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  1. Intro-
    For Kovo smith , life has been normal he had never really been happy or believed in happy endings. But when he descibes to go visit his cousin in america - on the night he is driving up he takes a wrong turn ending up in a small strange little town, thats when everything changes. The 28 year old kovo is in desperate need of an explination to why everyone around here is acting well mad but little does he know that everyone in this quite liitle town was from a fairy tale. Kovo initially refuses to believe a word of this but soon finds that its true and everything is more than it seems.
    (Someone can be kovo if they wish)
    Name:Kovo smith
    Personality: Gets stressed easily,Quite loud and hates people who think they are better than others
    Likes:Animals,Being around others
    Dislikes:Spiders,Loud things
    Name: Vergil hunt aka Captain hook
    personality:Sarcastic,Huge ego,aggressive towords others
    Likes:Being smarter than others,stealing
    Dislikes:People being smarter than him,people being kind to him

    Name: Jefferson wright aka Mad hatter
    Personality:Slightly mad,shy
    Dislikes:People calling him mad
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  2. Sleep aka sleeping beauty. notice the poor boy and walked over to him. "hello are you allright" she asked him with a small smile. she had long Black hair wich had purple and green in it. she was waring a purple hoddy and jogging pants. "do you want somewhere to stay or something I really dont know what you need"
  3. Kovo nodded relived that someone in this town was being nice to him

    Virgil aka captain hook watches them from a distance leaning on a nearby lamp post.He threw a small satchel in the air it was filled with money and people could hear the jinggle of the money.
  4. "we need to go its Virgil ill see if Tink is open" she said then told him to get out of the car and to follow her to Tinks.

    Tinks was just a shop which Tink works at. she loves to tinker with things. "Tinkers we need your help" Tink came out her hair was Blond and was waering a green shirt and Black pants. "you know this is bad right he's an outsider" Tink said "well then help him fixs whith whatever he calls that thing he rides"
  5. "Its a car have you never seen one " he said his eyes narrowd think are they all mad.

    Virgil saw sleep walk into tinks and sighned but when jefferson walked up to him he said " we have an outsider time for some fun".
  6. "oh well not really have you seen my glasses" she asked Sleep. Sleep was tired and yawned as she looked around. "sure thing" she found them slowly with a smile. she took the glasses and bringed them over to Tinks. "here tink" she said. tink put them on and said "Come on lets go we need to fixs you 'Car' before someone see you." she said geting out with Sleep behind her who was tired.
  7. "Thanks" kovo says happy finally to have his car up and working so he can leave the town.

    Virigil walks over to the car with jefferson they start to look around it jeffersons top hat gets knocked off as he trys to get in the car.
  8. HEY" Tink yelled. "IF YOU WANT HIM GONE YOU MAY AS WELL GIVE HIM HIS CAR BACK" she yelled at them. Tink and Sleep ran fast over to the boys. "Jerks get out" Sleeping said from jefferson side then tink at hocks side said "Hey Virigil" she was blushing when she just relised it was Virigil.
  9. Kovo looked at the two strangers in his cars "And who the fuck are you two?" he said not liking others in his stuff

    "Hey" he said as he and jefferson got out the car now leaning on it
  10. Tink calms down. not time to be falling head over heels for him right now. she pouted "ok we fix the car hes gone now le-" Sleepy cuts in "boy meet Boys im tired" she said with a smile
  11. Kovo looked at vergil hating how relaxed he was "Im kovo pleased to meet you"

    Vergil put out his hand to give him a hand shake but swapped hands quickly relizing he had given him his hook hand.Jefferson picked up his hat and wiped the dust of it before puting it on his head again "Hey sleepy" jefferson said even though he was quite shy.
  12. (whos Jefferson?)

    hey jeffy" she smiled at him. she was happy to see him. Tink was trying not to blush anymore. "im Sleepy by the way Im sorry if i forgot to tell you" she said with a small smile. "Im Tink but you already knew that because of Sleepy"
  13. (Mad hatter)
    "Now that we are done with the nice introductions can you tell me what he is doing here?"He said pointing at kovo

    "I have a name you know" he snaps staring to hate virgil
  14. thanks))

    "WE DONT CARE" They all said at the same time. "His 'Car' is broken or something" sleepy said. "im fixing it so he can leave" she said "for now we need to be kind to him. " Tink said still looking at Vergil
  15. Vergil ran his hand through his scruffy quite short black hair "Well fix it quickly he gives me the creeps " he says

    Kovo Punched vergil "Thats it i have a short temper as it is but you are pushing it" kovo yelled
  16. tink ran over to Vergil. "Are you alright Vergil" she asked worried "that was rude of you now im so fixing your car" she said then walked over to it and looked at what the problem. "uyou eed gas" she said. sleep just was standing and sleeping at the same time.
  17. "Wake up" jefferson said slightly poking sleeps arm
    "Im fine tink" Vergil said wiping the blood dripping down his face
    kovo shook his hand as the punch hurt him more than it did vergil
  18. Sleepy wakes up and looks at hater. "hey Jeffy what did i miss?" she asked. Tink grabbed sleepy before hater could tell her what was going on. tink was very piss off so she took Sleepy away to her out with the gas.
  19. Virgil called out"Bye then" hoping to annoy sleep,
    Jefferson sighed he hated being cut off,
    Kovo"Are you leaving me with these two they tried to break into my car what if they try and kill me?"He said getting worried
  20. see you later hocker" she called out to hook. "then you die" they both said "where not your knight in siny armer hes over two home down there" sleep called out talking about prince carming that cheter. "Tink where are we going?" she asked with a mile "gas so the human can get home" Tink was pissed off that that stupid boy punched is Vergil.
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