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  1. Like i said Straight to the point

    Ive been wanting to try furry smut and I've almost succeeded in getting into a sex scene and one time i did get into one but my partners have gone inactive so now im looking for more partners

    I dont have a set plot but i do have plots that can be furry but wont contain a ton of sex besides the queen x knight rp


    Partner musnt care about post length AT ALL

    I prefer rping in third person

    If you want to drop an rp TELL ME

    If you get busy please let me know

    I prefer using anime pictures

    Also dont think my search is done once i find one partner

    People play different characters which changes how the rps go i like to rp with multiple people with different personality choices

    Now a quick kink list with random bits of info

    Show Spoiler

    I have a minor foot fetish (footjobs only no sucking toes or anything like that)

    I think tsunderes are adorable

    Im minorly afraid of yanderes but i do like them

    Im horrible at fighting rps! So i will generally try to avoid them

    My characters tend to have a dark past but its never obvious

    I prefer long term rps

    I hate those who abandon rps without bothering to leave a message >.<

    I prefer pm rp

    I cant stand rape although in this case I'll allow your female character to rape my character if you want

    I like to play shy characters but a lot of the times i dont
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  2. I made a quick edit removing something that should not be there
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  3. I know we have tried to rp in the past and it didnt work but i do have a character that could fit this and maybe with a different rp setting we could get it to work?
  4. Alright want to discuss it over pms?
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  5. Alright ill send you the pm
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