "Wow she's quite beautiful..but I don't have much time for women, although I would like to stay for a little while, that's if she approves." he said to himself.
  19. "It's okay, I can run the bath myself," she replied as she followed after him, taking his hand in hers to pull him out of the bathroom.

    She gave him a kind smile and faced him, shaking her hair out of her vision, "So, you're name is Clu, huh? Well, mine is Duchess, it's nice to meet you...Ya know, unless you have somewhere to be, you're free to stay here if you'd like. I only ask that you don't cause any trouble for the others that stay here as well. No violence or stealing or anything illegal."
  20. Suprised by her answer she gave him and thought to himself, "Wow she heard me and she is extordinay.." getting up up to let her get her bath ready he smiled "You won't have to worry about all that, promise. I keep to myself, and nice to meet you Dutchess." he said while placing his hand on Dutchess head and running fingers down slowly and softly while his middle fingers coreses the middle of her nose and lips, and takes his hand away and smile, "It's tradition in my Town to do that when we meet new people." he said with a grin "Have a nice bath, I'll leave you be." he continued and walked away to the other room. ((YAY your back lol hey inbox me I want to ask you a question, nothing bad I promise))