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Strangers on a Lonely Road

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tad, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. Alex was sitting on his favorite park bench, the one closest to the lake. It was afternoon in midsummer again, and he liked watching the dragonflies flit above the water, their little wings glinting with reflected bits of light as they dove for smaller insects. The occasional fish gulped air, sending large ripples across the surface of the water. Here, nestled in the green jumble of trees and plants, the dull roaring of the city was muted. The footpath behind him was relatively empty, save for a few joggers and some tourists, quietly moving on their way through the park. It was immensely peaceful, and he dug his toes into the pea gravel in the shade of the bench, savoring yet another one of the unnumbered multitude of summer days he could barely remember.
  2. Krista looked up at from her phone as she jogged along the trail, passing someone else and having a blast. She always loved the feel of running as it brought her a sense of freedom unlike anything else, though couldn't exactly explain why. So she made it a habit to run at least once every day if she could pull it off. Of course, life liked to get in the way at times. And today, as she was jogging, she took a moment to notice the lake and everything around it. It was truly beautiful. Leaving the trail, she walked towards the Lake's shore and took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air, not really noticing anyone else around her at the moment.
  3. He looked over as a young woman stopped nearby to take in the scenery. He smiled, and looked back to the lake. She reminded him of someone, not sure who. He pondered a moment, fumbled around in his memory for why she seemed familiar, and heard himself muttering to her, "good day for the park." He blinked at her, surprised at himself.
  4. Hearing someone speak to her, Krista glanced over at the guy sitting on the bench and smiled at his words. "It is. A really nice day," she agreed and ran a hand through her hair a bit, her bright blue eyes taking in the details. She wished she'd brought her camera to take pictures as the lighting was perfect this time of day. "It looks you sure are enjoying the day," she commented, noticing how relaxed he seemed to be out here.
  5. "Mmm," he agreed, relaxing again. "Been coming here for a while. Most people just pass by, too busy. Pity."
    Before a comment could be made, some ducks came flapping down onto the lake, making a ruckus. Alex fumbled in his pockets for bread, or crumbs, or something. He found some bits of paper and a bent paperclip, and pondered them in his hand for a while, ignorant to the ducks and his new companion. He looked back up at the young lady, his memory niggling at him again.
    "You remind me of someone," he started, but faded off.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.