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Anne Bonny, The Pirate
Played by Ms. Ezra

Date Yuzuki, The Samurai
Played by Camleen

Albert Rhinegard, The Guy
Played by Ascendant

Sir Richard Francis Burton, The Explorer
Played by Gands

Kassim Al’hajar, The Assassin
Played by Takeshi

Leonidas, The King of Sparta
Played by The WanderingWriter

Sgt. Benjie Delfing, The Guerilla Figher
Played by Nomad-22

Edea Qiris
Played by Camleen

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Roleplay Invitations
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Posting Speed
One Post a Day, A Few Posts a Week
Writing Levels
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Genders You Prefer Playing
Male, Female, Androgynous
Favorite Genres
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superhero, Horror, Slife-of-life.
Player Characters
Name: Anne Bonny
Date/Era of Birth: March 8th, 1702
Date of Disappearance: October 1720 (Disappeared from historical record)
Allegiance: None

  • x2 Flintock Pistols with powder and shot to be fired three times.
  • x1 Tricorner Hat, Brown
  • x1 pair of boots
  • x1 set of clothing
  • x1 Cutlass
  • x1 Dagger

Abilities: Sailing, Intimidation, Escapism, natural charisma, natural con artist.

Power: Drunken Master- Anne can use the alcohol in her system to enhance her strength and reflexes. If the alcohol is depleted, she immediately suffers withdrawal symptoms.

Diseases/Other weaknesses: While she is a high-functioning alcoholic, she is still an alcoholic and suffers from withdrawal symptoms if deprived for more than a day.

Languages Spoken: English primarily. Knows enough of French, Spanish and Portuguese to give orders but not for extended conversations.

Short Bio: Born in Cork, Ireland the daughter of lawyer William McCormac and his servantwoman Mary Brennan. Historically little is know about her early childhood, but she was dressed as a boy and called 'Andy' by her father to evade Brennan's wife and family. The ruse was eventually uncovered and they moved to the Province of Carolina. It is said when she was disowned by her father, she set fire to his plantation.

Eventually Anne married James Bonny, and the two moved to Nassua, a known haven for pirates. It was here she met pirate captain John "Calico Jack" Rackham and became his lover. She divorced James Bonny and embarked on a life of piracy. Anne would find another close companion in Anne Read, a woman who had been posing as a man throughout her life and career at sea.

Together the three would enjoy many successful raids on small vessels. Anne often demonstrated her proficiency with pistol and sword, described by crew and enemies as a competent and dangerous fighter.

On October 1720, the three were attacked and captured by a 'King's Ship' commisioned by the Governor of Jamaica. While the rest of the crew, Calico Jack included, were too drunk to resist, Anne and Read fought until overwhelmed and arrested. The whole crew were sentenced to hang for their crimes, and history records Anne's last words to her lover Calico Jack to be "Had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang'd like a dog."

Anne and Read would get a stay of excecution by pleading they were both with child. Read and Anne contracted the same feverish disease, but while Read lost her battle, Anne fought it off enough to escape both the authorities and historical record.

Knowing she could not risk using her infamous name or even return to piracy, she boarded a ship intent on returning to James Bonny and a quiet life. Her chosen vessel was attacked by a nameless pirate crew, and in the fight she disappeared. The pirates could not believe they had actually seen a door catch the woman as she fell overboard, so they took that impossible sight to their graves.

That was the last any of that world would see of Anne Bonny...

Name: Albert Rhinegard
Date/Era of Birth: July 9th, 1986
Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: December 21st, 2012
Allegiance: National

Weapons/Supplies: Little more than a pair of red and black sweater pants, eyeglasses, and a boring white cotton T-shirt as well as some tennis shoes.

Abilities: An enormous compendium of knowledge amassed by constant reading of the internet as well as intense interest in science, politics, and military theory. Albert is a bit of an unmotivated, lazy borderline-genius prone to bouts of depression and existential angst.

Power(if any): None.

Diseases/ Other Weaknesses: Albert is not particularly in shape, cannot run far or exercise hard, and is prone to sunburn. He's essentially useless for anything physical and relies upon glasses to not be half-blind. He is hardly charismatic or socially attuned.

Languages Spoken: Fluent (English), Beginner (Japanese), Some Words (Spanish, French, German)

Short Bio: An American man who still says he is young despite having reached the age of 26, Albert has spent most of his life repeatedly failing at everything he does, leaving things half-finished, and experiencing a kind of computer addiction. He is essentially a NEET who was living with his family and perpetually enrolled in college despite being lauded for being 'brilliant' by his family, friends, and professors.

He doesn't like to talk about his past, but will openly admit that he ended up on this world as of December 21st, 2012, when he was wishing the world would just end already so he could stop suffering. Unfortunately, he's probably going to end up enduring real suffering in this new world.

Appearance: Currently an unkempt, disheveled man standing a mere 5'7" growing a patchy beard with black hair that turns into wavy semi-curls. His eyes are a dull blue behind his glasses with bags beneath them whilst his skin is so white it could be considered almost translucent. The following picture would essentially be Albert if the man was pale, wore glasses, and had a scraggly beard;

Name: Date (Dah-Tay) Yuzuki (you-zoo-key)
Date/Era of Birth: September 22, 1620
Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: November 29, 1642
Allegiance: None

Weapons/Supplies: Katana (Aki no Ken), naginata. A small pouch 4 ‘rice cakes’. Small pouch of gold dust. Outfit: waraji (sandals), tabi socks, Kyahan (gaiters), uwa-obi (sash), kimono, hand wraps.

Abilities: Highly skilled in hand to hand combat and kenjutsu (swordsmanship). Well versed in bojutsu (bo fighting), archery, naginatajutsu (fighting with naginata), horse riding and painting.

Power: Battle precogintion

Diseases/Other Weaknesses: Can go into fits of deep depression. Has severe abandonment issues. Fear of heights.

Languages Spoken: Japanese

Short Bio: Yuzuki was born into a very powerful family. Their territory was in northeastern the main island of Japan, the Mutsu Province. From the time she could walk her father (a powerful warrior in his own right) began to train her in the ways of samurai. Just as his uncle had trained him. Her mother passed away when she was 3, and her father feared he would not be able to have another child. While it was unusual for a girl to go through such training, her father felt there was little choice.

She excelled in the lessons he gave her, and when she was 12 she was allowed to train with one of their clan’s most influential leaders. She served under him for 7 years, until his assassination. The group she was a part of was ambushed by bandits, and nearly all 20 of her group was killed. Her master and her father both perished.

After this incident, she pretty much left society as a whole. She was without a master, and she felt she had none left in this world. Despite that, she still fought for the honor of her family. She tries to uphold the ideals set upon her by her master and her father.

Name: Craig Wittingham
Date/Era of Birth: 1850s
Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: 1880

Weapons/Supplies: One revolver with two cartridges carrying six rounds each, a hunting knife, a canteen, a box of matches, a compass, and the clothing you see in his picture.

Abilities: Persuasive ( Silver tongued Devil ), adept knowledge in chemistry, the ability to ride a horse, and basic survival skills.

Power(if any): The power of suggestion, limited to the simple minded.

Diseases/ Other Weaknesses: Hot headed, weak ( not a very good fighter, and cannot do physically intensive activities for long periods of time. )

Languages Spoken: English

Short Bio:

Craig Wittingham was born at essentially the start of the American civil war, 1850. Being born more towards the north side of the United States and being born to a rich family of salesmen Craig saw himself with a full education by his early twenties. His years in private education were not easy as Craig never liked being told what to do often having small outbursts, and fits of rage due to being told what to do. The only thing that seemed to calm the edge was chemistry, Wittingham loved everything about it. There was just something about it, it was creative yet destructive it always intrigued him, but it never became his profession.

Wittingham had three different titles before his public execution: chemist, salesman, and outlaw. Craig never became a professional chemist, though it stayed a hobby, instead his profession fell into the family business. Right out of school Wittingham became a salesman and he was good at it, just like his father was, and he loved it because he was essentially his own boss selling other peoples goods.

At first he sold simple inventions to small crowds of people in local towns, but as time progressed he slowly built his way up into bigger business. Instead of selling small inventions to random people on the street he was now selling ground breaking inventions to large businesses. This golden age of his life however wouldn't last long, in fact by his late twenties a couple bad investments too many made him go bankrupt. Losing his home and everything he had worked so hard for, it broke him and forced him to a life of crime.

Since Wittingham had a silver tongue his first crimes were small and consisted mostly of scams, but as always he thought this to be too small for his liking. So he took it upon himself to form a gang and by the age of twenty-eight through explosive expertise and a lot of guns he became the most wanted man in his area. His crimes now consisting of more than just scamming people, now he was robbing banks blind. Eventually his own arrogance got him and his gang in a gun fight after a moment of greed resulting in his crime spree ultimately coming to an end. Wittingham was thirty years old at this point and now he was about to hung in front a crowd of cheering people...


Name: Felix Lars Helström
Date/Era of Birth: October 15, 2000
Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: December 23, 2020 (Brain Tumor)
Allegiance: Drifter

= Black peacoat
= Wallet [Contains: Driver's license, $40 USD, 170 SEK, a Debit Card]
= Pocket knife
= Smart Phone
= Solar USB Charger [Bartering item for players "I'll charge your stuff if you do this for me"]

+ Intelligent: Felix is a good problem solver with great critical thinking skills
+ Calculating: Felix is able to make predictions based on his situation
+ Observant: Felix notices small details and changes in his surroundings

Power(if any): Telekinesis: Having no physical strength through his life, especially toward the end, Felix's brain became his muscle. Toward the end of his life, though he was deteriorating he retained his mental abilities until his body gave out. Now, in the other world, his brain really is a muscle. His telekinesis started out weak and feeble, but with practice became stronger and stronger. His mastery and precision grow with use as well just as a muscle does when it is trained. The drawback of this is that excessive use can cause fatigue and weakness to physical injury or even death depending on how much overuse his power sustains. Combat with this power is often quite direct, Felix diverts attention from his own movements in favor of landing attacks or throwing objects(This leaves him open to counterattack which means he must both defend and attack). When defending, Felix can stop objects or create a 'wall' though this is quite exhausting and continued use can injured Felix. The range of his ability is about 5 meters.

Diseases/ Other Weaknesses:
- Mood swings and fits of rage
- Difficulty speaking
- Poor physical coordination

Languages Spoken: English and Swedish

Short Bio: Felix was an incredibly intelligent child raised in Sweden for much of his childhood, almost all of it in fact. He was given a lot of room to grow his knowledge in the Swedish school system, and his grades reflected that. Because Felix excelled mentally, he put little effort in his physique. As he grew, Felix became tall and thin with little muscle mass which didn't matter to him at the time. Felix continued to focus on his studies until graduating high-school in 2018 at the age of 18.

After high-school, Felix decided to take a break before going to university so that he could take some time to decide what he wanted to pursue in life though he was fairly certain he wanted to be an Electronics Engineer as he had taken many courses on it through high-school. Half way through his year off before university Felix noticed that he was getting frequent, incapacitating headaches, which was abnormal. He dismissed these headaches as stress induced due to how much he was thinking about his future. Three months after the headaches began, Felix began having frequent mood swings and vomiting, which was then followed by trouble thinking and speaking.

After many doctor's appointments and tests a brain tumor was discovered in his cerebrum, a glioblastoma. The doctors said that because he was so young that his chances of surviving were better than anyone else's, they also told him that they couldn't predict how long he had until after treatments began. His parents moved him to America where they had a great hospital where they could give him great treatment. Luckily, English is often taken as a second language in Sweden.

Felix's last two years of life were spent in suffering as his mind deteriorated, his motor functions lost coordination, and his body grew even weaker. But he didn't want to die in a hospital, he never liked hospitals, and with the last of his strength he gathered the things he felt were most important and snuck out. Most of his possessions were in his room with him since he'd been living there, and security at the hospital was relaxed since most people dying of a brain tumor didn't have the strength to get up. Felix died that night in the cold winter, but in the end he was happy that he wasn't in a hospital.

In the other world, Felix's cancer seems to have gone away through many symptoms remain. He still struggles with his physical movements, often using his power to normalize it. This caused fatigue and pain so Felix only does this when he needs precision or speed. The starting and current state of his power allows him to lift something as heavy as 50lbs[22.6kg] with relative ease, though it is quite tiring.

A picture taken from the early days of his sickness. He often wore a shirt one size too big and jeans that fit just a bit too tight. On cold days he threw his black peacoat on and dealt with the cold that crept up his legs through the jeans. He wore high-top sneakers and continue to sport this appearance even on the night he died.

Sir Richard Francis Burton

Born 1821
Died 1890

Gear: Fencing sword. Webbley military Pistol mark I, military dress uniform, blank book, pen & ink, map makers field kit, compass, field glasses, pouch of gold coins of various national origin, 20-30, British army canteen, Kukri dagger. Ammo for webbly in belt pouch.

Skills/ Abilities :
Geographer, cartographer, explorer, polyglot/linguist, translator, writer, poet, soldier, duelist, fencer, ethnologist, spy, diplomat, falconry, studied religions and cultures. Trained military officer with staff experience. Skilled in disguise.


Burton was famous for his durability and strength of his body. Powers would reflect then his epic durability and toughness.


In life theses were primarily personality issues. Like some brilliant me who came before and after, Burton could be a proud arrogant fellow. He made many enemies through his long life. Also contributing was his rather Maverick personality. He rarely withheld criticism. He also wrote of subjects like sex in a no holds barred attitude in an era not entirely accepting of such.

Languages known:

English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Latin, Romini, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Aramaic, Sanskrit, Hindustan, Gujarat, Punjabi, Sindhi, Marathi, Saraki, Telegu, German, Armenian, Turkish, Hebrew, Swahili, Hataki, Various African tribal Languages, smattering of other languages and dialects.


Burton was a tall man with broad naturally muscular frame. He generally had a deeply tanned face, brown hair, various scars, chief of which were matching scars on each cheek from a Somalian spear that transfixed his face.

His Father was an Anglo-Irish military man who had decided his sons would be destined for the church. Due to military career, the family was rather nomadic. Richard picking up languages from both his private tutored education and the places they went.

Skip to college, were because of or in spite of his keen intellect, his classmates and teachers teased him. He fought several duels and eventually left school in anger.

It took little effort to obtain an officers rank in the army of the East India Company. He seemed to thrive there, learning many more languages, culture and local religion.

He became rather an expert on local Indian religion, particularly Hindu and Moslem. Enough to travel to Mecca in disguise, which westerners were forbidden on pain of death.

He explored both east and west Africa in his lifetime, also south America. Many times fighting natives and robbers. Everywhere he went, he wrote extensively about it. Through this writing and the real life exploits he became the basis for "the great white explorer" characters to follow.

Throughout though, he always studied people's and cultures.

Name: Kassim Al’hajar (pronounced Kas-seam All-ha-jar)
Date/Era of Birth: 7/19/1289
Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: 9/12/1308
Allegiance: None


(Inside a pack)
x1 sword breaker
x1 kris dagger
x1 the knife you see in his picture
x1 katar
x2 rolls of bandage
x1 whetstone
x1 flask half full of poison

(On him)
x1 turban
x1 half-face mask
x1 brown tunic
x1 pair of pants
x1 cord belt
x1 pair of sandals
x1 Persian scimitar in a sheath tied to his pack
x1 set of dual knives in crossing sheathes on his back
x1 small pouch of dried spiced meat
x1 flask of water


Psychological Warfare: Essentially the ability to manipulate others’ emotions to suit one’s own objectives. This doesn't mean mind control, but merely knowing how to provoke someone into making rash decisions, scaring someone so that they are hasty and careless, etc. Of course, this all still depends on the target.

Exceptional Knife Fighter: Kassim was taught how to kill from the ripe ol’ age of three, primarily with assorted knives and daggers. This gives him years of experience, on top of learning it at a young age, which etched it into his brain quicker. His main style with a knife is to focus on speed and aim to kill on the first stroke, and if not, aim to sever the target’s tendons so they cannot fight back.

Hand-to-hand Combat: He is highly capable of disarming foes, as well as all-out fighting while unarmed. Tends to try and take the enemy's weapon if possible. However, he tends to be at a disadvantage when against stronger opponents, but his speed makes up for it a lot of times.

Pickpocketing: A pretty useful skill for any assassin, he was trained by his master to be able to steal things from his target if needed. He can normally go undetected, but if it is a fairly bulky (or noisy) item and the target is observant, then they'll probably be able to catch him.

Furusiyya: Furusiyya is basically the Hashashin equivalent of training a knight to fight on horseback. This training would have included learning to use a sword, spear, lance, javelin, club, axe, and bow while on horseback. Kassim only got so far as learning to ride and the saif (sword) though.

Basic Ceremonial Procedures: Being of the fida’i class, a class of acolytes, Kassim has learned some basic ceremonial duties such as feast preparation or lighting the candles before the Grandmaster began his prayer.

Power(if any): Kassim can turn completely invisible, but he can only activate this power when completely still.


  • Oddly enough, he has a soft spot for small animals.

  • Has trouble with crowds or staring.

  • Hates being underestimated.

    Languages Spoken: Arabic (fluently), Persian (fluently)

Short Bio:
Kassim was born into the fida’i class of the Hashashin in the late 12th century. He was raised to follow the orders of his master implicitly, though at that age he found it odd that he would serve someone else. Once he was three, Kassim began training under said master in combat. First he learned how to defend himself when unarmed, which included evening the odds by getting rid of his opponent’s weapon. Kassim was especially fond of knives though, and he became very skilled with them after much more training than was normally given. Once he had become proficient in these, he was trained in furusiyya, or horsemanship. However, after Kassim finally learned to use a sword from atop a mount, it was clear that Kassim just wasn't going to take to furusiyya very well. He was also trained by his master to steal things from his target if needed. Kassim was then informed of his first job. Normally, a fida’i would be taught their target’s local language and culture, but Kassim was already taught from birth in Arabian culture, so there was no need. And so, his actual assassin work began.

At the mere age of 9, Kassim was sent on his first assassination job. It was to kill a sultan who loyally supported the current Arabian government. His master was actually surprised when Kassim returned successfully, and brandishing a new set of dual knives he had bought with some money he had pickpocketed from his target. From then on, Kassim performed many assassinations for his master, both of high profile targets and lesser ones, each time bringing back a new souvenir. However, one day at the age of 19, while Kassim was heading back to Alamut from a job he decided to rest in a small cave away from the hot desert sun. When he fell asleep, he never expected to wake up somewhere else...


(Changes: no feathers & mask replaced by wrappings)

Name: Grim Manne
Date/Era of Birth: around 1400 AD
Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: 1440's AD

-20 heavy crossbow bolts
-Hand crafted slingshot
-Leather/fur armor
-Rope for snares, traps, etc
-Trusty hatchet
-Small knife for skinning or wood carving
-Medium size sack for other items or small game

-Hunter/tracker: Grim has spent nearly all of his life out in the wilderness hunting animals (and sometimes men). He excels at tracking prey through difficult terrain.
-Strong Endurance: Whether it be tracking a buck through deep snow or hauling a dead boar on his back, Grim has remarkable endurance. He may not be the fastest or strongest, but he can often simply force his prey to exhaust itself.
-Trap Making: Sometimes it is easier to wait for prey. Handmade traps made from simple combinations of rope in wood are effective against most small game. Or when hunting humans, a well made trap will often take anyone by surprise.
-Accurate: Hunting is all about patience and accuracy. A hunter usually only gets one shot to take down their target. Grim is a better shot than most, but not a total master.
-Scrapper: When forced to fight at close range, Grim fights like a wild animal. To him, you fight to survive. So he will do anything to win a fight, be it biting off noses, gouging eyes, or using low blows.

Power(if any): Can imbue objects with kinetic energy. Grim absorbs kinetic energy from his movements and can transfer said energy into objects. One of his crossbow bolts with enough kinetic energy can have the same force/damage as a .50 caliber bullet.

Diseases/ Other Weaknesses:
-Heat: Being from Scandinavia, Grim is fine with being cold. But any weather above warm will make him uncomfortable and his skills will decrease.
-Gruff: Being what most would call (at best), a hermit. Grim is not the best at tactful conversation. He is blunt and straight to the point and is not good at reading the mood around him.
-Strange Palate: Being a hunter, Grim is fine with eating almost anything. Herbs, meat, alcohol, etc. But his one weakness is spicy food. Anything with spiciness above normal will irritate both Grim and his stomach.
-Supplies over Money: Grim is a survivor and one lesson he learned early is that money wont help out in the wilderness. He prefers to be paid in goods, supplies, etc. A fat coinpurse only draws attention in crowded places. Money is also easier to steal than a bag full of dried meat. This attitude can be problematic when he meets someone who is just as stubborn as himself and only pays in money.

Languages Spoken:
-Swedish (fluent)
-Russian (conversational)

Short Bio:
Grim was born in the forests of eastern sweden. His parents were former peasants that had left their old life behind to find a better one. They made a small and cozy cabin relatively close to a nearby town, but deep enough in the woods for seclusion. Sadly, Grim's mother died from a fever when he was five. Leaving his father to care for him by himself.

As he grew up, Grim was taught how to hunt and track anything anywhere. He was constantly reminded that true hunters only kill for survival or defense, not for sport. His father used a longbow to hunt and acquiring a training now for the young boy was almost impossible. So his father gave him a handmade slingshot instead. Eventually, Grim could kill small animals like rabbits and squirrels with a single accurate shot to the head.

In his teenage years, Grim learned trap making and wood carving to supplement his hunting skills. Eventually Grim and his father saved up enough money to buy Grim his own hunting bow. As Grim grew older he and his father spent their days hunting and trading with the nearby town.

Eventually, Grim reached adulthood. His father had taught him everything he knew and realized it was time for Grim to become a man on his own. Grim left and wandered the land. Usually hunting and trading his spoils with other travellers or merchants. The first time he killed someone was when a robber tried to ambush him on the trail. After that, Grim occasionally took jobs as a guard or mercenary.

After almost a decade, Grim returned home to find his father had passed away. He grieved as one normally does but knew that his father died on his own terms and that is how he always said he would die. Gathering the various trinkets and valuables from the cabin, Grim gave his father a variation of the traditional viking funeral. He took his father's bones and made a shrine in the cabin honoring his accomplishments. He then set the house on fire and maintained vigil until nothing was left but ash.

More time passed and Grim became a seasoned and skilled hunter. His weapon of choice was a sturdy crossbow as he preferred the power and range over the speed and light weight of a regular bow. One day, Grim was hired by a noble of the region he was in to help in a hunt. Grim did not like those kinds of jobs, as his role was to weaken the prey so the noble could easily kill the weakened creature and still feel like a champion.

The prey was a large brown male bear. The hunting party tracked the bear to its cave and went to kill the animal. It turned out the bear was actually female and had two cubs in its cave. The highly aggressive bear tore through the regular hunters leaving only Grim and the noble. Before Grim could act, the noble shoved him over and fled. Grim died in anger and resentment as the bear ripped him to shreds and fed his remains to her cubs.


(Ignore crossbow in pic)

Name: Leonidas I (King Leonidas)
Date/Era of Birth: July 8, 540 BC
Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: August 11, 480 BC
Allegiance: Presently unknown

Weapons/Supplies: Spartan Shield, Spartan Spear, Spartan Sword

Abilities: Strategic/Military Minded, Fighting prowess, Leadership Skills, Battle Prowess

Power(if any): Enhanced Instincts- This being relevant due to the environment and culture that he grew up in. He was tailored to be a great warrior, growing up in a warrior-like culture. It was truly a dog-eat-dog world, and the weak died off. Believed to be of the lineage of Hercules, it only makes sense that his upbringing was meant to make him strong

Diseases/ Other Weaknesses:
Unknown at the moment

Languages Spoken:
Greek and Macedonian

Short Bio:
Leonidas was one of the few Spartan kings to have ever undergone the notoriously harsh training of Spartan youth, the Agoge. He was not heir to the throne either, but won it through the want and need of his people. An educated and charismatic man, he would rise to defend his people against the Persian invaders. He is most known for his battle at Thermopylae. A battle which showed the might, determination, and wits about the Spartan King. However, the fight would end up being his last, as he was betrayed, and would later meet his fate. At his side were his 300 Spartans, 900 helots, 400 Thebans and 700 Thespians, the Thespians staying entirely of their own will, declaring that they would not abandon him and his followers. It was quite the feat, for a total of 4-7 thousand Greeks to go up against 70-300 thousand Persians. Leonidas and his men held The Pass for 7 days before the betrayal that would lead to his death. His body was successfully removed from the field of battle by his comrades against the desires of Xerxes, who wanted to behead the fallen king and crucify his headless body.

Name: Benjie Delfino

Date/Era of Birth: June 24, 1917

Date/Era of Death or Disappearance: April 14, 1945

Allegiance: Originally to the Filipino Resistance Movement(Specifically with the Western Luzon Guerilla Force under Captain Ramon Magsaysay, future president of the Philippines.)

M1 Carbine(15 rounds)
Colt 45 pistol(10 rounds)
Two frag grenades
Bolo Knife
Water canteen
M1928 Haversack
First Aid Pouch
M1943 entrenching tool
American A-11 watch
Small lighter
A pack of “Lucky Strike” cigarettes

Abilities: An expert scout, skilled marksman, fierce brawler, experienced guerrilla fighter, avid reader, and a decent violinist.

Power(if any): None

Diseases/ Other Weaknesses: Suffer bouts of extreme survivor’s guilt, made worse with an drinking problem that occasionally flares up now and then.

Languages Spoken: Tagalog(fluent), English(fluent), and Japanese(limited to a few words)

Short Bio: Born on the northern island of Luzon in the Philippines, Benjie was the youngest of seven childern to a former guerrilla fighter and his beloved wife among an large extended family. During his childhood, when not practicing the violin or studying history, Benjie would listen to the stories of his father, on how he fought the Spanish and then later the Americans until forced to surrender.

Inspired by this proud heritage, Benjie Delfino enlisted into the Philippine Commonwealth Army in 1940. A year later he would fight against the Japanese invasion and occupation of his homeland, first as a common soldier then later as a resistance fighter. In April 1945, just as Benjie was acting as a guide on a scouting mission for an American patrol when they were suddenly attacked in an Japanese ambush.

At the risk of his own life, Benjie fought a rear action against the hated enemy, allowing his remaining allies to escape, half of whom were wounded. In the midst of the final stand, an the force of a grenade blast knocked him off a steep cliff side. Instead of falling to his death, however the Filipino patriot disappeared out of thin air...


Non-Player Characters

Explore, Chronicle, Defend

All members of Red Shield, unless the situation demands other attire, wear the uniform below with all blue replaced with red, and the above emblem displayed on armband.

Rank: Senior Operative, Doren Branch

Rank: Junior Operative

Field Operative currently active in the wilds outside the Gatecian borders.


Currently a member of The Band, travelling with Jim Morrison and others.

Skilled in the use and teaching of Wing Chun Kung Fu, a discipline taught to her by her mother Yim Wing Chun.

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