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  1. New Rayon. A city torn by two halves. The Angels and the Ghosts. Both defend the city from their own dangers. The Angels fight against demons- dark beings that don't resemble humans in any way, other than the ability to speak and their intelligence. The Ghosts fight against half-humans. Vampires. Werewolves. Creatures that have been possessed by one thing or the other.

    The two sides are mortal enemies. Neither side trusts the other, and rumours are spread about each other. They do not interact. Ever.

    But one day, a young man is found on Angel territory. He is badly beaten and is on the verge of death. The Angels take him in and attempt to nurse him back to health. He starts to recover. And then they discover a tattoo that marks him as a Ghost.

    He has no recollection of what happened to him, other than he thinks that at least one of his attackers may have been a fellow Ghost. He can't remember anything about the forty eight hours before his attack, other than he thinks he may have heard that there was a threat to the Angels. They decide to keep him alive, thinking that the Ghosts may be planning an attack on the Angels.

    What is coming is far, far worse.

    One group of the Ghosts has split. They believe that the city is rightly theirs. While the Angels and Ghosts don't get along, they accept that New Rayon is equally their territories. However, this new group believes that the Ghosts rightly own the city. They are willing to sink to any depth to get that- including joining with their enemies. The vampires. The demons. The mutilated magicians known as sorcerers. The demons. And they are willing to kill anyone who stands in their way- Ghost or Angel.

    If an outsider was to meet an Angel and a Ghost, they would perhaps prefer the Angel on first impressions. They come across as less intimidating than the Ghosts. They have evolved to heal without scarring, no matter how serious the injury, meaning that they look less like fighters. They fight in groups. No man ever goes out on his own, even if a large group may be putting themselves at risk. They cannot fight individually. They are slower and less agile than Ghosts. Most of them have the power of flight, which gave them their name. They fight with the three main elements of fire, water and air- however, few can control more than one with ease, and even fewer can control all three with ease. Fire and their reinforced weapons are the only things that can fully kill a demon.

    Some angels choose to get tattoos. If they do, they are artwork or symbolic images. They make sure never to get anything that could be confused with a Ghost.

    If a Ghost stood beside you on the train, you would be more inclined to put your hand on your bag. Many of them have scars in various places. If Angels would sit up straight at desks in the assigned chairs in, for instance, a classroom, Ghosts would be more inclined to sit on the desks, slouch on the chairs or stand leaning on the desks. They are more jumpy than Angels, due to the nature of how they fight. Ghosts prefer to fight in groups of two or three, but will fight by themselves if necessary. They are much faster and more agile than the Angels. However, it is hard to gain a Ghost's trust. They can disappear and reappear at a moment's notice, and some can phase through walls and solid objects. However, very, very few can phase one part of their body at a time. Most it's their whole body or nothing. Vampires are killed with holy water or a stake to the heart, so Ghosts have to be quick. Werewolves are easier to kill with silver weapons, but their brutal strength means that it's a good idea for Ghosts to be able to move quickly.

    Most Ghosts choose to get some form of tattoo. They go for Roman numerals, Greek letters or similar, not images.

    No GM or PP. The Hunters are still mostly human, just faster and more agile.
    Violence and romance are both allowed and encouraged, as long as it is kept, say, PG-13. Clothes come off, fade to black.

    Swearing is fine by me. Just don't go overboard.
    I'm asking for a decent level of literacy here. Good grammar and spelling, relatively well developed characters, decent sized posts. However, I'm not going to go mental if it's not exactly the level I'm used to- if you're willing to go for it, so am I.
    Stick to the type of powers given in the descriptions. If you have an idea for something but aren't sure, ask me. I don't bite.
    Keep autohitting to a minimum, but I ask that both sides are reasonable. For example, if my character jumps yours, your character probably wouldn't have time to get out of the way..
    Make your characters interesting. Allow for interesting relations​

    Age: (18-24)
    Angel or Ghost?

    Power: (For example, what element(s) does your character use if they are an Angel? (Please ask me if it's okay to go for all three) Just a summary of where their strengths lie if they're a Ghost, like if they're incredibly fast but struggle to phase or whatever.)

    Appearance: (Preferably real, but if you have one you really want to use, I'm fine with that.)
    Tattoos/Distinguishing marks:
    Personality: (Paragraph or two. Doesn't have to be too elaborate.)
    History: (Mostly their relations with their side, the others, and most importantly, how they reacted or were involved in the disappearance/treatment or the Ghost boy.)

    My Character- The Ghost Boy

    Name: Matt Hewitt
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Straight
    Angel or Ghost? Ghost
    Power: He's pretty well rounded. However, his phasing is probably his strongest aspect- he is working on trying to phase just parts of his body at a time. While he's fast, he's not that agile, and is actually a little clumsy when he's not fighting.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Tattoos/Distinguishing marks: He has a tattoo of the Roman numeral one (I) on his right arm, two (II) on his left arm, and the Greek letters alpha and omega, alpha being at the base of his neck, and omega being at the base of his spine. He also has "Dulce et Decorum est" written between his shoulder blades on his back.

    Personality: Matt is an incredibly relaxed person. He really couldn't care who you are or what you've done in the past- as long as you are good to him and the people he loves. He's the type of person that never sits properly in a chair, his legs always slung over the arm, or even just cross-legged. He's incredibly light-hearted, managing to find the good in a situation. When he loves, he loves passionately. He is the type of guy to turn up at his girlfriend's house in his pyjamas and a CD in one hand, because he found a song that made him think of her. He's an incredibly easy person to like, as everything just comes so naturally to him.

    However, Matt is innocent. He's too nice, meaning it's too easy to hurt him. When he's hurt, he doesn't turn nasty. He will hand the girl the flowers he brought her anyway, and just walk away. He will always just walk away and keep it locked up, because he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. He will keep it to himself until he can cry and yell and let it out. However, when he is angry, he is dangerous. It is the quiet danger that can simmer for weeks until he finds a way to release it. And he ensures that nobody ever hurts the people he cares about.

    History: Matt grew up learning to fight the half-humans. He was able to handle a stake by the age of seven, and killed his first vampire by himself at twelve. It never affected him, other than making him just as jumpy as the others. He was never bullied, because he got along with the bullies. He just got along with everyone. He was a decent enough fighter as well, meaning they had nothing on him. He was just there. His mother died in a hunt when he was six, so all he ever had was his father.

    Nothing changed as he reached his teens. However, he learned exactly what being a Ghost meant. As a teenager, they were expected to hunt pretty regularly. And as Matt's father was involved in the politics side of things, he saw a lot of that as well. Matt was allowed to sit in on some meetings and finish his maths homework or study for history or do whatever he had to do. However, over the past year, he was being allowed into fewer and fewer meetings. One day, he found himself wandering the halls. After that... black.

    The truth is, he walked into the wrong room, and saw all of the plans to try and take the city. His father didn't want to do it, but allowed them to attack and drug his son, leaving him for dead in Angel territory. However, all of his tattoos were covered, and so when the Angels found him, they took him in, unaware of who he was. When Matt woke up, he couldn't remember anything from the previous two days. He didn't even know what he had found something suspect.
  2. I'm intrested on this roleplay. I'll post my character soon. :)
    But one question dose any one ever cross the territory boarder, for like business/work reasons? Because I was thinking of my character's work to be involve in crossing the boarder.
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  3. It's unlikely but not impossible. If a target crossed borders, then the Hunters can cross. But in short, provisionally, yes.
  4. S T E P P I N G
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  5. (( If there's anything you want me to change let me know ))

    Ace Kwon

    Age: 18

    Sexuality: Straight

    Angel or Ghost: Ghost

    Power: Ace is very fast and has a high level of agility but not able to phase very well. He only can phase through thin walls or small objects with his whole body.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Tattoos/Distinguishing marks: Ace has a tattoo on his right side of his chest with the Roman numbers: 1(I), 3(III) and 5(V) next to each other. The numbers represent the letters of his name; 1=a 3=c 5=e.

    Personality: Ace is rather the risk taker or the typical bad boy you'll see at school or on the street. Due to his harsh past he was grown quiet numb and insensitive in general, making him quiet cold and intimidating. He's quiet suborn too. He's always strongly entitled to his opinion, he'll do anything to prove himself right, even getting aggressive over it. Ace is also extremely independent, he had trust issues and he rather to go alone than to risk being betrayed.

    However, once you started talking to him he starts to get quite friendly and chatty, if you're lucky enough he'll share all his stories and start cracking a few jokes. Although Ace can't trust anyone but he is trustworthy, you can tell him anything and keep it to yourself. If you're extremely lucky enough to be friends with Ace, he'll be the best friend you'll probably ever have. He'll do any favor you ask and will literary steal a car to drop you off to anywhere you need to go.

    History: Ace was born in a lower class family with only his parents which soon abandoned him at an orphan hedge at the age of 13, teaching himself how to hunt and live on his own with the help of his caretaker. During middle and high school he had been bullied due to being an orphan, his only friend during those times were Matt, a.k.a The Ghost Boy. When Ace was 16 he dropped out of school to work in illegal trade with the Angels and other creatures, meaning he had to cross the territory boarder a few times and work with vampires and creatures he definitely doesn't trust.

    During his trip to drop off some supplies to the Angels he over herd a couple of his co-workers talking about how they saw some leaving a body at the other territory and that's was something involving with politics or something. Ace knew that Matt's father was working with politics so after finishing his work he quickly stopped by at Matt's house but unfortunately he wasn't there. With a growing hunch about Matt being left at the Angel territory he set out to find him.
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  6. I love him! He's accepted. I might add another character depending on how we do.

    EDIT: We currently only have Ghosts, so I think I'm going to add a female Angel. I should have her up tomorrow.
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  7. Aww thanks~ ^w^ I really like him too.
  8. I'm having writers block //dies
  9. Don't worry about it. It doesn't have to be too in-depth. Once you have it in as soon as possible, that'll be cool.
  10. Before I post my sheet, I was wondering if it's alright if I took on two characters. I'd love to be a ghost, they sound interesting, but if you need more angels then I have an idea for two characters. If it's one character per person then I'll figure something out.
  11. I'm gonna quit the RP v.v sorry
  12. @Writing Owl- Nope, you can take on two.

    @Noceur- sorry to hear that. Thanks for your interest anyway.
  13. Sweet! Here're my characters!

    Name: Wren Liu

    Age: 18

    Sexuality: Straight

    Angel or Ghost? Ghost

    Power: Wren is a bit of a jack of all trades. She's average at phasing, pretty agile, though she can be fairly fast if she wants to. Most of the time she's right smack dab in the middle. Not terrible, but no prodigy.

    Show Spoiler

    Tattoos/Distinguishing marks: She has a tattoo on her ankle saying "Mihi Licent Omnia." She also has three large scars on her left shoulder. Various smaller scars litter her torso and arms, showing her different mistakes in battles. She has a tattoo on her neck of the roman numeral XIII

    Personality: Wren is a quiet girl, not talking unless she feels others would either benefit from her words or that her words might be necessary. She tends to be rash when it comes to quick decisions, making them easily. However, she often chooses the more dangerous option, leading to her various scars from her battles. Though she's rash, she doesn't trust easily. It's the one thing she doesn't take lightly. To others she may seem cold, but she does care for the few who gained her trust. She just doesn't show it well. She's slow to anger, and can be compassionate. She is respectful to most people, but it takes a lot to earn her total respect.

    History: When it comes to the other ghosts, Wren stays out of the way. She knows something is going on with a few of the ghosts, but not much more than that. She goes on missions when she can. Most of the time there's a new cut along the way. Many wonder why she's so reckless around the enemy. She refuses to tell, not wanting to talk about it. She comes from a middle class family so she lives in good conditions, enough food not too many electronics. Her parents recently got back together after a two-year divorce so the family is merging back together.

    As for the 'ghost' boy, Wren was with him a few times during fights. His general goodness about the situation left her admiring him, wishing she could think like that. Her parents were good friends with his dad, but their children never really met outside of battle. She did try to give the Ghost Boy, Matt, a smile when she could. He was cute in her opinion so at least being nice to him wouldn't hurt her too much. When she heard about the Ghost found in Angel territory, she grew worried. She would see Matt when her parents would sometimes take her around the politics building, but lately she hadn't seen him. Soon she decided that she would search for the boy, maybe cross over into Angel territory to see if he was the unfortunate kid that got stuck in their rival's territory.

    Name: Marcus Klingenshmitt

    Age: 24

    Sexuality: Straight

    Angel or Ghost? Angel

    Power: Fire, mediocre flight abilities. He can only fly for a maximum of thirty minutes before feeling extremely lightheaded.

    Show Spoiler

    Tattoos/Distinguishing marks: None

    Personality: Marcus is a very kind man. He may not look it, but he's a big teddy bear. A sucker for kids, Marcus is a very paternal person, longing to take care of others and protect them. He also likes to fight, but prefers to be on the medical field. Marcus is patient, slow to anger and sympathetic to most hurt creatures. He trusts a bit too easily, but knows that the world is not black and white. He's optimistic and idealistic, liking to look on the bright side of things. Generally peaceful, Marcus is a wall when it comes to emotions. Few things faze him. He's a sweet guy who sometimes is a bit too laid back. Most others can walk right over him, and he's generally a huge pushover. He tends to be self-conscious and often double guesses his decisions.

    History: Marcus grew up with a warrior as a father and a doctor as a mother. He knew from the get go that he wanted to do both, loving his little wrestling matches with his dad, and watching his mom sometimes when she helped the neighborhood kids. So, he studied to be a doctor. Getting through school was a pain, but he managed to get through four years so far. He has seven years left until he can start his first official job as a doctor. In the community, he helps his mother out when needed.

    When the Ghost boy was first found, he was one of the people who helped the doctors when they were working on him. He got to see first hand some of the things the kid went through which made his poor little heart ache. Seeing he was a ghost didn't change any part of that fact. He was just a kid in his mind. Hearing that it was other Ghosts that attacked the kid made him wonder just who would do that to a sweet kid like the Ghost. He often likes to visit the Ghost kid to make sure that he's healing well and brings the boy soup when he has the chance. His mother had always told him that soup was the best cure for a hurt soul!
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  15. Name: Natalie Winchester, but she generally goes by Lee.
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: She identifies as straight, but only because she has only ever liked guys. She freely admits that she could fall head over heels for a girl or anyone at any stage.
    Angel or Ghost? Angel.
    Power: Lee was born with the affinity for fire and air. However, she is pushing herself to try and develop the ability to manipulate water, as she believes it could be a hidden ability. Her biological father was a fire and water manipulator, and her biological mother was an air manipulator, so it is therefore entirely reasonable that she also inherited the ability to manipulate the third element. Air is slightly harder for her to manipulate than fire, but achievable nonetheless. She can fly, although she prefers to run anywhere.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Standing at a mere 5'4" in her bare feet, Lee is, regardless, not someone you would particularly want to cross. While her body is small, she is lean and muscular from years of training. While she is far from bulky, one look at her and you could probably guess that she could probably swing you over her shoulder and carry you in a fireman's lift like you were merely a bag. Her eyes constantly glimmer with the same danger that her body holds.

    Tattoos/Distinguishing marks: She has a feather tattooed on either shoulderblade, and a soaring hawk's silhouette above her heart.

    Personality: Lee is not someone you would try to attack in a dark alley. She could probably flip you over her shoulder, knee you in the groin, hit three other pressure points, and knock you out without even smudging her make-up. Size is nothing to her. She has been known to yell at guys three times her size- and for them to back down. Lee is extremely dangerous. She is liable to hold a fistful of flames to a guy's face and threaten to set his entire body alight just so he'll tell her where someone went. And these threats are not empty. Lee is cold, and would walk away from a burning body and think nothing more of it. Killing a person to her would just be something that happened, like ordering a coffee or missing a bus. She could pack her bags and disappear in the morning- and you'd find it hard to ever find her again.

    Beneath all of this, Lee is scared. She's scared of being alone, but she's scared of letting people in at the same time. She's been hurt by people before, which is why she's slow to trust. When someone manages to work their way into her heart, she would burn down the city to protect them. Very few people manage this. It's hard to even get close enough for her to look back as she walks away. Unfortunately, to stop people from getting too close and hurting her, she will resort to... Desperate measures.

    History: Lee, despite what some would think upon meeting her and learning her personality, had a fantastic childhood. She was brought up as an only child, spoiled rotten. She was going to be a lady, a diplomat. She was not going to go out killing demons- she was going to be nice and safe. And, ironically, it was in their nice safe home that both of her parents died when she was seven, when some dodgy wires sparked and set fire to the entire house. Even her fire manipulator father died. She ended up on the streets, fending for herself. She met a boy, ten years older than her. He took her in and looked after her. He taught her to fight, taught her how to use her powers, and generally taught her how to survive. She didn't just survive- she thrived. Nobody expected this small, teenage girl to be so dangerous. The guy that had found her hadn't even expected her to adapt so well.

    She was fourteen when she met his brother, who was three years older than her. They became fast friends, and she ended up falling for him.
    A few months passed, and she never said anything. The night she decided she was going to tell him, he drugged her. The gang that had practically raised her all disappeared. Just like that. She knew how they had probably done it, but didn't have the heart to try and find him. Another rich couple took her in, but they couldn't fix her. She was a trained killer, so they simply let her loose on all the demons she could handle. Which was usually however many she could find in a night. What they did teach her, however, was how to appear different. How to fool people into thinking that she was weak. How to make them think she wasn't going to hurt them. They also introduced her to the politics- which may have been a mistake, as she learned how to get her voice heard.

    She was on a hunt when she and two of her friends found the Ghost boy. Not that she knew he was a Ghost. She had her suspicions, but decided to help him anyway.
  16. I'm sorry it took so long for me to post, I didn't notice that the thread had started up.
  17. Sorry I didn't post for a while as well, I had a rough and busy week.
  18. Don't worry about it- I get how it is at times.
  19. {WIP}

    Age- Nineteen
    Sexuality- Bisexual
    Angel or Ghost- Angel

    Power- An excellent flier, Victoria flies almost everywhere she goes. She thinks of it as a bigger advantage. She is also good at manipulating water, but that is the only element she can manipulate.

    Tattoos/Distinguising Marks- A pair of wings located on her back. Normally able to be seen peeking out at the hem of her shirts; 'Love' written in cursive against her coller bone


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  20. I'm interested. ^^ I'll try to get my character up tomorrow, but I have a lot of errands and stuff to do, so maybe the next day. xP
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