Story Time

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  1. Here's a touching story.
    Once upon a time, you died, and I lived happily ever after.
    The end.
  2. You know you might want to have your story criticed. Also we have many tutorials to help you with your writing.
  4. Ocha is right. Just like Doxa's inability to count, we can help you too.
    Your grammar looks pretty solid. You can work on content development, though.
    Maybe some imagery.
    You should contact Ozzie.
  5. o wo
    -tugs at blanket nervously.-
    But this bedtime story..
    it didn't....
    it didn't make me go sleep....
    T ______T............................ terrible man.
  6. . . .

    1. Read story
    2. Re-write it
    3. ????
    4. Profit
  7. canon ending v

    You see my swag
    Now you wanna come and give me all this drag?
    I think you better fight back
    Because my hand is itchin' to give you a smack
    What's your name again, Jack?
    It's the end of the road, there ain't no turnin' back
    Don't let the fly face fool ya
    Matter 'fact, it's 'bout time that I school ya

    Don't worry I'm not in a hurry
    I don't even wanna get my fresh gear dirty
    A little birdie chirped of your flurry
    Now I must nip it, or better yet, bury
    Your entity, look at me while I'm talkin'
    I heard you was lurkinn', or was it even stalkin'
    My program thinkin' you the man in the place
    Now it's 'bout time you get a hand to the face

    Look Pimpin'! I ain't playin'
    In a minute you gonna be layin'
    On the ground I ain't messin' around
    My city! My rules! My money! My town! (x2)
  8. Fixed.
  9. Fixed-er.
  10. Fine then.
    You wanna hear something funny?
    You're dead.