Strange Eats

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  1. What is the Strangest thing you have ever eaten?


  2. Hmm that's hard to say. Not the salmon roe. I don't think sea urchant is too weird but I didn't like it. Kim chee? Nope. Sheep's milk yogurt? Naa... This is hard... I guess I'll go with the espresso crusted cheese.
  3. Thousand Year Old Duck Egg

    It's a delicacy in China. They're duck eggs preserved in the ground for no more than 100 days [despite the absurd title they already have]. Honestly, they tasted really good, but... They look so unappetizing.
  4. I was trying to think of the weirdest thing I've eaten, but I got so freaked out by that GIF that I was totally brain wiped. x______x
  5. Diana, baby octopai?