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  1. Okay, so I've started this so that way all of the people participating in the "Stranded" roleplay can collaborate and plot about the roleplay. Okay, so let me quickly type down our base plot.

    All characters were on an ocean cruise boat when it wrecked and killed almost everybody, except for a few people who have to survive on a remote tropical island. (Honestly, I was tempted to make it somewhere in the artic, but that would narrow our choices of survival to what, zero?) The survivors all have memories of some kind of genetic experiment, and they all work together to figure out how to survive, how to get off of the island, and what the genetic experiments mean. Of course, I want the plot to lead up to the survivors finding a dark secret about the experiments, and the conclusion is that the government purposely crashed the liner to keep the people's memories from ever resurfacing. Sooo...What's the big secret? This is where we can try and talk about where the plot is going. Okay...Ready....GO!
  2. Okay so I was waiting for someone to post first but nobody did. ._. Guess I'll be that guy. Girl. Thing.

    It could be like a military experiment maybe? Though if there is a wide range of abilities like I assume there is, that concept would really only be applicable to my character...

    Or I guess it could be an organization that the government doesn't know about? I really don't know. I have nothing to go off of because NO ONE POSTED FIRST.
  3. Hmm.....Well let's see....The military experiment could go into the plot quite smoothly...what if the characters find an abandoned military base in the center of the island, and they find a laboratory?
  4. OOOH! Okay, so the military experiment thing fits in pretty well, actually. Each person could have been experimented on for a different power, and so far we have two down. Clem has super strength, and Chess has invisibility. Perhaps there should be a really fast one. But it isn't magic, so we can't have telekinesis or anything like controlling fire.
  5. can my power be advance combat?
  6. Basically I thought of Clem as like a super soldier. Think Captain America with boobies.

    I guess Chess's invisibility can be like an infiltrator thing? Maybe?

    Maybe the government was planning on going to war with another country and was doing these secret experiments to get the upper hand... Something like that. Though they would have to be in danger of being found out in order to resort to killing their precious subjects.
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  7. so maybe the explosion was a a test and this island is a testing ground for our abilities?
  8. ^ GENIUS
  9. Gawd Ryuu i wanted to have super strength lol can i be your male clone :P
  10. Wouldn't we have some memories of each other though? If we were trained for the same stuff and all...
  11. yeah i guess with the blue hair thing it kind of pushed it closer together but like maybe he was trained a different way to find a different outcome
  12. I love the idea of the explosion being a test! What if the characters eventually found hidden cameras in the forest? And I guess the characters were trained and tested on separately.
  13. While I am not involved exactly I would point out that telekinesis and pyrokinesis are both not magic but theorized abilities if one were able to use more of their brain then the average human does. The experiments could have been partially based around expanding one's usage of their mind which could include how one character could go invisible. The idea being that the group conducting the experimentation was trying different ways to reach the same end result to find the most efficient and cost effective method.

    Seems like a potentially interesting game though regardless of how you take it.
  14. I'm planning to post in the Stranded Jump-in pretty soon, and I agree with Slyen that telekinesis or pyrokinesis shouldn't be ruled out on the grounds of them being magic. They're more like talents at controlling certain things - although I do think that in the case anyone is pyrokinetic, they shouldn't be allowed to create fire - just to manipulate it.

    Considering that the thread is already pretty well-founded, I was thinking about having my character be someone who was already stranded on the island when everyone else arrived (but who arrived there in a similar fashion) and was hoping to have her be telekinetic.

    But I'm not sure what the purpose of her already being there would be.
  15. Okay. I don't know what I was saying with no telekinesis. Chess, my character, has had his cells modified by certain magnetic and reflective conditions that would make him unseen. It's not that he turns invisible, it's that he changes so that his skin does not reflect light in a way that does not make him visible. (I'm not sure if I'm putting this right..) If it was sunny, you would see his shadow, but not his body. He would probably be visible to creatures of very great eyesight, but still a little blurry. Bleh. Now that I think of it, Telekinesis is probably just the thing we need. Apparently there's all these stories about poltergeists and such, but then some guy comes in with this crazy idea that it's not ghosts, but people who aren't even aware of it. We can really get into the plot with this. Invisibility isn't as realistic as Super Strength, but the other things could require quite an explanation. Telekinesis could be caused by experiments on a certain section of the human brain, perhaps.