Strange bird might have been a pterosaur

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  1. *Laughs her ass off at "ghost dinosaurs".* x_____X OH MY GOD... why does something so silly make me wanna put that in a roleplay somewhere..!
  2. It was totes the Jersey Devil, far from his natural grounds, looking for his way back to the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey! >_>
  3. There are stories of frogs being encased in lime or other other hard rock, deep within the earth. They are hermetically sealed and when the seal is broke sometimes they spring to life. I read another story about a similar case in which a mining grew cracked open a rock to find a small bird-like creature within it. It lived for all of a few moments or so before dying. A local, a student of paleontology, identified the creature as a pterodactyl or something. It was in the 1800's I think. My memory on the story is spotty at best but that was the gist of it.

    I'm not arguing for or against what the man saw. I'm sure he did see something and I'm sure it stunned him. But without evidence it's just another story of hearsay and can be no more than that. Though the more idealistic part of me would like it to be real. Then we can find them, genetically breed them, and ride them. Awethome :B
  4. I just wonder if this bird was used to practice safe prehistoric wolf-sex.
  5. No, no it didn't.
  6. Ohai! Iz ghost dinosaw! Dun worry 'dout meh Iz jus' gots unfinish buznus wiv that thar commet so I can't move on. Kthnxbai!