STRAIGHT TO THE TOP (A Rock Band Ballad)

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  1. Jimmy sat in dimly lit garage of a house he was renting just outside of town. It was a small house barely big enough for one person. It was a few contraction codes away from being condemned, but it had a garage with enough power capabilities to have band practice in. He kept the van parked outside and in the garage was all his amplifiers and equipment. There was a shed out back where he kept his recording gear and other materials.

    He sat in the room messing around with his guitar. It was a custom guitar. He had it designed based on drawings he made and he installed the custom hardware himself. He even had a few switches added to activate certain effect pedals he had.

    He was waiting for the the other band members. This would be the first time all of them would be together. Jimmy held private auditions for each member. He had found a guitarist, drummer, bass player, and a pianist. Jimmy himself was a guitarist and vocalist. He wasnt sure it was the best idea to only have a bunch of kids be in this band, but they were the only ones who amazed him. Jimmy hoped that they had what it takes to make it.

    He continued to tune up his guitar as he waited for the others to arrive.
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  2. Zena knocked on the garage door to get herself let in, it would have been easier to have kept the door open for now as they were showing up, but it seemed that the new bands older manager and lead guitarist liked to sit in rooms with not much light considering that was how it was during the audition. Zena could remember it easily but was surprised by the fact that she was actually chosen to be in the band. She was a good guitar player but some people just thought she was a bit too much to handle. Of course, no one knew that yet and she didn’t even know who the other members were going to be. She waited to be let inside, taping the top of her guitar case with her fingernail as she waited.

    Once the garage door was open, Zena headed inside to the, no surprise, dimly lit garage where Jimmy sat with his guitar. “Oh man, I’m one of the first ones here. That means no crazy entry to surprise everyone. It would have been more fun to be fashionably late on the first day when we’re meeting each other. It would make it more memorable.” She joked as she took a seat down and placed her guitar case down beside her to wait for the others, not sure how long it would take for the other members to get there. She was quite curious who she was going to be playing with, hopefully people she could enjoy hanging out with because she really didn’t want people who could never get along with each other.
  3. Not too long after there were two occupants in the garage, there was three. He had a friendly, but shy demeanor about him. Smiling at them, Rich waved. "Hello." He put his case down and starts assembling its parts. When finished it was a used microphone and stand. It's custom blue accents spelled unique to him. Blue was his favorite color but it was not like he went out of his way to wear the color.

    "Where can I plug this in at, Jim?" He said, looking over to him and the other member that had arrived. She's cute. his own blue eyes lingered over hers a bit before quickly looking away. Well, we certainly won't have a lack of eye candy to attract dudes to the shows. Then again, for all he knew, Jimmy and him were the only Adam's apple keepers here. Of course, he doubted that.

    "Over here?" He said, walking and point to one of the speakers? He didn't know why he wanted it plugged in. They still had to figure out what the hell they were going to do for a name, what their style would be, etc. This was going to be the start of a long process, but he was here to stick through it, as well as they would have him.
  4. "I am so nervous Maxie.. I've never been in a band before," said a petite young lady as she shifted uncomfortably on the passenger's seat. Her best friend, the brunette referred to as Maxie, giggled. "Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment-"

    "-would I capture it, or just let it slip? I know, I know.." Roelani sighed, seeing a man enter the meeting place with a case in hand. For a moment there, she wondered what instrument he handled. "Hey Max?" She turned, placing her attention on her friend. "Thanks for letting me take Happee." The brunette only shrugged. "Don't have time to play anymore, so might as well just sell it." Releasing one hand from the steering wheel, Maxie began to jokingly push her bestie against the car door. "Alright! I'm going! Geez!" Laughing it off, Roelani exited the vehicle and retrieved a black case housing the keyboard from the backseat. On it was a sticker of a white husky with a label of its name "Happee" right under it. As she walked away from the vehicle and entered the dim garage, the cold atmosphere sent shivers to her spine in a mix of nervousness and excitement. This is how it was in the audition and Jimmy, just like the last time, sat at the very end. Finally noticing other people inside made Roelani a bit uneasy, as she is not really used to working for a group. But hey, this is what she had always envied from other people, right? Why back out now? Closing the door behind her as quietly as she could, she stood there for a few seconds and took her time eyeing the other occupants. The first one she noticed was a girl with colored hair. Roelani felt instant relief on this, seeing that at least there's another lady in the room. And by judging on how she dressed, Roelani glanced at her own outfit that was partly covered by a black jacket and made a mental note to try and get along with her in the future. The thought of rummaging through her wardrobe to mix and match styles with her or shopping for different outfits tugged a small smile on the corner of her lips. She seemed like an interesting girl.

    The next person she noticed was the one who made the most movement. It was the one from earlier who entered the premises before she got in. Looking at the blue mic that caught her attention next, she quickly assumed that he would be the lead vocalist. She observed him for a while as he spoke to Jimmy, getting the first impression that this guy would be friendly which was one of the main traits a good frontman should possess. Not bad, she thought, as she mentally told herself to turn her eyes to Jimmy before he notices her staring. That would be embarrassing, and not to mention might give the guy the wrong impression. Now is not the time to be rude.

    "Hello everyone!" She managed to greet cheerfully, as she plopped down on a nearby chair like a intrigued child. With her eyes glued to Jimmy's guitar, Roelani once again tried to resist the urge to stare in awe. The design was too familiar to her, and she had to muster all of her strength to keep her cool. Again, now is so not the time to be rude.. and so is not the time to fangirl over what her bandmates might like musically. Placing her case beside her, she crossed her legs and placed her hands on the edge of the seat, not quite sure if she should introduce herself now.
  5. Jimmy sat in his chair as he watched one by one the other members joined in the garage. When Zena arrived he was quite suprised that she was the firs, but this didn't show on his face. When she was auditioned for the position he was impressed that someone so young could preform the way that she could. Jimmy knew that she could be one of the grates.

    Rich was next to arrive. Jimmy took notice that he brought a custom mic stand. It seemed a little vintage, but that was were a lot of appeal cake from. Jimmy himself used to sing, but over the years his voice became a little more gruff and scratchy. He decided that he couldnt do it himself anymore so he had to find a replacement and Rich had a good, flexible sound.

    Then there was Roelani. During her performance she seemed a little nervous about it. Though she did preform quote well, and she was the only one who would play keyboard. He liked that it wasn't a typical instrument in a band and felt that it would give them something more to theor music, plus with more advanced keyboards they can simulate other instrument sounds as needed.

    Jimmy looked around and decided to go ahead with their first meeting and assume that the others would arrive when they would. Even if they back out he was still confident that he had a good enough ensemble.

    Jimmy walked to the white fridge in the corner and pulled a beer bottle from the fridge and walked back to his seat. He popped the cap off and tossed it into the garbage before taking a drink. He relaxed in the chair and looked at the kids in front of him. "So this is a pretty good start... so as you all know my name is Jimmy Clark. I'm from Sullivan, much like you all here. Rich you can set up the mic where ever... Anyways its nice to see some people making it out here. It's a but of a drive, but it's so I don't have the cops called on me for a noise complaint."

    He saw how Roelani was a little bit in awestruck of his guitar. "Hey kid. Relax it's just a guitar and we're just people. No need to be nervous or uneasy."

    He looked at the others as he pulled out a set of packets. He tossed one to each of them. They contain music sheet, and tabs for various songs buy Nirvana, Boston, The police, Talking heads, Avenged sevenfold, Green Day, My chemical romance, and others. "Here we are. This is the repertoire of what we will be playing. If anyone else has any suggestions I will take them under consideration. Now let's cover some ground rules. Practice is once a week and will commence with or without members present. Being in a band is about commitment and if you can't handle that the door is open. Literally. Second rule is that during practice we leave troubles out side and focus only on the band. If you have personal problems you may by all means talk about them but on your time. Third rule is that you follow my instructions when I give them. I won't ask you to do anything I won't do. And finally remember to have your bandmates back. Because at this moment the people in this room are your family and you always have your families back. Any questions?" Jimmy took amother swig of his beer.
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