Stranded on an Island, Harvest Moon Type Rp?

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  1. So I was thinking what if we did a Harvest Moon role play, where there are set positions like doctor and other stuff, and it be based on a stranded island, a probable cause of getting there is a plane crash. I am thinking about this being at max a group of ten people but I will settle for more or less depending on how popular the idea is. And I do not mind there being fantasy in this but it has to be agreed on by the majority but I will not do savages that eat people.

    We could make it where each person has to make a diary for there character and put hearts or some symbol they can color and make it stand for each person. That is optional though.

    I am thinking that this will be a two paragraph plus role-play, though if people prefer it, we can do one. It will be up to the majority.

    Tarot - [1] Doctor (male) [2] Biology Student (female)
    LittleRedPanda - Survivalist/Hunter/Musician (hasn't decided) (female)
    Lady Sandra - Movie Star (female)
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  2. Pardon my ignorance but I have no clue what a harvest moon rp is. However, I'm looking to jump into something as I've been off Iwaku a long time.
  3. @LittleRedPanda

    A Harvest Moon Rp comes from the video game Harvest Moon. Basically it is a town with people in it and they each interact differently with one another. That is where the diary comes from, it is to see how your character feels about another. In a way it is like Sims as well (but Harvest Moon is better).

    I would love it if you joined though! What kind of character would you want to be? Some characters I can think of:

    Mayor (whoever is appointed)
    Famous Person (movie star, model, singer, etc)
    Food Gatherer (can have multiple of these)
    Water Gatherer (can have multiple of these)
    Carpenter (person who makes the shelters and stuff) (can have multiple of these)
  4. Okay. I play a lot of Sims so I understand that lol. Hmmmm.... Maybe a survivalist or a hunter. Possibly even a musician of some sort.
  5. @LittleRedPanda

    I am thinking that my character may be a food gatherer or carpenter.
  6. I also would like to join as Famous person, a female movie star if possible
  7. anything I should include in my CS? oh and do every one stranded on the island or are there already people living?
  8. @Lady Sandra

    I haven't created the CS yet, I want to get a few more people before I do that. But whichever comes first I will do it in two days or if we get three other people to join.
  9. ok, will be waiting for that :)
  10. Female I believe.
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