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Kenjir was wandering through the forest with his bow ready as he searched for large game to take home. He was running out of food, since he only hunted every so often, unlike most of the men in his village. He sighed as he thought of the other men. They looked down on him because he built his home a little further out from the village. He liked his privacy. They also mocked him because he only knew how to hunt using a bow and refused to learn how to really fight. He didn't want to admit that it was because, unlike them, he preferred to use his knives, bow, or fists to do all his fighting for him. He raised the bow and narrowed his eyes. One day he would show them.
Valien gripped his wounded shoulder tightly in a black gloved hand, bright silver blood leaking through his fingers as he stumbled along. The Dark phae was not used to being wounded, especially in such a way to make him Lord of the Forest bleed. He scowled, fangs clenching in anguish and unbridled rage as he stumbled into a small clearing, panting with the effort of carrying on. He spotted a stag before him, his sharp ears dulled by pain enough for the human near him to remain hidden. Snarling at the beast, Valien leapt upon it, sinking his teeth into its throat as he began to gorge himself on the flesh and blood of the creature, hungry for sustenance to contribute to the healing of his wound. He groaned in delight and raised his head from the still warm carcass, fingers testing his wound lightly. He snarled in sudden pain, realizing that the wound was severe enough to take acutal time to heal. The muscular phae man panted and flicked his eyes around his surroundings, the dark orbs widening as they landed upon the figure of a slim human male.
He lowered his bow as he watched a strange looking man eat on his target, a stag that appeared as though a gift to him from the gods themselves. Kenjir had raised his bow to shoot the stag only to have his chance ripped away.

And then the strange man looked over at him. And Kenjir realized the man was injured. He slipped the bow over his shoulder and put away the arrow.

"I see you could use some help," he said as he walked forward carefully.
Valien stared suspiciously at the hunter, deciding silently that he could take a human, no matter how injured he was. His long, pointed ears twitched slightly as he listened to the pitch of the male's voice, his nostrils flaring to catch his scent. "I thank you mortal...I will owe you a favor when I am well." It was a large reward to receive such a thing from a phae, and a Phae Lord at that, as the phae would more or less be bound to his word. He settled into a sitting position and pushed his cloak and tunic away from the wound, revealing clots of sliver blood and a rathery messy stab wound. It would likely scar his pale and very near luminious skin, but the creature who had injured him was now dead...a fair trade in Valien's eyes.
Walking forward to inspect the wound, Kenjir nodded.

"You need to have that stitched up. Come on, I'll help you get to my home. I have the materials there to get you fixed up," he said, moving to help the man walk. He wasn't sure he needed it, but better to already be available than have the man stumble and make his would worse.
Valien nodded and stood up cautiously, waving off the smaller man's offer of help. "My legs are not injured." He stated coolly before following after the young male. "What shall I call you, mortal?" He asked softly, eyes running over the other man's appearance. He had handsome features and thin frame though it was the surprising defiance in his young eyes that attracted Valien's attention....that and the handsome curve of the young man's hip. He spied a small house in the distance and made an assumption that it belonged to his current companion.
"I'm named Kenjir," he answered after being waved off. Kenjir stood awkwardly to the side for a moment, and then began to walk cautiously. He didn't want the man to fall over. "What is your name?" He led him slowly to the house, where he would start up a fire and get ready to sterilize and stitch up the wound. His mind was already going through the necessary steps.
Once inside, Valien stripped out of his extragavent clothes, mask included, so the younger man could tend to him. "I am called Lord of the Forest, though you may address me as Valien." he nodded at the boy in respect and looked leerily at the fire. He despised the did nothing good for his people and the woods they inhabited. He leaned settled onto the bed, body gleaming with pale muscle.
Kenjir watched the man undress and gulped. He had never had a man blatantly undress in front of him. He sighed and turned to get his materials ready. He listened as Valien introduced himself.

Lord of the Forest? he asked himself before shrugging it off.

"I need to heat the wound. How are you with the heat? Do you need something to drink first? Or an herb to knock you out?" He didn't know the pain tolerance of the man before him.
The phae let out a deep-throated laugh and gestured at his wound. "If I am not asleep yet, then I will not need to be for you to heal me." He winked at the young man, noticing his briefly wandering eyes. He flicked his tongue over his lips, long ears twitching as he anticipated the coming pain. He was no lover of pain, but he could handle his shoulder being sewn up. Stretching his lean body, he nodded his readiness to Kenjir, suddenly liking the idea of the boy touching him.
"Okay, but I warned you," Kenjir said as he stuck the poker in the fire and let it heat up a bit before pulling it out and letting it cool off just enough that it wouldn't burn the skin too bad. Then he stepped close to Valien and dabbed the end of the poker to the wound, slowly burning away any bacteria. Once he had covered the wound, he pick up his needle and used some prongs to heat it up and put it in a bowl of water. Once it was cooled off, he pulled it out and stuck some string through it and began to stitch the wound. He ignored any reaction Valien had, though the man did react, because he had tried to warn him.
Valien set his teeth, claws digging into his palms as he sat, silent save for a few loud growls. When it was finally over, his shoulder bandaged and stitched, the phae grabbed Kenjir's wrist. His breath came out in ragged pants as he spoke. "Thank you, Kenjir." And it was that moment he chose to fall senseless onto the bed, a deep sleep following the swoon.

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Kenjir smiled and pulled away to sit in the corner by the fire to keep watch over Valien, but then he remembered what he had been doing when he found the man. He was instantly up on his feet to go hunt, but he was fearful of one of the village men coming and discovering the sleeping man in Kenjir bed. That wouldn't be good, if he were not here to defend himself.

Torn so, he sat down and decided to wait for Valien to awake.
Valien slept through most of the night, awaking just before the sun began it's ascent. He blinked the sleep from his canted eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of burning wood and mortal flesh. He cast a glance at Kenjir, smirking at him. "Good morning, Kenjir." He purred, sitting up and deftly causing the blankets to pool around his shapely hip bones and strong abdomen. He peered to examine his shoulder, pleased to see that the wound was already beginning to close and heal. He touched it gently, finding it sore but no longer agonizing. He swung his legs over the bed and reached out with a claw tipped hand, lifting Kenjir's chin do he could look down at the boy's features. "What would you ask of me'?"
Kenjir frowned. Ask of him?

Oh right. Valien had said something about a favor...

But Kenjir could think of nothing... except companionship.

"Er... Well, I can't... I can't think of anything right now..." Kenjir said, which was true. "What about... How about we... be friends? I tend to get rather lonely here. The other villagers leave me pretty well alone..."

It was his fault, though he wouldn't admit such a thing. He acted all independent around the others, but it was due in part to the fact that he was so much younger than most of the men, and he was more mature than any of their sons his age. He had no use for any of them in the idea of friendship.

Yet, he felt drawn to the man standing before him.

And for some reason, his eyes kept wandering...
Valien looked down at the handsome young man, searching his eyes and his words for meaning. A pretty thing like this...and yet he was lonesome. It puzzled the Phae. Why would someone who was strong be ignored? He nodded to the young mortal, intrigued by the idea of seeing him again...and often at that. "I accept, Kenjir." He smiled softly and stood up, releasing his chin before beginning to dress. "Well then, young friend, shall I show you my home as you have shown me yours?" He offered his hand.
Kenjir stood and nodded shyly.

"I would like to, if it is all right with you."

Where would the Lord of the Forest sleep?
Valien smirked, finding the boy more and more charming by the minute. He took his hand, whirled him into his arms by it (bridal style of course). He threw open the door, taking in the sunrise for a moment before darting into the woods, faster than a human could hope to go. He dashed through the woods which took on a magical glow in the soft morning light. The deeper in he went, the more outlandish the foilage appeared. A wolf of pure silver dashed infront of them once, and a horse of vivid red stood in a field: clearly they were moving into the realm of Phae. "This is my home." Valien murmured, leaping a small river in a single bound and coming to land in a large clearing. Several black-barked and deep violet leaved trees weaved together to form something of a cave. He set the young man down and moved swiftly into the shelter. Inside, exotic furs lined the floors while gemstones and crystalized flowers lined the bark-walls. At the end of the space, a large black throne sat untouched, clearly beloning to Valien. "Welcome."
Kenjir looked around in awe. This place... it was so awesome! He was amazed by the difference between this place and the place near him home.

"Where are we?" he asked after a moment. "I mean, this isn't the same forest is it?"
Valien settled down in a mound of furs, toying with a piece of his long hair. "We are in the heart of the forest...most men do not leave this place." He glanced at Kenjirr and lifted his chin at him. "I trust you will keep this place secret...hungry?" He questioned, gesturing a small table filled with sweets and meats and breads and thing of that nature.