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  1. I'm, as you can tell, new to the forum. And frankly I suck at posting these type of threads so I'm going to keep it simple. I'm Star, a thirty year old rp addict and here in search of new and interesting rps.
  2. Welcome Star!
    Every time I see RDJ, I see either Iron-Man or Sherlock Holmes..No escape.

    It's good to have you with us on Iwaku and if you need help, just holler!
  3. Thanks! I will holler if I need any help, thanks for the offer.

    I'm a huge Iron Man/Avengers/Captain America fan and have seen all of the movies multiple times.
  4. I love the actor as Holmes... not an Iron Man fan though...

    Welcome though! I'm new as well.
  5. It's the opposite for me. I tried to watch the Holmes movies but they never held my interest though the same was true for the Iron Man movies until I saw The Avengers.

    Hello Maksim!
  6. oh my and here i was going to say greetings and now that i see this i want to cry oh my.
  7. I love RDJ as Tony Stark/Iron Man but not so much Sherlock Holmes. The Avengers made me really like him as Tony Stark where before I had been lukewarm towards the movies.
  8. he is one of the few that make me go to a movie just because he is in it. i love sherlock holmes i even have them playing downstairs right now because my mother wanted to watch them...
  9. I honestly don't have any actor that I like that much. It's more of whether I find the movie interesting than who is in it.
  10. oh i have a complete list the movie snow white and the huntsmen had so many of them that i had such a fangasm that my family wouldnt let me see it i have to wait for it on dvd