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  1. The sky lite up like a fire, reds and oranges flaring across, the world was starting to calm down as the night began to come to take over. Except for one girl. Night was her only escape from the walls of the castle, and she was taking it. Sayomi had just been assigned a new guard, and she was going to make sure he was replaced as soon as possible. She was determined to get her leash loosened. and knew that she was starting to wear her father down.

    Sayomi made her way back to her room after dinner, as her usual routine. She usually went to read on the days she didn't sneak out. Her father was off in his study with his council, and her step mother never said a word to her. It was easy to go unnoticed in her own castle, especially with a new guard who knew nothing of her antics. Once she was in her room, she locked the door and began to change. She took off the simple yet elegant red dress that she wore and placed it on the chair tenderly. After a brief moment of thinking about where to go for the night, she made a decision and stuck with it.

    She crawled under her bed and pulled out a medium size box and pulled out the battered clothes that lived in it. She had bought the outfit one of her first few times out of the walls and wore it every time that she went out. Sliding into the leather pants, Sayomi had to fight for a moment to get them over her butt. Once they were one, she put on the greyish purple top. It brought out her already oddly green eyes, and didn't wash out her porciline skin. Her rosey lips held onto a smile with the thought of freedom that was about to come. She hated being locked up, but her father worried that someone may try and take or kill her. She doubted that anyone would be dumb enough to every try that.

    Opening a drawer, Sayomi pulled out a piece of charcoal and started to rub it under the eyes. Once she was content with the darkness, she smeared it around with her finger. She pulled on her cloak and was ready. The last thing that she did was take off her necklace and place it on her dress. It was a symbol that was well known that she would be coming back. The necklace meant a great deal to her. With a nod, she left out of the window into the garden and took off, her black hair trailing behind her. She was quick, and she used it to her advantage. Getting caught was not on her plan, at least not tonight.
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    Zadist stood with his hands firmly at his side and his head forward with eyes narrowed with all seriousness behind them. His feet and legs were pressed together and his chest stuck out, preforming the perfect posture as he gazed at the wall at the other end of the room, listening to the king talk about his new assignment. While he king sat, Zadist knew it was rude to think of himself as an equal and sit with him, so there he was, standing and listening to every detail given to him.
    "-and that should be it. She's fast and quite troublesome" The King grumbled. Zadist could hear the slight irritation behind his words, the tiresome tone he took like he had been dealing with this a very long time. Babysitting, that's what he was doing. He was assigned to babysit this princess that hated her 'oh so horrible' life in the castle. That made him irritated. To think that the starving kids he had seen, throughout his travels, were on the verge of death and here was this girl that complained about being in her castle for much too long. It was not his business all he was told was to keep the kid in one spot and protect her and assure that all her duties was to be preformed. "She doesn't understand what's going on. She doesn't know anything of the war and how many people are out to get me." There was no way she could have. Because she kept running off and when she wasn't escaping she was in her room. Her father assured that anyone who spoke of the war, be banished from his kingdom. So the only people that knew, were his solders and guards, tow classes of men that never spoke to her. "If you understand, you may go" Zadist didn't say anything else after that. he bowed in respect and loosened his posture and exited the quarters of his new King.

    It was late and Zadist wasn't stupid. He knew if he went to her room she would not be there because of the fact that the king was in a meeting. After exiting the chambers of the old man, he made his way to the exit of the castle, leaving from the double doored main entrance. Upon leaving the castle ground he had stepped foot into the quiet village that laid just beyond the large gates that protected the castle. With narrowed eyes that glistened with the night time stars, he looked around at the little, to no, activity among the streets. He wasn't going to get anywhere walking on ground. He stopped at the heart of the village and climbed up one of the shops and stood on the roof, his eyes scanned from left to right, looking over the place for any signs of suspicious activity.


    He jumped from rooftop to rooftop, dodging the little things that got in his way as he made his way to the villages west entrance towards the dark forest beyond the little kingdom. His eyes locked on the hooded target down below. They didn't get out of the village when Zadist jumped from the final roof top and down before the hooded figure. With his long blonde hair flowing around him,the breeze picked up more and more as he landed on his two feet. His eyes, that shut during the fall, opened and he stared down the hooded person past the shadow that covered their eyes. His hand was quick to grab their arm in case they tried to escape and with the free hand, he removed the hood and his eyes widened. It was the princess and she wasn't a kid at all. She was a full grown woman. The necklace that peeked from under her clothing, and around the base of her neck, gave him confirmation.

    There they stood now, at the edge of the village.
  3. As Sayomi slowed to a walk, she whistled, awaiting to see if there was a response. It took a moment, and the whistle was returned with a small giggle to her left. A smile unlike one she had wore since the last time she was out spread across her face. It had seemed like forever since she had heard that whistle. She slowly walked towards where the noise came from. She whistled around, before pouncing on the bush she thought it was from. The whistle was returned this time from the right, and in front of her. The second whistle took longer, sounding not so smooth, as if the person was inhaling to whistle instead of blowing out. Sayomi let out a laugh at the same time that the other two did, and the chase began. It was a game of cat and mouse. One minute she would be following the two, and the next she was being followed. She entered the village just for a time, where the trees grew too dense and the roots were too exposed for her. She had only been in the village for a few minutes before a figure landed in front of her. Sayomi jumped and stopped, stepping back away from the man. She didn't get far before he grabbed her arm and stared at her. She stared at him, unsure of who the man was. She had to meet her new guard, and he was much too young compared to the guards that her father usually appointed her.

    He ripped off her hood, and his eyes widened. Either he was surprised to find a women, or knew that she was the princess. Her green eyes never wavered from his as she held herself high, as she was taught to. Before she said anything she heard rustling and little footsteps running towards them. "Sai! Why did you stop playing!" The two young children stopped about fifteen feet away from them. Her eyes looked at them, and widened. She wasn't sure who the man was, or what he wanted. But she wasn't going to have them there to witness it. Quickly, she flung her hand up hitting his chin with her palm as hard as she could, and then on the inside of his elbow. She was able to twirl and get herself free. She looked at the girl "Take your brother and go home. I will there shortly." She ordered. The girl looked at the two of them then took her younger brother's hand and started back. "Alina, faster!" She could see the girl sigh heavily then start to run. Once the children were out of her sight, she faced the man that had stopped her and her sultry voice rang out. "Who are you and what do you want? I have done nothing but play with my family. Does that offend you in some way? Did I somehow get on your property and because you thought I was a man you came to 'teach me a lesson'?" Though Sayomi was typically a nice person, she was not going to put the kids and their father at risk. She had learned minimal fighting skills from the father over the time she had spent with the family, and some weapon smarts from the tavern owner. But she was more relying on the fact that if it came to it, she was a women, and she was sure she could distract a man long enough to ran.

    "Look. I need to go attend to the children. I'm sorry for whatever I did." Sayomi didn't just come out into the town to get away, she had originally had started to leave to get out and away, but soon, she started to hear what the people had to say. And she heard stories from the merchants that would stay at the inn. Stories about what her father had been hiding from her. Her father and all the staff thought that she was nothing but disobedient, which was only half true. As much as she loved her father, she didn't like that he was attempting to hide things from her and the kingdom. She wanted to find a way to get her father to change whatever it was that he was doing. She had a feeling that it wasn't the best since he was hiding it.

    Bowing her head slightly, Sayomi turned and started to walk around the man. She needed to stop at the Tavern and gather some things together before heading to the house that she was going to. She was on a time crunch to get the stuff there, and visit before having to retreat back into the isolation that was her castle. She was just trying to enjoy the night before going back to the chaos that would be if they had found that she had left the castle yet again.
  4. The slap to the face snapped him back into reality. He cursed himself and raised his arm before the nudge, she attempted to send to his arm, made contact. He free'd her in the process of dodging the second attack and he stepped back, watching the children emerge from no where. He stood behind her with narrowed eyes and a stern look. The children glanced at him after the order and he said nothing to them but he still managed to terrify them into leaving sooner than they wanted. They seemed attached to this brat. When they were clear from sight and she stood, he watched her in silence as she threw her little tantrum and made up the excuses like her father had informed him about. He did nothing but stare at her with his cold eyes, waiting till she was done. The cold wind picked up and blew past the two with much force. After he didn't respond, she must have given up because she walked away and he walked to catch up and grabbed her from behind. He turned her to where she faced him, then he picked her up at the waist and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potato's and effortlessly.

    He held her in place, over his shoulder, and walked back to the castle, still have haven said a word to her. he listened to the other people talk about the sudden rough house and the certain manner that he had come at the princess with. He guessed that the other guards had attempted to reason with her because the force he took with her, she seemed surprised. he wouldn't be surprised if he was the first to handle her in this way, the king was....well....the King.

    He assumed that all her past guards wanted to come at her with caution in hopes they wouldn't be fired or something. He gave no shits. He was only here because the King asked to him for this position after protecting him from an enemy that wiped out the guards he traveled with. It was then, when the king decided to take the lonely, speechless, traveler in. Also, they way He seen it, when the king said "Do what you must", he took it seriously so this shouldn't be a surprise.

    He carried her to the castle, ignoring her if she were to talk to him. Holding her firmly it was impossible to escape, he was much bigger, much stronger, and wasn't about to let her get her way like the spoiled brat she way. Upon entering the castles entrance, the guards grunted at the way he was carrying her. "H-How dare you hold Princess Sayomi like that!!!!!" One of the front guards shouted angry like. Zadist stared at them with narrowed eyes and a blank stare that said 'i don't care'. He didn't respond to them, he looked at the head guard, the kings guard, that made his way from the castle with a smirk. "Stand down, it's his job....a weird way of doing it but...his job" Zadist stared the man down for a half a second after coming into the situation. That was all, he didn't stare a second longer after he spoke, he merely closed his eyes and walked past him with the girl still on his shoulder. Upon approaching the room, he opened the door and walked in, closing it he dropped her on the bed like a rag doll and looked at her, now ready to lsiten to what she had to say
  5. When the man never talked, she knew that it was her new guard which surprised her greatly. She pushed the curiosity to the side as she walked. She wasn't going to let some asshole who will talk down about her to others before even knowing anything about her, just as all the others had. She would have been just as content not being the princess than being it.

    Sayomi never wore any jewelry except the necklace, she never adored the big fancy dresses. She liked simplicity. She was going to take over the kingdom eventually and she believed that her duty was to the people, not to look obsessively flashy. But none of the guards ever bothered to so much as even talk to her. She was only the princess and it infuriated her. She had lost herself in thoughts which only consumed her in anger, but was brought out as she was picked up, letting out a small gasp.

    She didn't even attempt to get away from the man. With a short and fairly petite figure and nearly no training, she knew she had no hope of escaping. He was the first who managed to get the courage to use brut force. Sayomi gave him mental credit for that. That was the most normal act that someone other than the handful of people in the town had treated her. As they walked to the castle in the silence, she could smell the rain that was going to come. When she heard yelling she couldn't help but giggle softly. No one thought someone would be brave enough to handle the women with such roughness.

    Silent type. Very interesting.

    He never talked to anyone. It wasn't just her. She started to wonder if he was a mute. As curious as she was, she wasn't about to talk just for him to not care what she had to say. She figured she would play the silent game too. As she came to her conclusion she saw her father's guard and gave him a small apologentic smile. He had been around since she could remember, and she had more memories of him checking on her after her mother's death than her father.

    After being thrown onto the bed, she sat up and looked at him for a moment then stood. The coal that was around her eyes was starting to run down her face in streaks. Walking over to her basen, she started to wash her face, expecting the guard to just leave. He brought her back, so she couldn't think of anything else that he would want. Once all the coal was off she turned to look at him once again, surprised at his presence. She wanted him gone, she debated telling him but that would have meant breaking her word. So she pulled the shirt up from the back and overhead, looking at him still. No man would stay in the room while the princess changed. But of course no other man would have handled her the way he did.

    For once her brain was slow, so she thought nothing of the mirror behind her, showing off a scar that ran across her lower back. Only two people knew it was there, her maid and her seamstress.
  6. Standing in the room he stared her down till she gave him a smug look that questioned why he was still there. Although his expression didn't change he watched her stand irritably and go to undress. He didn't look at her remove her clothing, instead he walked to one of the many large windows in her room that reached all the way to the ceiling. Long drapes hung just in front of each one. As she changed he pulled back one only slightly to stare out at the land that seemed to the resting now after a long day. No one was out in the village from what he seen. It was rather late anyway. It reminded him of his home, the abandoned village of which he grew up was small and laid on the other side of the far east mountain. After remembering the old times, he heard the bed creak and was quick to turn his head to the girl who had already climbed in to go to sleep. He walked over to the exit, only staying to assure she was in bed, he gazed her with a stern look with a threat like vibe as if he was telling her not to move before walking out, closing the door behind him. He looked to the guards standing there and nodded the them before returning to his quarters to sleep.

    When morning came, he allowed the maids to do their job with her, get her up, feed her, lay out her outfit. It all took a very long time and he was an early riser. When she was ready for the day, the maids were ordered to bring her to him. He was out back of the castle at the large training ground that was covered with other guards. He breathed hard as sweat rolled down the side of his face. Standing in a stance with his guard up, he glared at the kings guard who was doing the same thing. The lesser guards her gathered round to watch the equally talented fighters. The kings guard smirked and stood from his stance, letting Zadist know he was done. Zadist stood from his and bowed out of respect before watching him turn to leave. He ran his fingers through his damp hair and looked over his shoulder. No sign of a maid and the princess. He sighed and returned to his room,l undressing and readying himself for a shower while he waited.
  7. After putting on her simple night gown she laid down. She needed to brainstorm something to get out. She had things to do in the village. She doubted even her best argument would bring him even close to hearing what she truly had to say. Everything she would say would probably come out to him as her just being self centered.

    As soon he left the room, she counted to twenty then got up from the bed. She retrieved her book from its place. A worn down leather bound book that was unmarked by a title or author. She carried it everywhere with her when in the castle, along with a journal. If anyone tried to take either, they got her wrath. She opened the window and sat at her desk, reading. When the faint squeal of the window came to the guards they both barged in. Sayomi never looked at the awkward pair, just read. They sighed and closed the door again.

    "Should we tell her new Shepard that she is up?" "Let her read. She is not hurting anyone. As long as she is in her room, then she can what she pleases. No matter what he carries her, he can't force her to do anything" The second responded with a shrug.

    When their conversation seeped under the door, Sayomi smiled. At least some of them didn't think she needed to be controlled all the time. She read by the candle light, taking notes, until she fell asleep where she was. She didn't awake until the maids came in. No matter how much she argued she hadn't been able to get them to stop coming in. They washed her down and pulled out a simple dress of a dark gray for her. She had managed to get through to them that she refused to wear puffy nonsense. They brought her in a large variety of food, but she picked an apple and plain tea. She knew half the reason why they came in, was because she allowed them to eat the food she did not want. Her and her maids sat about while they ate. They talked gossip while she read silently, as per usual. Then one got up and handed her a letter. Sayomi opened and smiled at them, causing them to squeal. She jumped up, now eager to start her day.

    She went to find her oh so lovely guard. After checking the back of the castle, one of the Kings guards told her that he was in his chambers. She hurried there, only to find him undressed and covered in sweat. She figured he was waiting for a shower. She looked into his eyes, just to get across that she was serious.

    "There is no need to follow me around like a puppy waiting to impress his owner. I have things to prepare. So just do whatever it is you do." She knew he wasn't going to talk to her, which she no longer cared about. She watched him with her green eyes for a moment, trying to decide what if what she was going to say if she should. She bit her tongue and turned and took a few steps, before looking over her shoulder.

    "Think what you will of me. But you don't know why I do what I do. And you never will. Simply because you'll never ask just as everyone else. At least I have respect to talk to you. And came down to tell you that I would be setting things up today instead of keeping you waiting. Now I must find the king." She turned to face him just long enough to give a small curtsey. Then left to find her father.

    She looked in his room and he was not there. She checked the library the kitchen and the courtyard. The only other place was the warroom. As she approached, she heard her father and his lead guard talking. She gave a light rap on the door "Father?" She squeaked as she opened the door.
  8. She had walked in just after his shower with the little drops of water rolling down his body, a towel wrapped around his waist and another was on his head. he held onto the one on top of his head, drying his hair as he listened to her closely and all the words she had said. Upon her exit, he sighed and walked to prepare himself for the day, dressing in his normal armor and under clothing. He dried and styled his hair to where it was presentable enough then walked out into the hall a few moments later. He looked from the left to the right and, surely, she was gone. He closed his bedroom door behind him and slowly made his way off to the kings quarters, where she had mentioned where she would be. He never took her words seriously just for the fact that no matter what she said, it was his duty to be by her side. He walked through the halls till he reached the kings where-abouts , seeing her in the door way. He walked up behind her and awaited for the king to allow them entrance.

    "I told you that that won't do! If they come-" The kings Roaring voice stopped at even the littlest sound. Him and the head guard looked to the door of the war-room and the king smiled as the head guard was quick to bow at her presence. "Darling, good morning" He smiled with a shaky tone, still stirred up from what had previously been talking about. "You slept good, yes?" He asked, approaching her and kissing her head. He looked behind his daughter and at the new guard who had nodded with respect to his king. The king nodded back. "You like your new guard? Zadist is around your age so I thought it would have been better than all the older men I have been assigning you" The king said grabbing Zadist from behind the princess and pulling him to the kings side.
  9. Whenever her father yelled about, she always ignored it. Sayomi had never been good around yelling. It set her on edge. She knew more about what was going on then her or anyone else thought that she did. For a brief moment she felt her mood sink with the thought of how little everyone thought of her besides the few that were in the village that knew of who she was. "I slept well, thank you father. You on the other hand, you look like you haven't slept for days." A small smile graced her lips as he kissed her forehead. They had little contact recently between everything. When her father brought forward the guard, Zadist, she was surprised that her father asked what she thought.

    "He is a good guard, father. It is nice to have someone closer to my age. Less like they are trying to control their grandchild." She looked at the man, who she finally had a name for. She doubted she would ever hear his voice if he had one, since he didn't even verbally greet the king. "He may be a man of no words, and takes his job a bit too seriously. But, all the best do." She smiled a gentle smile as she looked at the grin spread through her father's face. He was proud of his decision, and she wasn't going to rain on his parade.

    As she shifted and anxiety took over, she felt the letter flip in her hand. She forgot the letter. Sayomi held the letter out to her father. "As per your request, I sent a letter to the prince of Nosa. He is ecstatic to come to the castle. According to this they should be present tomorrow or earliest tonight depending on conditions." She smiled and hugged him quickly. "So I need to oversee the set up. I'm not sure exactly what you want. A large party or not. Just think about it and let us know right away."

    She hugged her father as she turned to start the planning. Pausing for a moment, Sayomi and looked a stern look at her father. "Also.. I would like to go to the lavender farm in town. I will take.. Zadist.. with me." She felt weird saying his name without he himself actually telling her. "Please. Just consider it." With that she spun quickly on her heel, black hair twirling around and she walked off. As she walked, it was obvious by the sound of her steps that she was barefoot. She didn't typically enjoy shoes and didn't ware them when she didn't have to. She went to find her head maid to get things rolling on food and everything. If they didn't have a larger party, then there would little to do. Sayomi didn't want anything to do with the prince like her father wanted. She just wanted information from him like she got last time. She thought it was amazing what a guy would do for a girl that he thought he might get something from.
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