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  1. Roy knew she was somewhat right but he just wasnt to sure about it, " thats true he is positioned here but if the other guard paniks then he will deffinitly leave his post here and go check and when he does then thats when me move it will only be a matter of time and we wont be in here when the plance drops". He felt her hands around his neck and he placed on hand on her waist raising his eyebrow slightly " i know your a flirt to get what you want i watched you with the big guy"
    " And you made that assumption while he watched me? Flirting for desire and flirting for fun are two very different things Roy..." She laughed and laced her fingers behind his neck. She lifted her lips to his ear and whispered seductively.

    "you do know he has his ear pressed against the door?"

    He smirked and slid his knofe back into his pocket as he used his free hand to tilt her chin up slightly " well mabey i hava plan B just incase he is listening and if he is theres only two of them" he leaned his head down and brushed his lips against her teasingly before he spoke, " what is your desire?"
    Natalia kept her head in place, not embarrassed by his forwardness. She let her eyes roam over his face, smiling attractively. She was a notorious flirt, even in the science field. Being an anthropologist had it's sexual advantages.

    "I want to get off this plane and get back to my lab..." She smirked, obviously playing into his teasing behavior. She pushed her hip intimately against him. There were few places that Natalia felt safe and comfortable; her lab was her favorite place.

    "sure would be nice if there was a strong man on board to take out the pilot so i can try and land this baby safely or turn us around..."
    Roy knew she was flirting a way into turning the plane around but what she didn't know was that he was skilled at playing people and he was very god at reading people right off the bat, he felt her press her body against him and he couldn't help but bite his lip " well sorry miss but i cant do that, i cant fly a plane...or can i" he wanted her to question every move he made, it was almost like a game to him, his lips guided along her cheek to her collarbone before stoping breifly.

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  2. ( nice but can we be stranded in an islad or something instead?)
  3. (( i'm all for it. what do you have in mind? Tropical island?))
  4. ( yeah sure sounds good)
  5. "I don't need you to pilot the plane handsome...I need to to take out the big guy blocking my way...." Natalia winked, a slight blush to her cheeks. She knew she could at least try to turn the plane around, or land it safely, unlike whatever the current driver had planned. They were heading down fast, the sudden drop making Natalia feel weightless for a moment.
  6. Roy looked at her, he knew he didn't want the plane to crash especially because that would leave them both dead " fine but once we land i think i derserve a kiss" he smirked he always got his way no matter what so he knew it was bound to happen, he turned and opened the door finding the big guard facing his back tword him, roy kicked him from behind and before the guard turn he cracked his neck and waited from him to drop to the floor " piece of cake"
  7. " I didn't know we were killing people..."Natalia looked shocked, a sly smile on her face as she watched him. She absorbed his comment and bumped intohim flirtatiously. "What If I want to play hard to get?" She puckered her lips at him, smaking them together with a kissing motion.

    "I don't go handing them out, you know..." She got to the captains quarters and used her stiletto to pry the door open.

    "Hey! You're not supposed to be here!" The captain was a loaf, about fifty years of age and extremely overwieght. Cheeto crumbs were settled on his chest and belly, obviously forgotton.
  8. He laughed at the comment and watched as she opened the door when she did he walked behind her pulling her against him as his hands rested breifly on her waist " i wont kill him but ill knock him out he might come in handy later", he looked over at the pilot and walked over to him, his fist conecting with the mans head sending him out of his seat.
  9. Natalia winced as the man went unconcious and hit the ground. Roy hit him hard, but he didn't think about where he'd land.
    "Great! Now i can't get over him to get to the controls, good going muscles!" Natalia groaned in frustration, slapping Roy's chest.
  10. Roy laughed as her hand slaped his chest, it didint hurt at all, he grabbed the uncouncious man and pulled him out the way and sat in his seat pulling the handle upward as they were headed down, he gritted his teeth and kept pulling upward, " press the landing gear lever" he saw the water and then the land knowing they were going to make it.
  11. Natalia did as she was told, but she already knew how to do it. she secretly impersonated Roy, making faces and pretending to be tough. She sat down in the co-pilots chair and strapped in. She could see their destination but it was coming in way too fast for her liking.

    "Are you sure you know what you're doing?!"
  12. Roy had no time to bother with her imitations with were pretty bad, he pulled the lever up more and his foot on the stopper watching ground below he felt the plance slowlying down slightly the landing gear was initiated and the plance hit the sandy ground below with a few bumbs and a screech brefore hitting a few trees, roy opened his eyes and felt his body realizing he was alive jus a cut on his arm he looked over at natalia " are you ok?"
  13. Natalia's hair had fallen out of the bun and was over her face in thick tendrils. Her head hurt but other than that she was in good health. She looked at Roy and nodded, trying to unbuckle her belt. She looked at the transmitters but couldn't make out anything that made sense to her.

    "Hope no one was standing right there" She pointed at the sand that was covering the front window.
  14. Roy unbuckled his seatbelt and looked at her, he got up feeling slightly sore from the landing and opened the door " probubally not but come on" before he left the plane he went and grabbed their bags and then walked off the plane noticing the palm trees and the water a few distance away he looked around the area for a long time " just great were on an island"
  15. " I was thinking about taking a romantic vacation... alone" She frowned at her own realization. The sun was bright and warn, beating down on her tan skin. She took her hair tie out of her hair and let her long black hair flow down to the middle of her back.

    The sand was warm on her toes, though the grains were going to ruin her pedicure for sure. "What next?"
  16. Roy looked around then a smile formed on his lips " well imma take a swim its hot as hell" he pulled off his shirt and uunzipped and pulled off his shhorts so that hw was just in his boxers.
  17. "funny you're first action would be to strip down in front of me..." She laughed, shielding her eyes with her hands. it wasn't a bad idea to go swimming, of all the things, finding food wasn't the biggest concern. They could live in the plane for a while, and there was plenty of food in the kitchen storage, hell, there was probably some beds in first class.

    "Fine, you win..." Natalia walked over to her back and took out her bikini. A black and purple halter suit (( View attachment 11723 )) She went back to the plane to change and ran out onto the beach, watching him as she tiptoes into the water.
  18. He stared at natalia in her bikini she was beautiful and her body made him want to do other things rather then swimming, he walked behind her and picked her up carrying her into the water and dunking her in going under as well he came up and laughed " ha now your wet"
  19. Natalia screamed as he grabbed her, her short height not helping in her struggle to avoid the water. She squirted the salty ocean water at him and smiled.

    "You know, traditionally, if this island was completely isolated, it would be up to us to start a population" She laughed heavyhearted and splashed him.
  20. He smiled and brought he close to him and leaned down " well then we beter get started" he pressed his lips against hers softly