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  1. Stranded

    You are stranded on an island. The only thing you have is your clothes and a knife. You were sent here to see who would survive and how long they would survive. [​IMG]
    What do you do? Where will you go? Who will you meet?


    If you're interested comment down below.

    This is going to be a survival RP meaning you have to use your intelligence to survive.
    If you have any questions you can ask me but if you decide to drink the salt water I will kill off your character soon if you don't stop drinking it.
    Food will be scarce and there will be some other rules.
    You guys will survive better in groups unless you have a too little food or water etc.
    Your characters may die but you will be able to come back as a new character.

    Status Windows will look like this

    Name | Mary Sue
    Health Status | Healthy
    Hunger | Slighty Hungry
    Hydration | Slighty Dehydrated
    Health Ailments | None
    Clothes Status | Dry
    Temperature | 98
    Smell | Fine
    Other | None

    Is anyone interested?​
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  2. Intriguing. You have my interest.
  3. Any questions you have that I could answer?
  4. Survival, huh? I'm in.
  5. Awesome I'll go make the OOC and Sign ups right now then so you guys can make your CS's
  6. Sure:
    Is there a certain age range you'd like our characters to be in?
    What level of writing are you looking for?
    How often would you like people to post?
    Will all this be in the OOC?
  7. Age doesn't matter at all, just as long as they're above 15. Levels ranging from Elementary to Advanced are fine by me. I would just prefer 3-5 sentences minimum per post. I like one every three days, but everyday is great.

    Yes all this will be in the OOC haha.
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  8. This sounds interesting to me!
  9. This could be cool!
Thread Status:
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