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Name: Mintolc Sun Fernandez
Title: "Braizer" Or referred to by Carlos as "The know it all no sabo"
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 14
Race: Human (Afro-Latino)
Voice ref:
Litteraly anytime kumo kyun talks in this vid.

Sexuality: Straight
Crush/Relationship: none as of current

Weapon name: Kunai
Weapon description: Durable ninja knife it's throwable and he is quite accurate... Kinda pointless since its a toy.

Semblance/Power name: Sola
Semblance/Power info: Sun radiation causes cool energy powers it would be stronger but unfortunately my sola is contained in my halo but hey at least I can use my halo and combat precision to teleport around and stuff.

Color: Orange
Logo: S.A.O
Fandom: Orginal character

Appearance: White and black poorly drawn boy he is 4'8 and a pretty small guy.

Physical and Mental Troubles: Poorly drawn is pretty skinny so he isn't that strong but he is pretty fast. He has an eye ability that is used to do short-distance teleports using it without being actively attacked causing him to have a small chance of losing his sanity. Otherwise, this character has a lot of self-hatred and doubt.

Personality/Persona: Mint is a pretty cocky dude and also extremely lazy he is forced to work as a sort of police officer in his world but he gets bored and uses his halo to travel new ones for more interesting experiences.

Notes/History: This oc is 7 years old now and went through a lot of changes but I wanted to try him out in a roleplay so here we are.
Um.atm it kinda doesnt fit in sorry to say
Hmm. This looks like it could be fun, but I'm afraid the majority of my OCs (and the few canon picks I am confident in playing, which isn't many), probably wouldn't work here.
Who are the few canon picks you ARE confident in playing though? You may never knew, you could make them fit in the RP somehow
Well, there's Sephiroth--who I've written before--and Alex Mercer from the Prototype games, but neither of those really fit the setting. At least not without breaking it. If not based on the fact that they're either villains or live in much darker worlds, then on the fact that they have way too much power at their disposal even if they do play nice, rendering a lot of potential PvE moot.

There's also Nyarlathotep, but again, doesn't really work. I mean I guess I could go the avatar route but it's still an eldritch deity at the end of the day. One who likes driving people insane at that. The only other canon characters that spring to mind at the moment would be either HUNK (aka Human Unit Never Killed) from Resident Evil, and Malenia. But the former is straight up an antagonist, while the latter is a living plague.
I have Doctor Strange, comic version. The guy can rewrite universes, destroy dimensions and go toe to toe with multiversal level beings. He's busted asf, and his magic is....VERY different from the RWBY Power System, and yes it breaks the system completely. There's things he can do that isn't possible AT ALL in the universe. But as Caleem said, he doesn't have all his powers, you can do the same with whatever OC you like. Dr. Strange is over 5 thousand years but his physical body is still of a 18 year old. That kind of change could make some interesting plot points. But it's really up to you.

Name: Fate Testarossa Harlaown
Title: Time-Space Administrative Bureau Executive Officer
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 19
Race: Human
Voice ref: Jeniffer Alyx

Sexuality: Undetermined
Crush/Relationship: Nanoha Takamachi

Weapon name: Bardiche Assault
Weapon description: A Device, magical equipment endowned with advanced AI for assisting with combat and spells in particularly. Possesses an artificial male voice and adresses Fate as Sir. He has multiple forms, ranging from an angular axe, energy scythe, to energy sword in variable sizes and shapes. Equipped with a Cartridge System in a revolver-like magazine for enhancing power.

Captura de tela 2023-10-12 142512.png
Captura de tela 2023-10-12 143328.png

Semblance/Power name: Electrical Mana Conversion Affinity
Semblance/Power info: Able to cast spells , many of them electrical based. Naturally capable of flight while transformed.

Round Circle - Forms a magical-circle shaped shield in one direction, of
Defenser - Forms a spherical barrier around the user
Haken Saber - Fires Haken Form's barbed scythe energy blade in a wide, slow aimed arc. The projectile can detonated into an electrical blast with the command 'Saber Blast'
Plasma Barret - Shoots multiple electrical projectiles, which are mentally guided and explode upon contact
Plasma Lancer - Arrow shaped electrical aimed projectiles, which can be stop and redirect mid-air with the command 'Turn'.
Plasma Smasher - Wide, short-range electrical beam blast
Sprite Zanber - Disrupts other magical effects , used in the sword-like Zanber forms
Thunder Rage - Binds multiple targets with thunderlight, then hits on the locked targets with lightning
Plasma Zanber - A giant thunde beam, formed from Zanber form, Fate's mana and that of spent Cartridges

Sonic Drive - Converts mana, including in her armor-like Barrier , almost entirely to constantly and incredibly enhancing speed, , at the most getting her defenses down to the point that if someone manages even a glancing hit, it will take her out

Color: Yellow
Logo:Bardiche.600.310567 (1).jpg
Fandom: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Appearance: See above

Physical and Mental Troubles: She is generally more suited for speedy strikes and her defenses tend to suffer. She can still tend to insecure and socially awkward due abuse during childhood by Precia Testarossa, who created her as an artificial mage clone of her daughter Alicia, but rejected Fate due her inevatibly developing to be different from the original.

Personality/Persona: Fate generally tends to be a reserved , serious and responsible person, sometimes still blushing at physical affection. She is very kindhearted and gentle, protectice of those she and what she believes in fighting for. She is specially given to rescuing and caring children in turmoil, like she once was.

Notes/History: Fate appeared amidst a dark forest while a Grimm attack occuring, alarming involving some lost children. She was soon assisted by a Huntress associated with Beacon, who commended her after they managed dispatching the terrifying monsters and invited her into the school.
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Name: Cereza
Title: Bayonetta
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 17
Race: Faunus (black cat)
Voice ref: Angeli Wall

Sexuality: Hetero
Crush/Relationship: Luka Redgrave

Weapon name: Umbran Sisters
Weapon description: A set of four standard pistols that channel an Umbra witch's powers to fire magic bullets.

Semblance/Power name: Wicked Weave
Semblance/Power info:
An Umbra Witch's hair is a conduit for her powers. They can change outfits on the fly by transmuting their hair into various materials, including fabrics, lace, and leathers. She can also empower her punches and kicks by manifesting a facsimile of her patron demon's hands and feet, delivering a crushing blow.

Color: Cranberry (#A60A3D)
Fandom: Bayonetta

Bayonetta is a tall, slender woman with a beauty mark under the left corner of her mouth. She has absurdly long hair, but due to her powers, it usually seems shorter. She also adorns her hair (and thus her outfits) with various accessories, such as ribbons, charms, and flowers. She always wears some form of glasses. Her shoes usually have lugs or rails behind the heels to attach custom weapons.

Physical and Mental Troubles:
Bayonetta is mentally scarred by past traumas involving her mother's imprisonment, the Clan Wars, and the witch hunts. Despite claiming to not enjoy "playing savior", she will often leap headfirst into situations in which children are in danger without thinking about herself. She is also extremely high-maintenance, revolted by dirt and grime, and obsessed with style and fashion, sometimes to her detriment.

Bayonetta exudes confidence and charisma. She tends to quickly assert dominance and likes to be in control of the situation. She is calm but sassy in most situations, often throwing out small jabs to further infuriate her foes. If a mystery catches her interest, she will work hard to get to the bottom of it. While she claims to not like saving people, she has a fundamental goodness that drives her to save lives and, most importantly, maintain the balance between angels and demons in her world. Of course, she likes a nice, fat reward, too. Ironically, Bayonetta is great with children.

Since ancient times, two clans—Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches—upheld the balance among worlds. Members of the two clans had a strict law: a Sage and a Witch were never to be romantically involved. However, an ancient prophecy came true, regardless of the law; Balder the sage and Rosa the witch conceived Cereza, a forbidden intersection of light and dark that was said to herald calamity. Rosa was imprisoned and Balder shunned for this crime. As the outcast girl grew up, she befriended Jeanne, heir to the clan. While Jeanne trained under her mother, the clan leader, Cereza became the protege of Morgana, a fellow outcast. Once her training was complete, she took her vows as a witch and became the most powerful of her kind, though still not fully accepted.

Meanwhile, Balder set into motion a plot to harness his and Cereza's power as the treasured Eyes of the World, to resurrect his god, Jubileus. He, the Right Eye, instigated a war between the clans, which destroyed both. To prevent Balder and human witch hunters from capturing Cereza (the Left Eye), Jeanne performed a ritual to seal and hide her. The seal lasted 500 years, until an investigative journalist named Antonio found Cereza's coffin at the bottom of a lake. Opening the coffin woke an amnesiac Cereza, drawing the angels' attention. Antonio was killed by angels in the ensuing chaos.

Over the next twenty years, "Bayonetta" slaughtered hundreds of angels to fulfill quotas for her demon allies. This status quo broke when Jeanne, now brainwashed, attacked Bayonetta and demolished several city blocks. Arming herself with fresh weapons from the fallen angel Rodin and leads from her informant Enzo and Antonio's son Luka, Bayonetta set out to recover her lost memories. In Vigrid, a holy city and former home of the clans, she found a little girl also named Cereza. With the child in tow, Bayonetta fought her way to Isla Del Sol to meet Balder, confronting and defeating Jeanne in the process. There, the two fought to the death for the girl's life, with Bayonetta emerging victorious. That Cereza, revealed to have been Bayonetta's child self, was returned to her timeline, but the events of the past few days altered the timeline; the ritual to seal away Cereza was now a failure, Rosa's pocket watch having blocked Jeanne's ritual dagger.

With Balder alive once more, he launched the creator's new vessel, a massive statue, into Earth's orbit with himself and Cereza trapped in the eyes. Jeanne (now free of mind control) drove her motorcycle up the side of the rocket and onto the transforming statue. She thwarted the plot again, pulling Cereza from the god's left eye. The two then used their hair to summon Queen Sheba of Inferno to punch the incomplete god's soul into the sun.

The two Umbra witches were thought to have died plummeting back to Earth. However, Bayonetta found herself in a strange world with only a faint connection to Madama Butterfly and a new threat looming over its inhabitants.
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I like her accepted
Name:Kazuma Kiryu
Title: Dragon Of Dojima
Gender: Male
Race:Komodo Dragon Faunus (blue grey scales on his forearms)
Voice ref: Darryl Hughes Kurylo

Sexuality: Hetero
Crush/Relationship: none

Weapon name: Dragon Knickles
Weapon description: Kiryu uses a pair of specialised knuckle dusters, a red metal set that are able to unfuse and stretch over his fingers to allow him to grab. This enhanced his masterful unarmed fighting style, Dragon Style and its three more focused styles, Brawler, Rush and Beast. Can be infused with dust to enhance attacks.
Mixing this alongside making weapons from ordinary objects he picks up ranging from furniture to actual weapons.

Semblance/Power name:Heat
Semblance/Power info:
Kiryu overtime in combat builds up a blue energy called Heat overtime during a fight that allows him to boost his already high strength. He uses this to enhance his attacks and keep his aura topped up/buffed to deal with hits even better. Can expend a large amount at once to enhance his vicious takedowns.

Color:Bright Red

Kiryu is a tall Japanese man with shork black hair and brown eyes. Hes quite well built while having a somewhat lean build. Has a large tattoo of a dragon on his back. Often wears a grey suit with a burgundy shirt with no tie and the top button undone

Physical and Mental Troubles:
His body aches often from the various old injuries he amassed over his long life of conflict. He has underlying trauma from all hes lost and the fights hes had to be forced in, this makes him try to avoid getting close to others at first or react violently.

Kiryu is a stoic and quite level headed person on the surface often being able to keep a copl head in odd situations but he also has a large amount of kindness and affection in him often going out of his way to help and protect others even if it causes him trouble. He is quite violent however when provoked to fight often beating down foes in rather brutal ways and can be confused easily by technology.

Kiryu is a man who has done a lot in his life ranging from fighting various powerful men to even just getting really into pocket circuit racing to even caring for an orphanage. However often people tried to get to him by targeting his loved ones so after one last opponent was defeated he faked his death after an agreement with an agency. After a while he vanished completely.

He one day awoke under a broken moon, after getting up he decided to explore the area eventually coming across a few grimm which he used his strength and battle skill to dispatch them, killing them despite his old code, these werent living they seemed to just he monsters. He continued on after this cautiously and injured.

He after days came across a huntsmans camp who helped him recover from the wounds he amassed and after they got to a town forged his knuckle weapons. He was advised by his friend to go to Beacon to improve his skills. He agreed with not much with him determined to survive in this world.
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Name: HUNK
Title: Mr. Death, The Grim Reaper
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 18
Race: Human
Voice ref: Keith Silverstein

Sexuality: Asexual(?)
Crush/Relationship: N/A

Weapon name: Venom and Fang
Weapon description:
A short-barreled rifle (Venom) that takes dust magazines and features a detachable Bayonet (Fang). Fang also has its own integrated dust magazine and an injector system running through the blade.

Semblance/Power name: Grim Reaper
Semblance/Power info:
HUNK projects a small, dark mist aura that slowly damages those caught inside. If the target has an aura, the mist saps their aura first.

Color: Black (Text shown as Gray (#888888))
Fandom: Resident Evil

Beneath his iconic dark-colored tactical gear, HUNK is a Caucasian man with cold, gray eyes. His short, blonde hair is usually a bit messy, his jaw framed with stubble. He tends to "dress for success", retaining elements of his SAS-esque uniform such as his gas mask, knee pads, and boots. All his stuff has been meticulously scrubbed of any identifiers, such as tags, serial numbers, and even stamps identifying the country of origin.

Physical and Mental Troubles:
HUNK is highly desensitized to violence, seeing it as a normal part of his life. His harsh pragmatism, survival instinct, and mission-first attitude lead him to look out for himself and seem almost reptilian, even in social situations. He has very little outside his keen mind and powerful build; he doesn't talk about any family, friends, or his past before Umbrella. Distant and unwilling to divulge any answers, it's hard to understand what is on his mind.

HUNK can be characterized best by his handiwork; methodical, organized, and ruthless. He appears to be pragmatic, aloof, and utilitarian. Although he is knowledgeable and confident, what has ensured his survival is the fact he follows orders and sticks to the plan, regardless of what goes wrong. He will always see things through to the end; consistency and sincerity are is his greatest character strengths. Calling him "honorable" may be a bit of a stretch, but he at least boasts zero risk of betraying his team. Though he dislikes it when someone disobeys instructions, he sees one person's failure as that of the entire team, and will not single out one person. One of his biggest pet peeves is theatrics; he sees the dramatic declarations of one's actions and lengthy monologues as openings to exploit. He is also quick to shut down any praise directed at him, no matter how well-earned, and despises any omission of critical details.

The acronym/codename HUNK (Human Unit - Never Killed) belonged to the best soldier in the Umbrella Corporation's private army, the USS. Despite all odds, this one man who was with the company for seemingly most of his adult life accomplished missions in which all other members of his unit died. It earned him a mixed bag of reactions among his peers, but praise and promotions from the company. In just two years, he had went from a simple grunt to their top agent.

In 1998, Umbrella sent USS Alpha Team to Raccoon City with HUNK as the leader. In the top-secret NEST laboratory deep beneath the city, Dr. William Birkin was planning to defect and steal samples of his own G-virus—a potent mutagen that produced unpredictable and dangerous results. Against HQ's orders, one of his subordinates shot and fatally wounded Birkin, who had reached for a gun. Interestingly, he only reported the team was forced to shoot Birkin, not pinning the blame on one person.

The dying scientist injected himself with the virus and quickly mutated, then proceeded to wipe out most of Alpha Team. HUNK found himself trapped in the sewers for a week, playing a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with Birkin and T-virus zombies as he treated his wounds and waited for extraction. With an intact sample of the G-virus, He fought his way through the sewers and police station. A waiting helicopter carried him to safety before the city was nuked to prevent a global outbreak. He has been off the radar, whereabouts unknown since Umbrella was forced into bankruptcy in 2003.

So what happened to HUNK? Suffice to say, the world moved on. He became a legend among spec ops, mercenaries, and counter-terrorists for his contributions to bio-weapon-slaying methodologies and specialized protective gear designs. Somehow, he found himself in the world of Remnant, his aging regressed. He spent several days in the wilderness evading persistent Grimm before encountering huntsmen. He promptly stole one of their weapons and turned it on his approaching pursuer, demonstrating great prowess. Professor Ozpin, having already accepted some very odd new enrollments at Beacon, didn't see the harm in adding one more oddball to the lot. HUNK was initially insulted by the idea that he would be a student once again, but ultimately agreed, figuring he could probably refine Grimm hunting techniques if he first studied the huntsman methodology in-depth. Under the given alias Kieran Hunt (Get it? Hunt, Kieran? HunK? Yeah, his reaction was also a very dry, sarcastic "cute".) the jaded veteran became a fresh student once more, in pursuit of the title "Grimm Reaper".