strange bed fellows.

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  1. So. This happens whe i go to bed
    Maja nestles down by my feet

    And Elliots always lies down closer to my face.
  2. [​IMG]

    That was how my cat used to sleep every night, on either mine or my husband's neck. She now sleeps on my head....
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  3. NNNNNghghghh… So cute ;w;

    I don't have pics to share, but one of my two cats usually ends up sleeping on my bed with me, especially in the winter months, cause my room's the one with the heater. Moosh (big, fluffy tabby) generally stays down by my feet, while Jumpy (Black and White/Siamese mix) likes to curl up by my side, or sometimes on my back.
  4. One time I crashed on a friends couch and her cat snuggled under my arm. Then he turned around and farted in my face =.=
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  5. Hah, cat's are such assholes :3

    I stayed at a friend's house one night, they had two very large, Maine Coon cats. Fell asleep on the couch, woke up to my friend's mom looming over me going, "Are you ok, can you breathe?" Both cats had decided to sleep on me, one cat directly on my chest - all 25/30 pounds of long hair fat fluffiness.
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  6. I miss my cat ._.
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  7. This is what I deal with every morning when I get up to pee.

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  8. That looks like my orphan! Ever since I brought him home, he seems to think my bed is his bed.
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  9. Awww I used to live with cats. I'm allergic so I slept with my door closed, loaded up on Zyrtec, but once in a while I would forget to close my door or the cats would magic it open and stomp on my face while I slept, or bring in a dead toy and howl at me. :'D
  10. I had cats once.
    They destroyed all of our furniture. All of it. Completely wrecked.
  11. That means you didn't raise them right. Its easy to get cats to stop destroying things as kittens. people think cats aren't trainable, they are wrong.
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  12. Dog we have now likes to sleep either across dad's legs, in his recliner, or behind mine on the loveseat most of the time. If one of us isn't already sitting/laying down, she'll sprawl out and stare at us as if to ask "What do you want from me?" when we try to reclaim our spots. She's not quite as big as Windsong's pooch, but our little Fluffybutt isn't a small dog either.

    The dog we had before her liked to either sleep at my little brother's feet, or on top of my chest with his giant head right next to mine. Was uncomfortable, but I loved it.
  13. Kitties :D
  14. Actually, they were rescue cats. Already full-grown and rebellious when we gave them a new home.
  15. Ah. That explains it. Its very hard to reschool older rescues sadly.
  16. My new bed mate (open)

    She doesn't take up a whole lot of room, but she sleeps down my shirt, and I can't roll over at any point in the night or I'll squish her. =/