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  1. Hey, guys.

    So, I'm a fan of stories of creepy encounters. Whether it be a stranger being sus as hell on the train or even some weirdos online who took it to a personal level, I love hearing or reading about them. But I'm not going to limit it to your bus stop creepers or way too clingy first dates. This can be a place for any weird encounter, be it paranormal or otherwise. I personally don't have any stories, since it's rare I ever actually interact with strangers or find myself alone in public places. No paranormal stuff, either, but I know of some things that happened to family that they insist were real and unexplainable.

    Now that I've made this topic, I've probably jinxed myself. Oh well.
    I want to hear your stories!
  2. A long, long, time ago Last year, I was commuting to school by train and public bus, which I had never done before. It wasn't too bad, actually. I'd expected it to be more chaotic.

    So, I kept commuting to school in this fashion. And then someone started sitting across from me. Well, it seemed harmless enough... there weren't infinite seats, after all, so it was probably bound to happen. Except that this same person sat nearby again. And again. I noticed that he went to my school, although he wasn't in any of my classes and might have even been one grade beyond me. I wondered what his purpose in this was. Did he do this 'cause I'd become a familiar sight? Did he need a friend, or something? He did seem to be a bit of the quiet type. Then that one fateful day came on the train when this stranger first sat right next to me. The first few times this happened, I made weak attempts to ease my discomfort by trying to start conversations. These conversations kept pausing in the middle and usually died before the train ride ended, leaving a highly awkward silence. I could never seem to figure out what he was thinking.

    Eventually I started expecting him to sit by me, and felt a little less uncomfortable because this had become a routine part of my morning. So of course I was completely shocked when suddenly our hands made contact, and then shoot, we were holding hands. Except we weren't just holding hands. Somehow, in my panic reaction, we had ended up with interlocked fingers. In my shock, all I could do was sit in silence until the train ride ended, and then (call me a jerk, but) I avoided him for the rest of the school year.
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  3. @Rilette I would be genuinely creeped out, you don't sound like a jerk at all.
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  4. I've generally avoided weird/bizzare encounters like that.

    But on Friday while me and some friends were heading home to sleep from a Con there was this random lady on the side walk just shouting. I forget the exact words but it sounded like she was insulting a husband of hers or something.

    Except there was no other human being in sight, she lacked a phone or anything, and she was just staring off into an empty road.
    We got a quick laugh out of it and kept driving.
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  5. Sounds like an absolute derro, oh God.
  6. Once had this drunk Asian lady ask me for help. Kept saying she wanted to go to the hospital, but she was insisting I go back to an alley nearby first. Also kept asking if I was a "one of the good guys". When I wouldn't go she would act more drunk and eventually I told her I had to go but if she looked up and followed the red flashing lights (for the helicocksucker) she'd find her way there. She thanked me and walked into the alley. Never saw or heard from her again.
  7. I'm pretty sure this was a mugging attempt.
  8. I'm very certain you are correct.
  9. Had probably the strangest encounter with a person at Books-A-Million.

    So there I am, standing in the aisle and leafing through a book on Voodoo. Not the "how to do Voodoo" kind, but the "here are the tenets and history of Voodoo". As I'm doing this a woman comes and stands next to/in front of me.

    "So what does it mean if my neighbors leave cigarette butts in my yard?" she asks, and I look up from the little lilac-colored book, probably looking pretty startled.
    "Means your neighbors are assholes?" I respond.
    "No, what does it mean," she asks me again, more insistent this time.
    "That they don't respect your boundaries and property?" I reply, seriously confused.
    "Do you believe in Jesus?" she queries suddenly, and now I'm officially uncomfortable. This never ends with "No thanks" being an adequate answer.
    "No, not really," I say, looking for a way to end the conversation and move on, although she's smack in the middle of the New Age/Philosophy aisle where I wanted to keep looking. She asks me what I do believe in and I tell her I'm a half-assed fan of Buddhist philosophy.
    "Why don't you come to our church and you can explain your views and we can explain ours?" she asks, and I decline as I'm backing out of the aisle and into the Business and Finance section.

    I don't have problems with Christians, or anyone of most religions. But car salesman approaches with a bait-and-switch in conversation topic always make me really uncomfortable, regardless of what they're pushing.
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  10. Yea, my issues with religion is generally it's system, not the individuals within it.

    So generally I won't bother arguing/debating religion unless if the person is willing to (may they say it themselves, or they've willingly entered a debate forum on it).
    But if I get pushed that those door to door kind of people? (Which is very rare in my area) I would probably be far more cold/blunt.
    Not pointlessly cruel/vicious, but I'd be outright with it in that "I'm in atheist, no I don't believe in god. I used to be a Christian, I know your Bible already" etc.
    And if that didn't stop? Then I'd switch to joke routines such as "Are you a Missionary? The devil said I can't talk to you!" and then have fun with it.
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  11. Sounds to me like she was going to take you there and gang up on you with her peers. Try to brow beat you into believing their hype. Most uncool.
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  12. I get quite a few door-to-door mormons around here. Most are just a mild irritation that only take up a bit of your time, but some are weirdly aggressive. Like, please calm down. I don't go to church, friend. But it's not so dire that I'm going to hell. The only encounters I've had that could be deemed weird but not really, are just encounters with derros downtown who are completely off their face on drugs. Though I didn't really interact with them - gave them a pretty wide berth when possible.
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  13. Weird encounters?

    I once met a guy who ate his white rice with ketchup.


    I rest my case.

    He was the same guy though whose family used ketchup in their spaghetti though so I have no idea why I expected less.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. You're not supposed to eat white rice with ketchup? The fuck? I do that shit alot. The hell is wrong with me?
  16. Once, at a local restaurant, I was just sitting down when I spy this guy that looks like he's talking to himself outside. I don't mean merely opening his mouth on his own; he appeared to be having a gesture filled active conversation with nobody in particular. It seemed as though many in the place were creeped out by his actions. After subsequent visits to the place, it became apparent that the guy was some kind of regular, who often stood outside having "conversations" while eating. No idea what was up with that.
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  17. I have two:

    The first one:

    My girlfriend and I were at this park with my class, and this guy is following us. I wear a duster jacket, and I buttoned it up, in case this guy attacks us. He followed us around as my girlfriend and I wandered atound, and we kissed on a bench. He was watching! He even offered us a cigarette at one point.

    He was arrested for not registering as a Sex Offender the week after, coincidentally.

    The second one:

    It had already been a weird-ass day. My family went to a "secret" beach where people were having sex and smoking hookahs, and left when we saw it. Ran into some people I knew at another lake we went to,and a bunch of other weird shit.

    We were driving home, and we saw an old lady, with a fishing pole standing in the middle of a field that we KNEW had no body of water, just as a thunderstorm was rolling in.

    Da fuck?
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  18. My backyard is a cemetery(well behind my backyard fence is a cemetery). So of course odd things are bound to happen.
    Every night I sit outside to relax and take in the energy of Nature. Without fail, every night I see orbs in the cemetery. Different colors, sizes, and varying brightness. So one night I decided to investigate them. As I walked into the cemetery I spotted a man in robe by a grave. I thought it odd, and I looked over to where he was again to ask him something and he was gone. As were all the orbs. As I walk up to the grave he was at I see that it was a fresh grave. I see the cloaked man every night after someone is buried in the cemetery.

    Another night I hear voices coming from the cemetery. It was late mind you, like 1 am. So I call the cops to report the people. They said they found no one when they go there. So I hear them no less than 30 minutes later. So I decided before I call the cops I should get a good look at the people. As I look over my fence into the cemetery I hear the voices but all I see is the orbs. As I listen closer I realize the voices are speaking gibberish and no one was in the cemetery.

    I was watching TV in my room (which has a view of the cemetery.) So before I hit the hay I turn off my tv. some time later I feel a burst of energy as my TV turns on. As I stand up to see ehat has happened I looked out my window to see a flurry of wispy forms going into the cemetery, they were all leaving my backyard.

    If I say any morbid jokes something always falls over, I can no longer make awful cemetery puns in my house.

    I never feel alone even when I am.

    Sometimes I hear knocking at my backdoor, and no one is there. When I ask who is it, I usually get replies. Sometimes asking for help moving on. One time I heard voice reply that it needs help, as it was buried alive.

    I am a sensitive and a Pagan.
  19. I've got a few strange, creepy, and crazy encounters.

    I have tinker toys and that nerf machine gun I pretend is a battleship. I made a hanger out of tinker toys and called it "The cursed hanger" WELL that same night, I got chocked by someone. I grabbed their arm but before I got a good grip they were thrown off (I think by someone else)

    Here's the kicker though, nobody was there o.o So I got chocked out by a ghost, and I'm assuming I was rescued by another ghost because there's no way I threw anyone off with the grip I had at that moment. So I took apart the cursed hanger and never built it again

    And for a bonus creep... My holloween costume >: D
    Show Spoiler


    (Yes, I'm one of those people that blast rob zombie loudly so it can be heard a block down. I'm so pissed off that Halloween has turned into what it has DX Like I leave for 3 years and everyone decides to quit decorating and wearing scary costumes.

    As for crazy encounters (Creepy to most, but funny and crazy to me) during an anime con I decked my friend out in a bunch of training gear we had. He had his assassin creed hoodie and a shirt mask filter (He looks scary) and he had a bunch of training knives, training gun with a legit holster, and a few more things I can't remember at the moment.

    So we were at the saturday market (Which was right by the con) walking through to get lunch and this guy that looks like he's straight from duck dynasty looked at him and started following him XD So I turn around, give him my stare, and he turns around. I think what was going through his mind is if he is so heavily armed, then why do I have seemingly nothing? I'd walk away too if I was him

    Another crazy and creepy encounter (Though cheesy to me) was there's this park around here that has drug dealers which I didn't know at the time. So me and my friend are walking and some guy walks to the path ahead of us and pulls a knife out. The best part? Me and my friend train with knives, so my friend takes out his knife, and puts his hand behind his back holding something else. While I just keep my arms crossed with my knife ready where I normally have it on me.

    From this guys perspective, you see 2 guys walking unphazed, one pulls out a knife and has his hand on something, could be a bigger knife, could be a gun, who knows. And then there's me, who just has his arms crossed and wearing a jacket that can hold anything. So he chuckles and shakes his head, puts his knife away and walks away :D If me and my friend were anyone else we probably woulda got jumped XP (The best part is we were talking about how our friend named Mike is an asshole at video games, but being a drug dealer and hearing 2 guys talk about someone named Mike being an asshole? Well that should make you wanna take a few steps back XD

    Now you're probably wondering, "Why would you have a knife on you????" The answer to that is simple... SPECIFICALLY FOR THE ABOVE SITUATION!!!!!!! XD

    One from my black friend is he was on the bus and some guy sat next to them thinking he was in his gang. When he found out he wasn't apart of a gang, he started to threat to stab him and his brother. Later the guy asked "Did the bus driver see me pull out my knife?" And he lied and said "Yes" which then he replied "Shit... I can't go back to jail" and got off the bus.

    I just don't understand, I don't live in a ghetto or a gang filled area, so what the hell????? DX
  20. I think my creepiest (if not the scariest) encounter that I have ever had was sleep paralysis.

    Okay, probably doesn't fit your description but I'll go on anyway...

    So I was doing what a normal person would do after a long day of work and play (ya know, sleeping) and I was asleep for around about six hours. I was on the verge of waking up...but that's where it began.

    My mind woke up, but then my body wouldn't move. I was horrifically confused for the first few minutes of this awkward feeling. I tried to open my eyes, but they were glued shut. That was when I started to panic. Did I sleep the wrong way last night? Am I still dreaming?

    Then I started to feel out of breath. Obviously since I couldn't move my arms to get rid of the blanket that was slightly covering my face, I opened my mouth. However, I couldn't...No matter how hard I tried it was as if someone had sewn my lips together. I couldn't even breath through my nose for fuck sakes. I just wanted some air Jesus Christ.

    This when on for another twenty seconds. However, as I started to feel more and more out of breath, (and now it's probably my mind playing a trick on me or some shit like that), I saw this weird figure. I couldn't tell whether it was a male or female since its face was so disfigured in a way that made it look nothing like a human. It rushed up towards my face, but then reached its hands out to cover my mouth, further preventing me from breathing. I would've squirmed, but as stated before, my body just stayed still.

    Luckily, my mom soon barged into my room and yelled at me to wake up. I immediately jolted my body, and soon realised that I was able to move and breath again. Relieved, I took a few more gasps to make up for the time I couldn't breath earlier. Afterwards, I googled searched my weird experience and learned that what I had just gone through was sleep paralysis.

    So uhh yeah...That was my creepy/scary/wtf encounter. Yeah sleep paralysis sucks. It happened to me twice already...
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