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  1. You are on Airline 46. The plane has entered a violent storm. The Captain's voice echoes through the plane. "Passengers, Please stay in your seats and buckle up. We are having minor turbulence, thank you." That's the last you heard from him. The plane shook violently as screams echoed around, people screaming the ground was rising fast..faster...super fast..then, darkness. The plane had crashed.

    Character Sheet: (Only 1 character per person)
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    Age: (13+)
    Appearance: (Physical)
    Appearance: (Wardrobe)
    Why you were on Airline 46:
    Expertise: (Are you good at medical needs, camping, reading, writing, nothing, what?)
    Occupation: (doctor, author, carpenter, army, navy, student, so on)

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    Airline 46 has crashed on an unknown island in the middle of the Southern Ocean. It is 2014 and you're only supplies are the few things that survived the fire, and whatever rubble is left from the crash. There are trees on the island, they take up almost 3/4ths of the island. The island is lined by a beach, and the ocean swells up to the edge of the trees every night.

    My character:
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    Name: Violet Acer
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG] Jet black short hair, blue eyes.
    Appearance: black skinny jeans, black nikes with red laces, a black t-shirt and a grey hoodie.
    Why you were on Airline 46: To go visit my mom
    Expertise: She's going into the Military some day.
    Occupation: Student

    Accepted Characters:
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    Violet Acer (SilverJae)
    William Ares (Growlia)
    Valentino Moriarty (Arsonwolf)
    Axel Yew (Drago)
    Kira Ries (Shizuka)
    Markov Bolchivec (Akuma)
    Valentine Korbotsky (Thomas McTavish)
    Xemnas Robinson (Clu-Fix)
    Alex formen (djrae315)
    Klara Franz (midori)

    IC when you are accepted:
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  2. Cool ^^ I'll join this, let me pick a character I have too many... Oh! Him =w=

    Name: William Ares
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male (Bisexual, no one knows this)
    Appearance: Blonde (Most beautimos fantastical luxurious shiny hair ever of all time), crystal Blue eyes. He has peach colored skin, and delicate features that have the ability to charm a man or woman, along with a charming, warm smile that often can get him out of tough situations.
    Appearance: a blue scarf, and blue sweater, jeans, fancy shoes, and a watch on his right wrist
    Why you were on Airline 46: He was going to France to visit his famous parents, Johnathan and Jane Ares. They were filming there. As the child of these famous actors, he is often asked a lot about his parents, much less about him. He barely ever gets to see his parents, so that's why he was going to visit them.
    Expertise: Cooking, sowing (no one knows dis), Charming ppl, he can do a lot... except he isn't the manliest. If being polite was a talent, that would be his.
    Occupation: Student
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  3. Name: Valentino Moriarty
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6'1" tall. Dark hair. Pale skin. Icy blue eyes. His mouth is usually formed into a thoughtful scowl.
    Appearance: Wears a black button down shirt (unbuttoned) over a white under shirt and a pair of dark jeans. He has glasses and usually wears an old baseball cap along with a yarn bracelet and a necklace with a chinese symbol for luck on it. He has a worn leather jacket with him and a silver analog watch.
    Why you were on Airline 46: Flying out to visit family in Italy.
    Expertise: Fighting
    Occupation: Student
  4. Name: Axel Yew
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Thin, tall, far sighted, has a tattoo of the yin yang symbol on his back
    Appearance: Wears a long sleeved black shirt, with loose fitting pants. If it's cold, he wears a loose black bunny hug. He always has his glasses on, except for when he's sleeping. Always wears a necklace with a dragon on it underneath his shirt and when he's sleeping.
    Why you were on Airline 46: He was going to a college in Europe to further his education in Medics.
    Expertise: First Aid, Gathering, Cooking.
    Occupation: Medical Student
  5. Name: Kira Ries
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Her naturally wavy hair is dark brown and is long enough to reach the small of her back. She has bangs that come to just above her similarly dark brown eyes.
    Appearance: She is wearing a loose fitting purple sweater over a white camisole. Her pants are faded blue jeans, and her shoes are white and purple sneakers. Around her neck is a pendant in the shape of the moon with a blue stone that her parents gave to her.
    Why you were on Airline 46: She was on her way to visit her parents who are currently working in the poorer countries of Africa. Her mom is a teacher and her father is a doctor.
    Expertise: Her parents used to take her to help build houses, cook food, and other volunteer work before they decided to go to Africa. Because of this she knows how to cook, a little bit about construction, and she has also learned basic first aid from her father.
    Occupation: Student
  6. Name: Markov Bolchivec
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG] He has a large back tattoo
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    and two full arm tattoos both look the same
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    Why you were on Airline 46: On the way to Base in Afghanistan
    Expertise: Building, fixing, Rummaging, Combat
    Occupation: Military Engineer
  7. Name: Valentine Korbotsky
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A tall, commanding man with a strong face and heavy muscle build, knuckles that jut outwards. Often wears a scowl on his face. Thick, broad shoulders Deep brown eyes. [see pic below]
    Wardrobe: [see pic below]
    Why on Airline 46?: Was going to a confidential meeting in south Ukraine for business he can't talk about.
    Expertise: Hand-to-hand combat expert, hunter/tracker, multilingual
    Occupation:... erm... let's say "Businessman".
    Valentine Korbotsky.jpg VK's suit.jpg
  8. Growlia- Accepted. Nice twist on the guy.
    Arsonwolf- Accepted. Interesting looks.
    Drago- Accepted. Where'd you get that picture? He looks so familiar...
    Akuma- Accepted. Engineer? Awesome.
    Thomas McTavish- Accepted. Hidden identity type, should make things interesting.
  9. Name: Xemnas Robinson
    Appearance: 5'7" Athletic build, fast runner, Very skilled fighting expert, UFC and MMA fighter, Dark Hair, Has unique eyes, baby sky bluish greyeyes and one eyes has a spot of red in them.
    Wardrope: Civil Clothes, regualr pants on with a t-shirt that reads "Suicide Silence" and skate shoes on "DCs"
    Why on Airline 46: Dads the Captian of the plane and wanted him to come along and spend time.
    Expertise: Building, Carpentry Welding, Technology, Wild life, Survival, CQC (Close Quarters Combat), fighting and staying alive. Occupaution: Secret.
  10. You forgot to accept me...
  11. Shizuka- I AM SO SORRY! You're character IS Accepted, I was trying to catch up and missed it..sorry!
    Clu-Fix- Accepted. Quick question: why is there a red spot in his eye?
  12. It's okay, no worries. ^.^
  13. He's a unique person, he takes after his ancestors. ^-^ More will be revealed! :)
  14. Hey Xen...i see that you are on your kingdom hearts status XEMNAS
  15. Hahahaha couldn't think of anything else haha
  16. Name:Alex formen

    Age: (13+) 18

    Gender: male

    Appearance: athletic build 5'10" muscles can be seen .

    Appearance: On his head he wears a skully/winter hat. his shirt is short sleeve and has a element
    symbol on the front in green. over that he has on a al black hoodie . he has black skinny jeans and a pair of Air max lime green and black

    Why you were on Airline 46: headed to France for a Parkour tournament

    Expertise: 7 years of boy scouts . . Licensed lifeguard(cpr defibrillation) hand to hand combat.

    Occupation: Pro traceur dropped out of school when recruited by the red bull team .
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  17. Real Name: Klara Franz
    Alias: Nicole Reed (for now)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Pale skin, green eyes, medium length black hair, a bit thin but athletic.
    Appearance: She is wearing a lose black shirt with a navy jacket over top and black jeans. She also has the number 02 tattooed behind her right ear.
    Why you were on Airline 46: Her mission was to stop and capture a dangerous criminal that was supposedly on that plane, who was trying to escape to a different country. She had to make it unnoticeable as possible while capturing him.
    Klara was adopted by a Russian gang leader who was illegally living in the states and trained as a spy her entire life along with seven others just for him to get his dirty work done. When her boss was found out and deported back to Russia, she decided it would be best if she worked for the government to make up for the things she has done in the past.

    Expertise: proficient in multiple languages, handling weapons, hand to hand combat, equipment handling, expert level of control over her mind, emotions, and body.
    Occupation: Spy for the government.