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  1. Hello, I would like to see if at least eight people are interested in an RP idea I have.
    So here it goes:

    Some high school students get to go on an exclusive cruise, before the start of their senior year. There is a huge storm during the second night of the cruise, that knocks the ship off course. But it does a lot worse than that, it capsizes the boat, ripping it in half and tossing its occupants to their death. Or at least that is what it seems, they were near an island when the wreck happened. The students wake up on the sand; tired, hurt and scared. They must band together to stay alive, for there is something on this island that hunts them. And it will see to it that they don't leave the island alive, but rather...they don't leave at all.


    • No Mary Sues or Gary Sues.
    • Do not do anything with or to another persons character without first discussing it with them personally.
    • Evil Being is taken now. Thank you.

    Now I would like at least 8 people. 4 males and 4 females. If there is going to be romance, it needs to be PG-13, regardless. These are SENIORS, no one above 19 and no one below 17. You may reserve a spot, but I want a CS put up within 24 hours of you reserving a spot.

    1. Scarlett Provoyeur (Amahla)
    2. Lola Parks (DrunkenApologies0
    3. Kaye Louise Tompson (Valentina)
    4. Lolita Earensdale (Me)
    5. Jared Hannell (LogicfromLogic)
    6. Jhett Jensen (Me)
    7. Carson Earnest (Lilpuff)
    8. Will Illumine (Chris Miller)

    Science: Trent Frasier (LogicfromLogic)
    Psychologist: Jade C. Smith (Valentina)

    Evil Being: Danger
    Minion aka Kaspar Ivo Faust (Doc_Halladay)

    I don't mind a teacher or two, IF you want that. I wasn't really thinking that there would be, but since its a senior trip then considering I had teachers on mine, I think there should at least be one. If no one wants to play a teacher, I will NPC it.

    Now if you are interested, now is the time to make the CS!

    Looks: (Please only real pics)
    Notes: (put something here that they are GOOD at, something that will help them survive.)

    Thanks for taking the time to read through this, I hope you join!
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  2. This sounds really cool! I hope enough people join that we can do it!

    Name: Scarlett Provoyeur
    Age: 18
    Year: Senior


    Personality: She is intelligent but often comes off as snobby. While she sympathizes with other's problems, she also is easily irritated by others ignorance and highly values people who are opinionated and competent.

    Likes: Letting loose and having fun, travelling, reading, running, and swimming.

    Dislikes: Heat, meat, bugs, not doing anything, judgmental people, and having to explain herself.

    Bio: Scarlett was raised by her father who was a military man and therefore has very high expectations of her. She managed to ace all of her classes senior year, and chose this senior trip as a way to relax and let loose before she starts at college. She is attending university next year on a swimming scholarship, and intends to go into pre-med. Therefore, something that will help her survive is knowing how to care for people who are injured, including different plants that can be used medicinally.

  3. Name: Lola Parks
    Age: 19
    Year: Senior
    Looks: images.jpg

    Personality: Shy and reserved Lola is a book nerd and hates being social. she a girl of few words, but when she does speak her advice can always be helpful. She tends to stick to herself and not get in anyone way. she is a follower not a leader.

    Likes: Books, Sugary foods, soft drinks, music, being alone, collecting strange objects, writing, Outdoors, Being barefoot, lose fitting close.

    Dislikes: Healthy food, Outgoing people, public speaking, drawing attention to herself, Small places, wearing shoes, tight clothes.

    Bio: Raised in the swamps of Louisiana, it was not till her senior year her parents deiced to send her away for school, to become do something more with her life, where she excels in horticulture and Animal studies. Back home she is the one of best Hunter and female alligator catcher. She loves to get down and dirty and hunt anything that could make a decent meal for her and her family. The youngest of 5, she is the only daughter belonging to her parents and is often over protected by her older brothers. Due to her poor hearing, Lola barely speaks opting to communicate through sign language, speaking only when necessary.
  4. Can I post two? A teacher and a student?
  5. Name: Kaye Louise Tompson
    Age: Eighteen
    Year: Senior

    Personality: Kaye is quite a wild child. Though she loves to get crazy and is not one to mince words, she also can be quite compassionate, and hates to see anybody she loves upset. She tends to come off harsher than she really is, and doesn't really like pussy-footing around.
    Likes: Violin||Taking care of her garden||Smoking weed||Listening to music||Arguments||Walking outside at night
    Dislikes: Small spaces||Insects|Tobacco||Close-minded bigots||Sweets
    Bio: Kaye was raised in a loving family with two fathers in a small town down south. From a young age, her parents taught her how to hunt animals. Having never gotten along with people, she got along quite well with nature. She learned how to read signs of nature, from the weather just by how the air felt, to different signs animals leave behind. Once she hit middle school, she began to delve into learning different languages. By Freshman year she could speak 9 different languages, and was adapt at picking up other languages just by body language and listening skills.
  6. @LogicfromLogic yes you sure can!
    Sorry guys, I was away all day yesterday. Thanks for joining. I will get my CS's up soon.

    Everyone else is accepted and beautiful :D
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  7. Name: Trent Friaser
    Age: 28
    Year: Outdoor Living Teacher
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Trent is known to students for being a really funny guy. He's understanding of people's problems, and treats kids like equals. But he isn't without being strong; he doesn't let kids feel uncared about by not telling them that they are close to failing. He's considered one of those cool teachers that everybody loves because he doesn't act better than anyone else. He's fun loving and open to change.
    Likes: He loves having discussions with people, bicycling, drawing, singing, reading. Various other things, people are too complex to write every little thing down.
    Dislikes: He doesn't like rude people, stuck up teachers, stupid questions, olives, smoking, ignorance
    Bio: He was born to Trisha and Gerald Friaser in Montana. He lived a pretty regular childhood, but his parents got divorced when he was sixteen and had to live through a rough custody battle between the two of them. But with his attitude, you could never tell that he was bothered by it. His father won custody, and he finished up his high school years in California. He graduated, went to college, graduated from multiple degrees, and finally became a teacher. Holding a great career, he lives in a one bedroom house with his dog Reggie.
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  8. @LogicfromLogic I don't know where you find your pictures, but they are always extremely good looking men. LOL I am going to make my characters now.
  9. I look up hairstyles. It's easier. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
  10. Name: Lolita Earensdale
    Age: 18
    Year: Senior
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: Outgoing, Carefree, Loving, and excitable.
    Likes: 5FDP, Tattoos, the colors hot pink and black, and cheetahs.
    Dislikes: Liars, snobs, and mean girls.
    Bio: Lolita was raised in an orphanage for the better part of her life, when she was a toddler, her estranged father tracked her mother down and killed her in front of Lolita. He then kidnapped her, and ran. She was a hostage for the better part of a month, before the FBI finally shot and killed her father in a stand up at the grocery store while he was trying to steal her some diapers and food. Lolita doesn't know much about either parent but she has a strong love for both of them, regardless of their history.
    Notes: Lolita is extremely good at climbing and running, she can also build just about anything.
  11. Noooo wanted a girl ;_; But I can make a guy. Will have my CS up soon!
  12. Name: Jhett Jensen
    Age: 18
    Year: Senior
    Looks: [​IMG]

    Personality: Quiet, shy and extremely loving to people he loves.
    Likes: Rock music, video games, and drawing. He has designed all his tattoos.
    Dislikes: Snobby, uppity chicks. Bullies, and rap music.
    Bio: Jhett was raised by his single mom, it was a rough road and they didn't think they would make it there for awhile. But then Jhett's mother found a man who genuinely loved her and her son, he asked her to marry him and when she said yes Jhett and his mother moved in with the man. When his mother wed him, Jhett even took his last name.
    Notes: He can lay traps, and carve things out of wood.
  13. @Lilpuff you can make a girl if you like. I made both. We don't need an even amount unless everyone is wanting to have a romance on top of being stranded?
  14. The rules were put there for a reason, but I do not mind bypassing that for someone who wants to join so bad. You can also make two characters like I did. That is totally acceptable.
  15. Name: Carson Earnest

    Age: 18

    Year: Senior



    ((Those cheekbones tho...))​

    Carson is a drama queen, to put it bluntly. For years he has been in the drama program at school, and his personality became very flamboyant and friendly after performing. Carson is outgoing, a natural leader, and loves being in the spotlight, and will do anything to be the center of attention. He can make any situation more interesting with his charm and dramatic flair.

    • Acting/performing
    • Singing
    • Talking
    • The color blue
    • His dog, Sammie
    • Tennis and track
    • Girls who try to hard
    • Cold weather
    • Cooking
    • Pop/Rap music
    Bio: Carson was born to perform. His natural good looks and outgoing personality made him an early candidate for the stage, and he embraced his star quality early on by performing for the first time in elementary school. Since then, he has been to many acting clinics, went to a performing arts school in middle school, then moved across the country to pursue his acting career. He has starred in many commercials, most notably one for a pet store, and has been an extra in a few low-budget films. He is still trying to make it big, and his drive to be a star may be his downfall in the end.

    Notes: Carson is a leader. In any situation, he is able to take charge and manage the issue, no matter how big or small it may be. He is also very physically fit from tennis and track, and can run very fast.
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  16. If you would like me to make another charrie, I would be glad to, but I don't want to take up two spots. :)
  17. He is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I know, right? :3
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  19. His cheek bones are so pronounced it makes you want to kiss them!
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  20. I might just skip out on my student. I'm really not cut out to pull teen roles. Anyone mind making another teacher so it isn't awkward?
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