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Strange previews from correct BB codes?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ray, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. I apologize because I can't give you a screen shot but we'll see how this goes. I like to use colored fieldsets and pictures when I'm roleplaying but just recently, a strange preview has popped up that separates the fieldsets from each other when all my work is inside the fieldsets as needed. It's because I'm separating my paragraphs into two sections but that has never been a problem with the BB codes/fieldset before. What's going on? .__.
  2. Is it happening only in the preview and then posting okay? If NOT, you can link me to a post where the code is fucking up and I will prolly be able to spot where the problem is. O_O
  3. Well, I was making a new thread. I redid everything and apparently it's fine now... I don't know what happened but it was just strange. If this does happen again though, I'll let you know.