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  1. Lolita Earensdale, purple Lolita Earensdale was excited for her senior trip, she pushed her red/orange bangs out of her face and looked around the ship. It was beautiful, there were a bunch of other students from her class that she did not recognize milling around talking and joking. There were some prep girls out sun bathing and making cruel remarks about other girls, the jock boys were making remarks about the prep girls. Lolita rolled her eyes, the insanity of high school would not be missed once she was finished. She walked towards the door that led down into the ship where the cabins where located. She had been in hers earlier, and had put her stuff on the bed. There was another bed in there, but she hadn't been informed whether or not someone else was staying in there with her or not. When she got to her room she let herself in and flopped onto the bed, she needed to find something to do on this cruise and fast, what was the fun of being away from home, and land for that matter, if she was going to do exactly what she had done at home? Her eyes started to flutter closed and Lolita thought Hmmm whats the harm in a little cat nap before I get up and raise hell??


    Jhett Jensen, blue
    Jhett was sitting on the deck of the ship basking in the sun quietly, he had no one around him at the moment that was trying to talk to him so he enjoyed the rays burning his skin. He was already missing his mom and step dad but they had promised that they would be at the dock the moment he arrived back home. His mother had been a nervous wreck when he had told her about and had to ask Doug to make her sign the paperwork. She was so scared that her one and only baby boy was going to get hurt out there in the real world that she didn't even want to let him enjoy this luxury provided by the school. He ran his hand through his hair, and sat up his legs on either side of the chair. He looked around the deck, no one was in the pool that they had on the ship but rather sitting around it talking and laughing. Jhett smiled, he didn't know half the people here right now, but he would be walking across the stage with each of them when they returned home. He shook his head, and laid back on the chair again picking up a Revolver magazine he had sitting next to him.
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  2. Kaye Louise Tompson
    Kaye was sitting in her cabin, having headed straight there as soon as she arrived on the boat. She looked at herself in the mirror, analyzing her outfit. At the moment she wore a tight busty bikini top that was decorated in small diamond skulls. Her bikini bottom clung to her hips, and also had a small diamond skull on the back. It was about time for a nice tan, and she couldn't wait. She glanced over at the empty bed next to her, wondering who her roommate would be. It didn't matter, it wasn't as if they would talk that often. Kaye wasn't the type to get along with girls, they usually found her rude and curt. It wasn't her fault they liked to beat around the bush, and she always said what was on her mind. For some odd reason, she managed to get along better with boys. They didn't find her attitude bitchy, just honest and refreshing. She walked outside her cabin, onto the ships deck. It was quite large, and the harsh sun beat on her porcelain skin.

    She glanced around, noticing the few people milling around and conversing among themselves. Even here, cliques stuck together. It was so annoying, no one ever tried to mingle outside their group. She had managed to smuggle some weed with her on the trip, and was excited to go smoking tonight when nobody was around. She planned on inviting her friends, but wasn't sure they would join her or not. As she strolled down the deck, she noticed a familiar figure sitting around the pool, magazine in hand. Her lips curling in a grin, she made her way behind him, placing both hands on his shoulders while he was distracted. "Boo!" She laughed. "So, what's up? You excited about the trip? Because I'm sure as hell excited about spending time with a bunch of people I go to school with." Her tone was laced with playful sarcasm, and she sat in the chair next to him.

    Jade C. Smith
    Jade was standing at the edge of the ship, watching the water gently lap against the boat edges. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the crisp wind gently blew against her sun-kissed complexion. Today was the first day of the senior trip, and she was excited. Anyone who knew her knew that she loved her students more than anything. It was like a paid vacation, one she wouldn't have been able to go on if it had just been herself. Her coal and blue hair was cascading down her back to her hips, curling around her face. Her short black dress loosely flared around her body, reaching only to mid thigh. Underneaths she wore a blue one-piece bathing suit, that brought attention to her curvy form. She didn't want to show too much skin, as she was a teacher, but it was also extremely hot and humid.

    She heard a few of the students gossiping behind her, but paid it no mind. At the moment, she was enjoying the scenery. White wisps of clouds slowly crawled across the azure blue sky, it was breathtaking. Her fingers curled around the metal railing and she leaned forward, attempting to get a closer look. After a few more minutes of relaxing in the sun, she decided to take a walk. Plastering a smile on her face, she turned on her heel, taking a leisurely walk on the deck.
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  3. Jared Hannell
    Jared was one of those boys nobody really knew much about, but everything at the same time. People knew that he was that kid that hardly went to class, and who was constantly rumoured to be the kid who smoked weed in the hallways at school. Detention was the best place to find him, and even there the teachers seemed at a loss of how to deal with him. How he ever got qualified for this trip was beyond Mr. Fraiser's comprehension.
    Walking along the deck, hand sunk into the black skinny jeans, wearing a black leather biker's jacket, Jared held a certain smirk on his face that he normally did before he did something he wasn't supposed to do. Looking over his shoulder, he laughed a little as he ducked down into his room. Digging through his bag, he pulled out a bottle of beer and cracked it open, laying on the bed and flipping on the television. Taking a large gulp of it, he didn't even bother shutting the door. He wasn't worried about getting caught; the last boy to snitch on him paid with a serious beating from his gang.

    Taking the last swig, he threw the bottle across the room and got to his feet. "Is there nothing to do on this stupid ship than get high and drunk?" he mumbled. He missed his friends; but none of them wanted to go, or some of them were arrested. he smiled at the memory of that party at Rickie's house. It had gone on for four hours after midnight, and the cops were called after a domestic assault was witnessed on the front lawn after some jackass stole the last beer without announcing it. That was when they found the drugs; everyone scattered. He just happened to be one of the lucky ones to have gotten away.

    Trent Friaser
    Looking around at the bright day, Trent sighed at the feeling of the breeze rushing through his hair. Sticking his hands into his back pockets, he gazed up at the blue sky. He couldn't believe that some of the students here were actually graduating soon; he'd seen some of them when they were sophomores. He'd transferred to working with high school students after he realized he was better with teenagers than little kids. His white button up dress shirt was covered by his black overcoat. Enjoying the setting, he felt relaxed. It helped that he was a very calm man that didn't have a harshness to him. He got along with the other teachers, and kids liked him. Walking to the bow of the ship, he leaned against the railing and stared off into the distance. He hardly noticed Jade standing there, but as soon as he looked over, he smiled at her kindly. "Things are going well for the first day," he said as he turned to go make rounds. These were still teenagers. Boys, girls...and a whole hell of a lot of smuggled in illegals no doubt. Sticking his hands into his pockets, he knew exactly who he was going to have a check up on first. ​
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  4. Kaspar Ivo Faust

    Kaspar was walking down the hallway of one of the lower decks, having taken it upon himself to "inspect" the ship for stability. He was rather disappointed in himself for sneaking onto such a ritzy-looking cruise liner rather than a shipping vessel, but beggars couldn't be choosers. The young man had needed a quick getaway, and this ship had been his lucky fish. His white tank top and jeans did help him to blend in with the younger crowd, but he did wish that he had at least been able to grab a few other shirts from the house. Oh well, it didn't really matter anyway. Kaspar still had enough euros to his name to keep him afloat and anonymous for awhile, so he could relax.
    And for him, relaxing was figuring out the layout of the ship.

    Kaspar had heard of older ships being run by steam-powered hydraulic systems and he was curious if this ship had anything like that going for it. Probably not, but if he could slip down to the engine room and check it out he would be happy enough. Not as happy as he'd be with a bag of jellybeans in his pocket, but happy enough. He set the expression on his face to give off the illusion that he knew exactly where he was going and it seemed to help him slip by crew members quite easily. Kaspar gave every door he passed a cursory look and it wasn't until he reached one with a particular sign that he stopped.


    How funny, that was spelled just like the English words for "machine room."

    Kaspar (open)
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  5. Oh how boring. The last group didn't put up much of a fight... Not much fear as they gave themselves to me... And that was oh so long ago... I need... I need some new toys... Some fear... Fear to feed on...

    The Shadow. The Mist. The Darkness. It had many names, and didn't care for which. Ever since it's "birth", all it had cared for was the sweet taste of fear.

    Having run out of toys a long time ago, thirty years to be precise, The Darkness was longing for some new ones. Oh how it longed for the smell, the taste, of fear. It left the animals on the island alone because they were not as fun as humans. And humans needed food, didn't they?

    Quite suddenly, the thing that inhabited the island sensed something. People. On a cruise ship, it seemed. But it didn't care much for that. For when there was people, it meant there was fear. Finally, some new toys had appeared.

    It still remembered when it was first created, and all of its victims. The experiment that had brought it to life had actually been meant to help plants and animals grow faster in the form of mist. A single miscalculation had led to what is was now.

    It still remembered the screams of the scientists as it devoured them one by one. That sweet smell of fear. And then others had come, only to find out that the island was already inhabited.

    The Darkness reached out to the cruise ship, determined not to let its next victims get away. It reached with a long, slender tendril of what looked like black smoke. As it did, it searched for a mind, a vulnerable one, so it could gain a physical outlet which it would use to take down the ship.

    And then it found it. A man, older than the others there, with a troubled past and sick mind. Those were always the best, the easiest. And it helped that he was physically fit as well.

    The Darkness began to reach inside the man's mind, searching for his deepest fear. While this was happening, Kaspar may have felt a slight wind brush across the back of his neck, and heard slight whispering that no one else would have heard. Not that he was near anyone else, anyway. But it was enough to cause paranoia.

    The Darkness finally found what it was looking for. His deepest, and darkest fear. It seized it, seeming to sigh happily as it fed from that. After it was satisfied, it began to make this human it's vessel.

    {This is my longest post ever. Period.}
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  6. Carson stepped on the deck of the vessel, breathing in the salty sea air around him. He closed his eyes and spread his arms as he walked, feeling the breeze ruffle his hair as the waves gently lapped the sides of the boat. He exhaled and opened his blue eyes, finding himself having walked all the way to the bow of the boat, overlooking the endless blue sea. Carson smiled in pure contentment. Nothing was going to ruin... his thoughts were interrupted when a beach ball hit him in the head. The ball bounced into the water, and Carson turned to find his buddy Kirt from the Drama club trying to hold in their laughter. Carson gave a one-sided smirk to the young man, then walked over. "Very nice, Kirt. Way to start a class trip, with me getting a concussion. Mr. Parks would kill you if you let anything happen to me on this trip." He said dramatically to his friend, laughing. Kirt smiled and laughed as well. "Don't I know it! Remember when you tore a muscle in track and couldn't do the scene for competition? He was yelling at Coach Spanier for weeks for letting his star student get hurt!" They both started laughing at the memory. Carson turned to his friend. "Come on, lets go find our room."

    They walked over to the side of the ship, where a row of rooms were placed side by side. "Room 129, Carson Earnest and Kirt McKinnly. Ladies first." Kirt read, gesturing forward for Carson to walk in. He wrapped a beach towel around his neck like a scarf, then puffed out his chest. "Why, thank you, my good sir. What a pleasure it is to have a gentleman like you around." Carson acted with a heavy British accent. They both laughed and flopped on their beds, turning on their TV's until the meal call came, which would be later that evening. It was a formal event the first night, but they didn't have to get ready for another few hours.
  7. Lolita Earensdale, purple
    Lolita woke up about 45 minutes later, feeling slightly refreshed. She got up and headed to the private bathroom inside her cabin. She looked over at the bed, still empty, that was a good sign right? It meant that she might get lucky and not have a roommate for the whole trip, she didn't plan on bringing its attention to anyone. She left the door to the bathroom open, and brushed out her hair, she smiled at the mirror checking her teeth. Okay all set, she straightened her tank top that covered her black bikini top, and walked out of her cabin. She headed up onto the main deck and stood just outside the door way shielding her eyes, boy was it hot outside and the sun was extremely bright after the dimly lit cabin. She ran her fingers through her hair, and looked around for anyone that she knew. Not spotting any one right off, she walked over to the side of the ship and leaned over.

    Jhett Jenson, blue
    Jhett glanced up from his magazine when he heard Kaye's voice. "What's up Kaye? I hadn't seen you yet, so I didn't know that you had even come along." He smiled at her, and set down the magazine, "I am glad you did, this would have been the worst trip ever if you hadn't shown up! I know I am just as excited as you are about spending time with all these...losers.' Jhett wasn't in to the same ole crap everyone else on this ship was, in fact he hated that way most of the girls pranced around him shaking their butts in his face and splashing water up near him trying to get his attention. It annoyed him greatly, so he was glad that Kaye was here to make them stop, at least he hoped they would stop just by seeing her sitting next to him, and the two of them holding a conversation. 'My magazine got wet a couple times..." He picked it up and held it out for Kaye to see.
  8. Kaye Louise Tompson
    Kaye rolled her eyes. “Of course I’d be here. Free trip, man. It’s fuckin’ awesome. Free trip means free food, and that equals getting high in a fun and new environment.” Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see some of the females glancing at Jhett coyly, trying to get his attention in all manner of different ways. It was pathetic. Place a good looking man in front of a few women and that go crazy. Then again, men do the same thing if they see a hot broad. In reality, she could not understand it at all. She had never felt the need to waste time and try to impress a man. In all her years she’d only had a crush on one boy, and he had moved last year. She leaned back, making sure all the other girls caught how she leaned closer to Jhett. Some of them glared at her, and she gave them a little finger wave.

    “Hell, do you see how these girls are acting? I could probably pimp you out for a shit ton of cash. Geez, Jhett. Apparently you are gorgeous.” She glanced over at his magazine, raising a brow. “You probably shouldn’t be reading next to the pool, if you don’t want it to get wet.” She crossed her ankles and leaned back, basking in the warm sun rays. A small, content sigh escaped her lips. Now this was the life. Getting a sun tan and being on a large ship, it couldn't get any better. Hopefully there wouldn't be any drama on this ship. There were a few people she was hoping hadn't come, but knowing her luck they'll be here. She tried not to dwell on that at the moment, instead thinking of how relaxed she felt.
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  9. While Kaspar was reading the door of the machine room, something brushed the back of his neck. He slapped the back of his neck, thinking it had been an insect of some kind. The young German shook his head a little, as if to clear his head. He could swear he could hear voices speaking and he whipped his head around from side to side, trying to see where they were coming from. Well, there weren't any crew members or annoying teenagers around. That was new. Kaspar blinked his eyes a little as a feeling came over him, as if he were getting a buzz from a good bender or a high from the pills his "doctor" had told him to stay away from. He closed his eyes and took a breath, finding he was feeling a little edgy.
    And strangely, it felt good.

    Kaspar pulled himself from his stupor just enough to focus on what was ahead of him. He really wanted to go into the machine room, much more badly than he had wanted to before. The man looked over his shoulders once more before wrenching the door open and slipping inside. He smirked at the sight of the machine workings. Steam was squirting from from little valves and all sorts of gizmos were moving around. Kaspar just didn't know where to start. It was a delightful adventure-land and he was soon wandering around the place. Where to start? Where to start?
    And then one of those new little voices gave him an idea.

    Jam the gears! Yes, jam the gears! Make it so the boat wouldn't go anywhere but one way! It all made sense now!

    Kaspar quickly got to work, moving about the machine room and finding ways to get pieces of metal and tools stuck into pistons and any sort of grinding gears. A horrible grating sound took his attention away from the gear he was currently trying to jam and right into another interest. There was something dripping down from one of the pistons. How neat! Well, that would help things along nicely. He had to get the ship down. The ship had to go down and be completely un-fixable. The young man didn't know why it had to go down, but it did.
    It just had to.

    Once he was reassured that his work was complete, he slipped out of the machine room. He sauntered down the hallway he had originally come down, finding his way toward the front of the ship and on one of the lower decks. Things were going to get interesting. After all, everything was in such bright colors now.
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  10. The Darkness

    Yes! Yes! Jam the gears, jam the gears! Make sure the ship goes down... Brilliant! Wonderful! The best idea you could ever have. Keep at it! Bring this ship down! Nobody likes it anyway...
    There was laughter. A soft, maniacal laughter in the back of Kaspar's head. And it would've made him feel even better. There was someone else like him, someone else who seemed to understand. Oh how easy this is...

    So simple... So easy... Such an open mind.
    In all of its years, The Darkness had never ever come across someone so easy to manipulate. Never. And how wonderful it felt, all that control it had over the man's mind. It found it amusing how the man felt good when it was in his mind. It would probably build up an addiction afterwards. An addiction to be controlled, to have all that willpower stripped away. To not have to decide much for himself. Oh how wonderful everything was.

    The Darkness stayed in Kaspar's mind for a bit, to make sure that the feeling of it would stick and the next time it came there would be no such thing as free will or resistance. It toyed with his mind, sometimes bringing up random memories here and there. Oh, how much it was enjoying itself. And how much better it would be when the humans were on its beach. This was getting better and better.

    It knew that it couldn't stay in his mind for much longer. It's power weakened the further away it was from the island. However, when they came, it would be better. It was tempting to use some of the others, but it couldn't be sure who survived. But it would make sure this one would. It had slight control over the weather and waves near the island, and it wanted Kaspar alive.

    It slowly drew back from the man's mind, and with it, that feeling. The one which made him feel good, that made the world look brighter. The whispering disappeared as well, and no more suggestions. The Darkness would wait until he was on the island before it would use him again.

    Then it waited.

    Crystal Robinson
    Crystal was sun baking on one of the sun beds, lying on her back. There were a couple of boys around her, and she enjoyed the attention. But of course, there were still some who she'd like the attention of. Sure, some of the guys around her were pretty hot, but not as much as others. And they were all pretty dumb.

    Sitting up on the sun bed, she smiled flirtatiously at a couple of guys. "Would you be so kind as to get me a drink?" She asked one, who was more than willing. She grinned as the guy ran to get her one. She looked around, then noticed Jhett. Now he was one she would love the attention of. Standing, she ignored half of the guys around her and made her way towards him. She squealed when another girl splashed her with water. The girl had been about to laugh had Crystal not shot a death glare at her. She immediately shut up and pretended to be doing something else.

    When Crystal got closer to Jhett, she saw Kaye by his side. Her lips pursed in disgust. Great. That bitch was with him. She didn't like any other girl with what she thought was her guy, and seeing Kaye only pissed her off. However, she was not going to let her get in the way. Crystal sat down by Jhett and shot him a smile. She completely ignored Kaye.

    "Hey Jhett," she purred, "How has the cruise been for you so far?"
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  11. Carson woke up later from his nap, looking across the room to see his friend was still snoring away. He had drool coming from his mouth and the entire bed was completely messed up. Smiling, he stood over Kirt and snapped a picture, then sent it to his friend. Chuckling, he left the room, standing over the edge of the railing outside his room. Looking down at the water, he felt oddly at ease. He took a few moments to admire the cerulean waves, then walked back toward where the other students were stationed. Of course, it would be around the pool. Carson Wrinkled his nose in disgust as he took in the scene. What the hell went on in these girls minds that made them think, Oh, how wonderful it would be to wear a skimpy bathing suit and squeal so loud it hurt peoples ears? Carson shook his head. Although, the other young men seemed to like it, it made Carson sick.

    Walking over to the side of the pool, he sat and dipped his feet in the water. The cool water felt good against his hot feet. Plus, from across the pool he could see Crystal, Kaye, and Jhett having a conversation. Kaye and Jhett looked annoyed, especially when Crystal actually began to speak. Carson rolled his eyes. Crystal had been after Jhett for as long as anyone at the school could remember. Everybody knew why, too, as Jhett was one of the only guys Crystal had never been able to seduce. In fact, he seemed repulsed by her every time they spoke, and she just kept on trying. Oh, plenty of other guys have never had the joy of getting targeted by Crystal, but those left were pegged as gay and avoided, including Carson himself. Apparently, nixing the football team in favor of Drama club wasn't very favorable in the minds of the dumb jocks on the team. Things weren't helped much when he started hanging out with Kirt, whom everybody thought was his boyfriend.

    He drew his attention to Kaye, who, mixed with the obvious annoyance on her face, looked a little upset. Carson stood from the pool. He owed her and Jhett a favor anyway, because they were the only people, aside from the Drama club people and Kirt, who believed him when he said he wasn't gay. Now was probably a good time to repay them. Walking over, he waved to the group, then faced Crystal. "Oh, my god, Crystal! Hilary was totally going through all your stuff! She threw some of it off of the side of the boat!" Hilary was the girl that splashed Crystal earlier. "You'd better hurry before she gets your diamond earrings! You know how she is..." Carson finished. He looked over at Crystal, looking for a reaction.
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