Strange bug behavior

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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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My little grasshopper got stuck between the glass panels of my windows.. If he would just climb down instead of up he would get free.. but he can't seem to climb down.. Same thing happens with wasps and umbrellas too. Why can't bugs climb down for some reason?
I noticed that too....and I think it's cuz the little sticky things on the bottom of their feet just don't...go that way, or something. ?_? I actually am not some bugs just kind of look too heavy on a particular side, like if they try to crawl in the opposite direction, they'll flip over or topple.
I LOVE trapping bees and wasps between window panels and watching 'em slowly starve to death.
You could stick a piece of paper in there and nudge him out or something...OR COMPLETELY DISMANTLE THE WINDOW ITSELF, FREEING HIM SAFELY.
We had a work glove sitting outside one day and this huge grasshopper was perched on it. No matter how hard we shook the glove, it didn't move! Nudging it with something didn't help either... In fact, it kinda pushed back against it, determined to stay on the glove. o_o; So we had to give up and find a different pair of gloves. Those bugs are crazy strong and those sticky things on them sure make it easier for themselves.