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  1. While reading a site today, I came across some reviews for some "strange" Valentine's day food combinations (chocolate syrup and fries, for instance) that the reviewer said was actually really tasty and it got me thinking.

    What is your favorite "strange food combination"?
  2. I have too many of those lol...

    Mayonnaise with pizza
    Mayonnaise + ketchup with shepherd's pie
    Ketchup + eggs (fried or scrambled, same with omelettes)
    Honey + chicken

    Probably a few more that I think are normal but could be strange to anyone else. Apparently a ham sammich with strawberry jam and cheddar cheese is weird?
  3. I love this combo, it's delicious :D
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  4. Cool h'whip and apple sauce.
    Kit-Kats cut up and mixed with a bowl of popcorm.
    Homemade chocolate cookies with sesame seeds.
    Cream cheese and strawberry jam sammiches.
    Fried egg on my cheeseburger.

    There's a food stand in my hometown I miss going to. They served excellent bratwursts, and you could opt to have plain cream cheese spread on it. I resisted the hype for a long time and had instant ragrets when I finally tried it. @__@ So strangely delicious.

    I'm also a fan of the combo that is chicken, waffles, and maple syrup.
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  5. I put corn chips in my ham sandwich. No, not beside it. IN IT.
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  6. I have a SUUUPER weird one. However, this was the only way my mother could get me to eat potatoes as a child. Why she put so much effort into this? Because it's her favorite food.

    Mash potatoes and Kraft powder cheese, it's the cheese you find in KD boxes and for those who don't know what KD it stands for Kraft Dinner which is a mac and cheese :D

    And yes this is still the only way I'll eat it. I am ready to be judged.
  7. oh damnnn I didn't think this was strange, but I love this mix. Tastes best on bagels <3
  8. This is something I ate as a kid and even as an adult :D
  9. Ketchup on mac n cheese.
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  10. Fries and applesauce
    Greek yogurt, chicken, apple slices and red grapes
    Lavender mixed with melted dark chocolate
  11. I add hot sauce on pretty much everything. Sriracha is so good <3
  12. Jalapeno ranch. Tastes good on pasta, lasagna, burritos, in soup...basically got me through high school.

    Also, chocolate chip cookies with pizza. Savory and sweet works so well together.
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