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    Technology can change people. It's the present and people are highly familiar with technology with no second thoughts.
    The entire world lives in a democracy.
    And only 1,000,000 people are left in this world. Where the rest went, nobody knows. The only thing they do know is that only a chosen group can read the clues inside a book to find out where they went. And you are part of that group.
    Best Luck Towards You Hero.
  2. Kipper huffed as he flung a fairly large leather back to the wall, know matter how many times he read the book it never got clearer.

    Being the few that can interpret the book they see certain parts in a different color, but the glowing words were all jumbled and that didn't help in the least!

    Especially since he wasn't the brightest.

    "This is so frustrating!" He wailed.
  3. The island was bitterly cold and almost as if it would feel like it would be in Antartica. The truth, the island was close to Australia. And it was the middle of summer. Only thin layers of ice covered the island of it's bare nature. It still didn't cut it that, though it was a preety sight, nobody wanted to go out.
  4. In the streets of the island, a figure standing at a height of 6ft. walked along the streets of the main city of Gnomington. A city that almost would remind you of London in the early 20th century. The almost covered person wore a bowler cap with a label reading "Runston". He also had a white tuxedo on with a poket watch which chain shines in the light like gold ruby. Along next to him was his son, Don, which wasn't covered and only had a tuxedo outfit. Don observed carefully around him for any signs of Gnomes or Homes. The sky slowly filled with clouds and got even colder. Little did they know that the thing Don's Dad was looking for was just a mile away....:sideways:
  5. Giving up Kipper, walked out of the room, he grabbed his trench coat and stormed out of apartment, not bothering to lock his door for no one ever came by.

    He sighed watching his breath cloud in front of him.

    "I wonder if the pub is open...."
  6. Meanwhile, the Father and Son we're almost a minute away from where Kipper's house was. The lights we're still on and could be seen through the now snowy space of air. They desided to go in there and sleep in his family room for the night. Sadly, this was the wrong timing for both groups....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.