Stranded and Alone (OOC/Chat/Etc.)

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  1. Heyo! I figured out how to create an OOC thread. This is to meet your fellow writers, discuss plot lines and character development and just generally be awesome!! I can't stress enough how amazing this group is and how excited I am to be writing with you guys :bsmile: You are all awesome writers and I am hoping to strengthen my writing and story-telling skills with y'all

    <3 - kiscokids123 (Kisco, or whatever lol)
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  2. Woot woot. So, we're going with a stereotypical deserted island as our crash site?
  3. I'm not sure, because it might get boring if we're the only ones. Maybe we should add some cannibals or creepy guys later once things get boring? what do you think? It's definitely moldable in its terrain, flora/fauna, etc. but idk
  4. I'm an idiot I didn't see the link last post and thought that other thread was the OOC.

    SOS my brain.

    Likewise to you all. Ready to adapt and twist and torture.
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  5. I vote cannibals or maybe a drug cartel, kind of how far cry had it I think, could be a potential way off the island.
  6. Drug cartel could be fun later on once we're established on the island.
  7. Agreed, and then we can leave the island and it doesn't have to die off, just change gears. Love it!
  9. We can have a way off yeah, but I think we should run into them a while later. That way we can have occurrences on the island before hand, maybe adding in a supernatural effect partly. Whatever you guys think :)
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  10. Really I'm game for whatever y'all can come up with lol
  11. Leave it to creation ;) I like it

    I have an idea to establish some mystery in my next post
  12. @CasmiRari
    You and I think so much alike it's ridiculous lol. I was also going to wake up in the trees and save people drowning in the water. Not only that, but I was going to save @KatherinWinter lol. You are too quick! I can't post fast enough!
  13. Tracking who?
  14. @kiscokids123 no one in particular, just the thread in general.

    @RestlessComfort Haha, I didn't really have a plan in place- I just started writing and that's where the flow took me- sorry for stealing your plan, you can help save her- Chloe-Jane's having a hard time with the mom, so I was wondering how to have her deal with that and moving something heavy. Only idea I had was that the mom would pass out.
  15. It's fine haha. I'm just messing :) I'll take another route!
  16. Alright, see you in there-
  17. Ohhh ok I was a little confused but cool :)
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