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Jorge Element

Oddball that is as twisted as he is fun and loving
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I am open to almost anything aside from Lolita situations and any non straight deal. I am 23, a straight guy, and I am always looking to have fun with girls of all personality types. I am more of a dominant personality type, preferring to dominate before being dominated, but like it says under my username I usually play loving doms. Prefer to RP through Convo (PM) rather than Forum since I enjoy the privacy. No my real name isn't Jorge, it is my online name, when I first got online I picked a name and my default character name. Every plot I do is custom for the partner, bring me a fandom or a fetish and I'll try to make a plot we can both enjoy, or just come with a plot in mind, nothing is too dark or twisted for this Dom.

Have no real rules, reply with anything longer than a 1 liner and don't control my character without permission, besides those nothing really comes to mind right now XP

I do RP in 3rd person, but I don't really care between 1st or third really

If interested just start a conversation with me, posting here is optional and only if you want to, but really I'd prefer we discuss the RP in a Conversation ^_^
Bump! I am always looking ^_^
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