Strange Occurrence in Celestial Kingdom

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  1. Setting: Celestial Kingdom ~ A proud kingdom of a castle and Tudor style village surround it. Beautifully crafted buildings and a large castle brings a dream-like aura around this quiet setting. A "golden age" has made this kingdom rich, it's main export being lumber from the forest blanketing the landscape around it. There are a few neighboring villages or towns along the forest paths.

    Crime has been steadily decreasing since the new King (14 years on the throne) came to power, the King making swift judgement come to those who break the laws. His people seem to be living happily in the comfort of the Kingdom. In the past year there are rumors of an assassin lurking the streets of Celestial Kingdom. More and more people are found murdered and a black ribbon tied around their right wrist. He is known throughout the large kingdom as " The Shadoweaver" because as quickly as he comes, he is gone. The only evidence of his existence is the ribbon tied to the right wrists of his victims. The mark is called "The Black Stripe" - signaling another death has occurred by The Shadoweaver.

    It's as if he wants to be caught, mocking the guards and commoners because he has yet to be found. Along with this Black Stripe, there have come questions of where he lives and if he plans on rallying a guild of some sort. Since his arrival, crime has slowly been increasing along with poisoned killings as well as an art to breaking the law. It seems someone is showing the criminals how to steal - not just going in blind anymore and hoping they receive a reward.
  2. Lately the Kingdom has had quite a bit of crime, Lily's father had been trying to keep the townspeople under the impression that they were going to find this so-called "Shadoweaver" and make him pay for all that he has done in their beautiful Celestial Kingdom. Knowing it wasn't true, her father kept Lily locked up in the castle everyday, only letting her out to the gardens once a day to get some air. It was suffocating, yet she couldn't argue with either the King or even her older brother who was extremely overprotective of her, since their mother passed away six years ago due to an incurable illness. A few hours had passed and soon the Kingdom was covered by the dark night that had come upon them. The knights were at their posts to make sure that the assassin, who had been terrorizing the town, wouldn't be able to sneak into the castle to try and murder any of the royal family. Sitting in the darkness of her room, Lily heard a knock at the door to see her brothers' head peeking inside. "Rondell?" She questioned. "Just coming to say goodnight to you. Don't stay up too late, we are having a party tomorrow night." Rondell said before closing the door again to head off to his own room. Sighing heavily, Lily slipped under the covers of her bed to go to sleep.
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    The Shadoweaver, wearing his usual skin tight leather attire sneaks through the village. He doesn't use the cobbled streets as many do. Thinking it lesser of a skilled Rogue such as himself to be seen down there by commoners, he has his own prowling ground above the streets. The rooftops, where the air is crisp and above the smells of the town. Tonight, he thought he would have some fun for himself. Nothing is better then terrorizing some of the guards as they keep watch outside the castle walls. Unlike most assassins, The Shadoweaver doesn't resist killing if there is no pay involved. This man will stop at nothing, if he feels threatened then with a flick of a wrist someone is squirming on the ground in a pool of their own blood. No one knows his story but he seems to know everyone's, hearing the gossip from his rooftop canopy.

    As he makes his way from rooftop to rooftop in the southern edge of the town, he knows that the further north he travels, the more guards will be stationed both on the rooftops and the castle walls. Wouldn't it be great to one day make it over the other side of that looming stone wall? The thought tickles him and he even lets out a sardonic laugh, thinking of the chaos that would follow. Assassin beating the guards at their own game. No. That would be a death sentence waiting to happen. Still, living life on the edge is what The Shadoweaver does best.

    Without even thinking about it anymore, he breaks into a run, using the rooftops as his advantage. His personal playground. One thing he has but rarely wears is a cape, he feels it's only another tassel for his opponent to grab onto. It could only end in his capture and later hanging. Other then that, his shoulders are covered by ribbed leather shoulderpads. An assortment of weapons are strapped in two different belts across his waist. One set is various types of bombs, smoke and shrapnel being the most prominent. The other are his throwing knives, a medium sized dagger as well as a longsword.

    As he reaches the north side of the town, the breath easily spilling from his mouth as he leaps and bounds through his playground, he stops as the first guard comes into view. He slows down his steps and is sure to drop to the ground when the guards' gaze is turning in his direction. Within a blink of an eye, he is back on his silent feet, creeping towards the unsuspecting guard. It's an easy kill, a clean slit to the throat, the gloved hand muffling any screams he may have. The plated body drops to the side of the building and The Shadoweaver lightly pushes him off to the ground below.

    "A prize for your kind to find in the morning." He whispers to the wind, his gaze settling on the stonewall of the castle once again. It was only the beginning to a long night of him throwing stones near or even at some guards, making them paranoid and shout out into the blackness of the night.

    Tomorrow. He reminds himself, the inch or so of hair left on top of his head being taken by a passing breeze. Tomorrow I will give the royal family a run for their money. He has heard stories of Lily but he thinks that it's time to give her a ribbon of her own. There will be no death, or blood, just fear. The Shadoweaver wishes for the King to tremble, seeing his eyes through his daughters'.
  4. The King was in his dining room of his castle with several of his advisers, worried about his and his family's lives, because of the recent murders committed by the Shadoweaver. At first, he thought it was just a common person killing people just for the pleasure of killing. The King soon found out that wasn't the case especially when he heard that some of his guards were starting to be killed off as if the Shadoweaver was trying to attempt to climb over the wall of the castle to get to them. It scared each and every day, afraid of losing his children or his children losing him as well. They had spent all night speaking of new ways to increase the safety of the castle before they all went off to bed.

    The next morning, Lily woke to the head maid coming into the bedroom with a tray of food for breakfast before speaking. "Miss Lily, you're breakfast is ready. Don't forget you will be with your brother today. You'll finally go into town, but only for today, your father said." The head maid went over to the windows opening the curtains, only for Lily to cover her head with the blankets. "Though I am happy to be going out finally, I'd love more if you didn't open the curtains like that every morning.." Lily replied as she slowly uncovered herself and got out of bed to eat breakfast. "With that attitude of yours, no man would want to marry you. And I will not, a lady is never to stay in a bed all day. Your mother didn't even though she was very ill."

    After she retorted, she left out of the bedroom for Lily to eat and then get ready for the day. Slipping into a long white dress, Lily ran a brush over her long brunette hair that stopped just above her lower back as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror with her bright blue orbs. Unlike most women with the same age and status as her, she was raised quite differently because of her brother. Rondell was exactly twelve years older than her and as she grew up, he had taught her how to protect herself even in the most dangerous situations. When he felt she was ready, he had given her a gift, a small dagger that she kept underneath her dressed at all times.

    The moment she got up from her vanity chair, the doors swung open with a loud slam to see that Rondell was standing there with two guard beside him. "Are you ready, Lily?" He asked. Nodding, she walked out of the room with all three men as they made their way out of the castle and towards the town to get a few new things that they probably needed or wanted. She was really happy to be out of the castle, yet it was only going to be once and she wanted to make the most of it.
  5. After his fun, the Shadoweaver stalked above on the rooftops to rendezvous with a few of his close followers. He reaches the East edge of the forest, making sure that no one could see him climb silently down to the ground. With a hop, step, and a jump, he lands on the ground, rolling with the tumbling weight of his body. Within a blink of an eye, he makes his way behind a few barrels, seeming to disappear to anyone who might have seen the human figure bound from the rooftops. Once the coast is clear, he crouches and makes his way to the outer treeline and into the forest to meet up with a group of bandits, assassins and traitors alike. He informs them of the increased security and the locations near the wall that are now heavily guarded. Patrols now regularly have rounds, being on the lookout for any suspicious activity. The Shadoweaver recommends that some members move on - those who he knows are not skilled enough to handle the increase. They are loyal and will listen to him, that much he is sure. He is still known as Shadoweaver amongst even his closest allies or by other aliases alike.

    The next day, the Shadoweaver wakes up in the safety of his own home. The black leather garb was locked away in utter most security long with the belts and bombs. He lives in a one bedroom apartment overlooking one of the various sidestreets on the southwest side of town. He is known by Leotritus -or Leo- while he is not stalking around in the cover of night. During the day he scouts out, on the filthy floor, contacts. Anyone who needs a problem taken care of knows to go to Leo - all they have to do is find the red door.

    Leo dresses himself in tight fitting cloth pants, pulling his brown boots and an azure colored tunic. During the night, he is masked, only his amber eyes being seen in the slit offered from the tight hood and mask. He places the worn leather belt around his waist, only having his sword attached. Today, he thought, he would walk around and hear the gossip on the street. No one knows even knows what hair color the Shadoweaver has so Leo doesn't worry about covering his head with a hood or hat.

    While weaving through the streets, hearing the talk be of the recent guard killings and harassment of the previous venture. The small smile comes across Leo's face as he makes his way to the market, grabbing an apple off one of the stands and hiding his actions quite well. To anyone looking, he just passed the stall, cradling a fresh green apple behind him for a moment only to swap hands and bring it up to his mouth. He chews delightfully on the apple, savoring the crisp and surprisingly sour taste. It wasn't every day that a shipment of this caliber came to Celestial Kingdom.
  6. Finally making it to the streets of the town, Rondell had walked off with one of the guards to another side of town, while Lily walked with her guard down the walkway. She didn't exactly want anything, it was nice being out that was all that she needed or wanted out of this one time pleasure. Noticing the market nearby, she made her way pass several of the people to look at all the fresh produce and products that were brought to market recently. "Miss Lily, we shouldn't travel to far from the castle." The guard announced her, but she shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Don't worry, we'll be back home in a few hours. It'll be okay." The guard seemed on edge about the how issue because he had to watch her while making sure that the Shadoweaver wasn't around, even though they didn't know what he looked like.

    The Shadoweaver had already killed several guards that past night, so everyone was cautious about every thing they did or who they talked to. Well everyone except Lily, it seemed that they would always withhold information from her because they felt that she wouldn't understand what was going on, because she was a woman. It bothered her knowing that was the main reason, but she got used to it since she tended to find out things all on her own. Going up to the older woman, who owned the market, Lily negotiated a price for a certain about of fruit that she'd be buying. Thanking the older woman, she waved to her as she held the bag of fruit in her hands, heading towards the local orphanage.

    It was common, when she was out, for her to go to the orphanage since she understood what it meant to lose your family. The children enjoyed playing with her and telling her new things they've learned while she was away. At least, it's good know that the Shadoweaver doesn't hurt children. She thought as she was greeted by the childre, handing each one a piece of fruit that she had just bought moments ago.
  7. Leo, enjoying the apple thoroughly, catch the glint of armor from Rondell's guard. The sun was up and it was past mid day, soon it would dip under the horizon and he could continue his private assault on the city. Even though the commoners don't know he is the Shadoweaver, the less he is seen by a royal member, or guard for that matter, the better. He curses to himself, quickly sidestepping through one of the gaps between the stalls, pretending to check out one of the various vases set on the wooden table.

    "You like?" Says the tradesman with a thick Eastern accent, hardly comprehensible to anyone but Leo has trained his eyes to read lips. The years of eavesdropping have served him well. He nods his head, pointing to various bowls or tall vases and asking pointless information that he has heard people ask before. Everyone, after all, learns how to live and interact off of one another. Even if he did want to buy one of these various crafts, he hardly carries money on him. After wasting the mans time, his eyes constantly glancing up and around for the unique glint of plate armor, he bids his farewell to the tradesman. Making a false promise that one day he will come back and buy one of the deluxe crafts.

    He slips through the stalls and finds himself facing the orphanage where Lily is giving away fruit slices and talking with the various aged children. The matron stands by the door, beaming as she keeps an eye on the little ones as they run around and play. For that moment, Leo finally sees the royalty, in his eyes, doing something kind. All they ever do, to his standards, are tax and swindle prices so they gain more profit. They say it's for the good of the Kingdom, one that if flourishing, but Leo doesn't believe them. He never believes anything any higher ranking man tells him even though he might make an impression that he understands or even accepts it. But, it's all in a sense of false politeness. This is, of course, when he is Leo and not The Shadoweaver. No one would force their views on him with an arsenal of knives and weapons strapped to his hips. Lilly may feel eyes staring at her, Leo leaning up against the market stall warily watching.
  8. Crouching down to the heights of some of the children, Lily listened with a sweet smile as they all told her about things that had either done or learned lately. She knew that they all wanted a family and sometimes she wished she could take them all home with her, but of course her father wouldn't approve of such actions. Excusing herself from the children, she made her way over to the matron to talk inside with her. After several minutes, they came back out with the matron almost crying with a smile on her face. It was largest gift that Lily had given to the orphanage so far. Waving goodbye to everyone, she said she'd be back as soon as she could, walking with her guard next to her the entire time.

    Deciding to rest a bit after walking and being up for some time now, Lily took a seat on the side of one of the fountains built in the town. Looking up at the guard, it annoyed her to be followed by someone all the time, so she came up with an idea to make him leave her alone for a while. "I'm gonna sit here for a while, but I really need something and I'm too exhausted to go get, so you mind going?" She questioned, looking up at him with almost pleading eyes. The guard looked as if he was conflicted, but soon gave into her. Promising to stay where she was, he left her to the closest fabric shop to look for what she had wanted. "Finally.." She said out loud to herself as she ran her fingers through the cool, refreshing water of the fountain.
  9. Leo had no doubt that this girl, listening to the children with that big smile on her face, was indeed the Princess he wanted so badly to give a black stripe, showing even the royal family that not even the highest of walls could stop him from entering. He wouldn't kill the royal family, unless payed a very, very, hefty sum of money. For him, he believes that he could easily assassinate the king but that would put someone worse in charge. He couldn't allow himself to ruin the kingdom - they were after all in an economic boom, making it easy for a thief and assassin like him to sit on a mound of coin and riches.

    Thoughts rampage through his mind as he turns his body when Lily and her guard move. Once he leaves her sitting at the fountain alone, he has to force himself not to jump too quickly at her. Should I dare go over there and talk with her? What if she recognizes my voice when I give her the black ribbon. It's going to happen tonight. Rumors are that she likes to take an evening stroll in the garden and from the rooftops, he can easily peek over the wall to see the layout. There is the far left corner covered in foliage - an easy hiding spot.

    Gathering up the strength, he rotates his apple in his hand before taking another bite out of it and moving over to the fountain. He clears his throat after swallowing the white apple inside. "Would I be disturbing you if I sat at this here fountain too?" He asks, masking his true voice with a sort of Eastern accent, doing his best to mimic the vendor who he talked with earlier. It was one of his own making - half sounding of this Kingdom and half sounding Eastern. He stands before her, not moving a muscle before she either allows him to sit or tells him to get lost.
  10. Enjoying her quiet time by the fountain, a shadow appeared near her as she was looking down, only for her to bring her eyes up to the male who was standing near her. Hearing his question, she showed him a quick grin before saying "I wouldn't be bothered at all." She scooted over a bit for the male to sit down, not expecting forgetting that he could be the possible Shadoweaver, yet she got the feeling that even in the daylight he wouldn't risk showing himself. As she was sitting there, she glanced towards him a couple of times and then asked "It seems as though you're not originally from here. Do you like the town?" Lily tended to be a bit curious about everything and everyone.
  11. Leo smiles with his mouth, his eyes looking calculated for a second as he studies her figure and features deeply. Reaching out a hand, he touches the stone with his fingertips before scooting onto the hot stone of the summer day. The air is a bit humid, having sweat stick to Leo's temples and neck. He puts on quite a performance, looking around and acting as if he were amazed at his surroundings. Amber eyes look from one building to the other, having his gaze rest on Lily finally after moments of tiring 'searching' and 'awing'. But, like the assassin he is, he makes sure to sit in a spot where the glare is intense, making it hard for Lily to see his face. He wouldn't risk being seen completely, the sun's shadow shielding his dominating facial features.

    "It is a beautiful city with a fine market and I am sure a great ruler." The words come softly from his accented mouth as he silently curses himself internally for lavishing praise upon the royalty of the Kingdom. "I couldn't help but notice you have one of the guards with you - walking. Even where I come from that means you must be important to someone. They would have to pay the guard to ... well, guard you." He chuckles before taking another bite of his apple but as his teeth are sinking into the fruit, he pauses. Before too much of his mouth covers the rare green fruit, he offers the half eaten apple to Lily.

    "Would you like a bite? It's by far the best one I have ever had." He outstretches his arm and offers the succulent item between his thumb and pinky finger. "But, of course, I saw you giving them to the children. A lot of them to the children. You -must- be a part of the castle in order to give so generously. What..." His words faultier and fall from his mouth, his gaze looking from her to the direction of the castle. He slowly rolls his tongue over his lips as he trails off in his statement.
  12. Trying to look at the male, who had taken a seat next to her, Lily tried everything to get a better look at him. But of course, she had no success because of sun being right behind him and her light colored eyes couldn't handle so much light, so she kept her head down to keep from hurting her eyes. Listening to him speak about her father, she couldn't help laughing to herself, thinking he didn't know very much. "Not trying to offend the King, but he's a novice compared to his father. The former King did so much more for the Kingdom that's what made me proud to say I lived in such a Kingdom." Then hearing him go on about him seeing a guard with her, she shrugged her shoulders and replied. "Not as important as you'd think, though I'd like to change that someday." As she finished speaking, she noticed that sound of something being bitten into and quickly noted that it was an apple that he had, when he offered some to her.

    "Oh no thank you. I'm quite full from breakfast." Letting him speak again, she thought it was a little odd that he was watching her as she was giving out fruit to the children of the orphanage, but then again this man seemed odd in general to her. "Being part of the castle doesn't mean I have to give things so generously. I just enjoy the company of children and I try my best to make their lives in the orphanage better until they are of age to leave or they find a new family they can be apart of." Looking up from the ground, Lily could see her guard in the distance with the item, she requested. Seeing him only made her sigh in disappointment that he was back so soon. "You better get going or else you'll be accused of being 'The Shadoweaver'." She told the male, before flashing him a smile and gesturing to him that he should go quickly.
  13. Leo couldn't help but smirk, knowing that Lily was doing everything in her power to get a good look at him but the sun is blocking her vision. He pretends not to notice her for a little bit, being immersed in the new environment. His mouth hangs half open, gazing around at the shopkeepers and buildings. A baker comes through with loaves of bread stacked high on a cart, wishing to start selling them. "The former King better a better one 'den this one? Well! What is this current King doing that is so unlike his father?"

    The apple in his hand recoils to his mouth, another sweet bite taken. "Suit yourself." He mutters, glancing at the guard right when she starts to speak of him. When she talks of The Shadoweaver, Leo cannot help but grin foolishly. His chest feels weightless, knowing that his actions already cloud the royal family. "The Shadoweaver?" He orchestrates his curiosity well, tilting his head, his voice even moving up in tone as he asks his question. Before he can get another word out, he knows the guard is closing in, quickening in pace to see a random civilian sitting with the Princess. Within a blink of an eye he takes off into the crowed, following the cart full to the brim with bread. Perhaps Leo even steals a loaf or two for his fellow mates.

    He quickly makes his way to the rooftop, the small tingle of fear fading throughout his veins as he knows his safety up here. Being a truly talented thief, he makes sure to skip into an alleyway and make his ascent there. He lies on his back, hugging two loaves of bread, dropping the apple core along the way. The smile fills his face and he even lets out a chuckle of air as he thinks to himself, You'll get yours tonight, Princess. Tonight I swear.

    The day turns into night and soon The Shadoweaver is back where he feels most safe, on the rooftops of the Kingdom. Due to a complication with his thief mates, having to spring one from jail, he couldn't make it to the garden at sunset. From his horizon of vision, he now sees his chance to get over the wall and into the gardens. That will only be the beginning though, he will have to climb walls, pick off guards and hide the bodies if he is to gain access to the rooftop adjacent to her window. From there its an easy two or three steps of wall hugging before slipping into her room. The plan is set and The Shadoweaver makes his move, running as fast as he can to vault over the street onto the rock wall of the castle. His fingers burn as he works his way up the jagged stones, unseen by the cloak of night.
  14. Watching the back of the man disappear into the distance, Lily's guard comes up to her, trying to catch his breath once he made it to her. "M'lady, you know you shouldn't talk to strange people. What if that was 'The Shadoweaver'?" Getting up from the fountain edge, she shrugged her shoulders and reply. "If it was him, I hope he got as much information as he wanted about me or my family." The guard shook his head at her as she spoke before noticing Rondell and his guard walking towards them with a number of items that her brother had gotten from around the town. Talking for a little bit, the two siblings and their guards walked back to the castle to finish their day with dinner.

    Arriving at the castle, Lily went up to her bedroom with the fabric that she had sent for earlier, before throwing it onto the bed. Finding a tie nearby, she quickly pulled her hair up and then switched out of the long dress into something a little more comfortable, a button down white shirt tucked inside of the brown fitting slacks she had put on. As she was finishing, the head maid walked into the room and all that left her lips was a loud gasp as she looked at the Princess. "Lily! A woman should never wear such atrocious clothes especially when she is about to have dinner with her family!" The moment those words left her mouth, you could see the young female's head drop in annoyance from what she was hearing. Ignoring the maids' comment, she made her way down to the dining area, only to be greeted by her family as she took a seat at the table to eat. Dinner was normal. Small talk, here and there. Finishing up everything on her plate, she excused herself from the room to go back to her own.

    Closing the door behind her, she could see that the maid had taken her fabric from her room, probably to make something new out of it. The bedroom was now engulfed in darkness from change of day to night, but the night was most relaxing to Lily, because of how tranquil it was. No sounds, except those of nature. Opening the doors to her small balcony, she lifted herself up onto the railing of the balcony with her back against the wall of the castle, her legs pulled up to her chest. The beautiful starry night was the best part and the moon was magnificent like any other night. This was what Lily waited for every day. Unbeknownst to her, there was someone lurking in the darkness of the castle making their way up to her.
  15. The Shadoweaver pulls himself to the lip of the castle wall, poking his head above the battlements to see the position of the pacing guards. Within a moment, his arms start to hurt and he has his plan. Within a blink of an eye, he grabs a guard as he passes, quickly snapping his neck before dragging him across the lip to fall to the floor. There would be many deaths tonight as The Shadoweaver makes his way across the walls, picking the guards off one by one. Soon he is crawling up the lip of the tower next to Lily's room. He pauses, his heart thumping loudly in his head, his blood getting ready for the excitement this night is to hold.

    I have to make sure that there are no personal maids or whoever in there when I enter. Go to sleep, Princess. Enough time for me to lock your doors once I slip into that room of yours.

    And so the cat stalks his prey, sliding on his belly up to the lip of the roof, watching her from across the way. He knows that he could easily jump onto her balcony from here, looking at the way the castle architecture makes a "C" around one of the many courtyards to attach with the tower she resides in. He waits and waits for Lily to have enough of the summer air. He rest his elbows on the shingled roof and wraps the black fabric around his hand, smooth and deadly as always. Knowing that he needs to buy more fabric, he will soon take a trip to a faraway city, cause some chaos there, leave a few black ribbons after he has bought and cut them, to scare that village. It all seems to work out nicely.
  16. Taking in a few more minutes of the night sky, Lily could feel her eyes becoming heavy, telling her that it was time to lay down and sleep. Slipping off the railing of the balcony, she stretched a little bit as she walked back into her room, before closing and locking the doors of balcony. Not even bothering to change her clothes, Lily laid down on top of the bed, yawning while looking up at the ceiling. She was happy that she had seen the children of the orphanage, but it would be a long time before she would be able to see them again. Yet she hoped that soon this whole 'Shadoweaver' issue will be stopped soon, that way she'd be able to go out into the town more often to see them and be able to enjoy actually wandering in the town. Soon all the thoughts that were running through her mind ceased to exist as she slipped into slumber on top of her bed, not even bothering to get under the covers.
  17. The Shadoweaver taps his fingers on the rooftop, counting the minutes as they pass. Hearing shouting voices of a few guards as they -think- they see The Shadoweaver but it turns out to just be a bird hopping about on a stonewall. "Fools." He breathes, shaking his head before slipping onto the slant closer to Lily's window. Crawling up off of his belly, he crouches and slides down the rooftop, easily vaulting over the gap and landing gracefully on the railing. Using the momentum, he silently hops from the balcony ledge and slips, like a shadow, right to the wall next to the doors. Through the warped glass, The Shadoweaver tries to make out the interior of the room.

    From what he can make out, he vaguely sees a dresser, table, nighstand... and of course the covered bed. His eyes move to the task in front of him, unlocking the balcony window. A knife slides from his belt into his calling hand as he starts to tweak the blade between the two panels of the door. You would think a castle could be more secure - but again... no one would be attacking the Princess' room from the window. His devilish smile turns dark as he hears the pins of the lock click, the door could now be opened. With ease, he turns the handle down, returning the knife to its resting place in his belt as he crouches into the room.

    Once standing, he closes the door and actually pulls on the handle as he pushes with his other hand, making it easily click back in place as silently as possible. He has more control that way. Within the next few seconds he is at her main door, locking the bolts slowly as well. With the dirty work done, now comes the fun. The Shadoweaver creeps over to the Princess' bed, pulling up his mask and draping his hood over his face. His gloved hand comes to her left arm, carefully lifting it as he loops the black ribbon around her wrist, making sure its tight and wont go anywhere soon. If she should wake, his hand quickly moves to her mouth, muffling any screams she may want to utter out. If not, he would do the same thing, cover her mouth and wake her up, wanting her to see him and feel him on her skin. The Shadoweaver is no figment of imagination. He is real.
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  18. As Lily was sleeping, she could feel something either on her or touching her. Lily was actually a light sleeper, any loud noise or anything that touched her would wake her in a few moments. The feeling around her wrist was starting to bother her, her eyes fluttered slowly until they were completely open. Turning her head, she found herself looking up at a male trying to tie a black ribbon around her wrist. Not being loud, she then began to speak in a low voice. "So you're the Shadoweaver... It'll be easier if you'd just kill me." She said as she rolled out of her bed to get away from him. "Just a ribbon will be easy for me to slip off.." She finished as she looked towards him, folding her arms across her chest, waiting to see what he'd do. If he killed her that would be a big mistake, but if he decided against it, then she would be curious of why he didn't.

    (Sorry it's so short. I'm currently distracted.)
  19. "I am he." The Shadweaver tells her confidently, his voice sounding as crisp as a winter morning. Perhaps even as cold as one in his tone too. Not rounding the bed yet, his eyes glinting in the light. "I am surprised at you, Princess." He tells her in a light tone, seeming as if it were funny, "You speak strongly with your head held high. I was expecting a fight from you but here we are. Your turf and your rules. Just know this," He cautions her with a long pause, lifting up a hand and a pointed finger, "You scream or call for help and you -will- die." The exposed blade comes up into the shimmering light through the glass, catching the reflection as he turns it. He means to scare her.

    When she tells him she can easily slip the ribbon off, he chuckles, "Smart girl too. Of course you can easily slip the ribbon off or cut it for all I care. But what you can't destroy is the thought that I killed ruthlessly to get here and I -am- here. No security is too much for me, I can always find my way around. The more guards your precious father deploys, the more deaths he will have on his hands. Bloody hands can be washed but never forgotten."

    The sound of his boots hit the wooden floor and soon the rug as he rounds the bed, knowing she will most likely crawl over it to be on the opposite side of him. "I'm being kind right now - giving your family only a black stripe and not a funeral for their beloved Princess. You're curious are you not? My hand is itching to let this blade free from my grasp but I am resisting." He even lowers the blade, standing tall but if Lily is observant she could tell that he is on the balls of his feet. He is waiting for her to make a move, start to scream or call for help. This pause he has offered her is not for comfort but a painstaking moment where he still has his two choices to keep her living or to kill her, letting the true nature of the black stripe be fulfilled.
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  20. Lily let him talk continuously, already noting that he was arrogant and very proud of the things he's done, as she moved over to her table by the bed. Slipping her hand into the drawer of it quietly, pulling out one of the knives that her brother had given here a few years before. With her hands behind her, she watched as he began to walk around the bed to get closer to her. "I don't see the issue, you'd probably end up killing one of us soon enough.. A man who hides in the shadows and kills innocent people, I don't care what my father does, but I don't see how you are any better." She said. Lily wasn't really afraid because she knew that sooner or later that someone would try to kill her to break her father.

    Walking up closer to him only a few inches away, she looked up at him up and down, thinking about how brave he was. She smirked at him, but she couldn't keep her mouth shut. "It's your choice. You'll scare my father either way, but you won't scare me. Since all I see is a coward.." The only regret that she would have is not living a longer life and helping the orphanage as much as she would have if she died. Stepping away from him, she threw the knife on the bed before laughing. To her it was useless, he was well-trained and could mostly likely stop her in a moment if she attacked him.
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