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  1. I have done this before on this sight, this wonderful idea that I have, BUT unfortunately it died because I did in the RP world for awhile, but I am back and back full tilt and wont disappear ever again. So here it goes...
    A group of college students have been chosen to go on a cruise, this cruise will consist of visiting places around the north and south american continents. These guys and girls are excited for this and are looking forward to some time away from home and their studies. The day they get on the cruise ship is a happy one, lots of loud goodbyes and tearful see you laters. No one expects anything bad to happen on this trip, but it does, second night into the cruise a storm hits, a huge one. The cruise ship gets destroyed after being struck by lightening and run ashore. The students scared and not sure what to do find themselves stranded on an island that seems to be deserted. Theres a reason it is...something hunts them. They must work together to survive, or die together.

    There is no limit to how many people can join but I would really like at least 5 girls and 5 guys. Enough of each gender so that there can be relationships if wanted. Since this is in modern group roleplay section it must be fade to black on sex scenes nothing graphic on that end. I do have a spot open for the thing that hunts them, I dont want it to be an animal or anything I think it ought to be a supernatural force that only comes at night, or a killer that has been shipwrecked on the island for years. I can hash out those details with whoever would like to play that part.

    SO I would like character sheets so here is a basic layout for you, you can add more if desired but use this for a start.

    Character Sheet:
    Area of Study:
    Why they were chosen for cruise:

    Image (or description):

    Thats all I have on there for now, when it comes to their image real or anime is fine...I would much prefer an image over a description but if you are more inclined to describe them over finding an image then go right ahead!!! The most characters someone can have is 2 for now.
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  2. Name: Aerilin Jones
    Age: 19
    Area of Study: Criminal law studies
    Why they were chosen for cruise: She gets top grades and never takes a break so someone nominated her.
    Personality: Outgoing, easy to talk to, friendly, loving and a romantic.
    Likes: rock music, cheetahs, books, and swimming
    Dislikes: guys who are assholes, women who are little TOO into themselves.
    Image (or description): [​IMG]
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  3. reserve female, will do Wednesday or Thursday. I'm away from thee net until then and stuck on my phone.
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  4. Good lord I've been waiting for something to pique my interest.

    Name: Tibo "Lil T" Lawrence
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'11"
    Area of Study: Herbal Science
    Why they were chosen for cruise: Nomination by his wealthy uncle.
    Personality: Eager to explore. Dangerously positive.
    Likes: Large Sticks and Flowers
    Dislikes: Large Animals, loud things
    Image (or description):

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  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Finn Taylor
    Age: 20
    Area of Study: Art
    Why they were chosen for cruise: He was nominated after one of his artworks were accepted into a famous art gallery in Milan.
    Personality: Finn is an intelligent young man who managed to get into a good university which focused on studying art. He tries to be as friendly as he can, having always been the popular one at school. At the island, he is keen to explore and likes to lead, but is overprotective of his friends.
    Likes: Art, writing, rock music, swimming, trying new things
    Dislikes: Money, television, pornography, cheats, reading
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Rosaline "Rose" Kensey
    Appearance: she's very short, but that doesn't deter her (5'0) and her eyes are usually a very light blue, with flecks of green in direct sunlight. She has irish features, with striking red hair and pale skin, peppered with the occasional freckle all over her body. She only ever wears makeup for a special formal occasion and never paints her nails but she does have this tattoo on her left side
    Area of Study: Music Theory
    Why she was chosen for cruise: One of her compositions was chosen to be played at the Sydney Opera House in a worldwide competition. An incredibly renowned orchestra played it in front of millions
    Personality: Most people call her a bit quirky. She's never very predictable and tends to act on impulse. She likes to stay closed-off and throws herself into her passionate work of composing. She owns an incredibly large vintage record collection and that's about all people know about Rose. Basically, she's better with music notes and creating than people. Comes off as shy and standoffish since she hasn't let anyone in since she arrived at school as a freshman. There are rumors about her in a pretty bad fight, but no one could get the details out of her as she rarely talks. Her death glares are intimidating and cold and if she says anything, it's always important. If anyone manages to get on her soft side though, they'll have gained the most loyal and altruistic friend they've ever had.
    • A large variety of music​
    • her ipod​
    • animals​
    • intelligent conversation (listening mostly)​
    • Daydreaming
    • Thunderstorms (she gets panic attacks when they're bad)​
    • Her vertigo issues. She loves traveling too much to pass up the opportunity to go on the cruise, but it was a struggle to stay conscious a few times​
    • Periods​
    • Liars​
    • Skirts​
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  7. I'll make a cs tomorrow
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  8. Sorry everyone that had posted a CS I didnt have this thread watched or bookmarked or some reason!!!! I will get everything put together here and see how many more we need!
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  9. I'm actually going to have to pull from this, SORRY! I'm just to busy :'(

    Good luck everyone!
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  10. Name: Marcus [Mark] James Shaw
    Age: 21
    Area of Study: Business
    Why they were chosen for cruise: His dad bought his way into it.
    Personality: Mark is, in simple terms, a jackass. All throughout high school he was known to be a player, and the label stuck with him in college as well. He comes from a very rich family, and his destiny is to take over the family business. If that fails, he'll happily live off of his large inheritance with no remorse. Mark comes off as an arrogant flirt as well as a man you don't want to cross; once someone gets on his bad side, there's no coming back, and Mark will make a point to ruin their life.
    Likes: loud music, money, hot girls, attention
    Dislikes: being ignored/rejected, guys who try to compete with him, and rules
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  11. Guys. Who else is super PSYCHED to start this rp?! I'm so excited!! Can we just start with this small group of survivors? 5 is a great number.
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  12. Yeah, then again we can just 'find' new people as they come along as well. I mean, it's a boat right? Surely some will float at sea before being drawn to the island.
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  13. My wifi sucks and won't let me hook onto the internet, so I will be at the library everyday from 12-5 Pacific standard time I, will have CS up tomorrow
  14. So wait. Are we just going to wake up on the Island? Or are we going to start at the boat. Because you said it was on the second day that we'd crash.
  15. I think we should start the rp on the cruise ship on the first day, just so that we can introduce our characters. It makes no sense if we'll have to introduce our characters after being shipwrecked considering we would have spent some time together beforehand haha

    Also, the fewer people there are, the easier it is to manage. Rps like this can go seriously out of hand when lots of people join
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  16. Reserving male spot
  17. Reserving male and female spot
  18. I also noticed that there is a similar post akin to this one. Perhaps we should invest in a altered name so people dn't get confused between the two.
  19. im gonna reserve a male spot, cs incoming!!
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