Story time! (One sentence at a time)

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  1. Tell a collective story. One sentence at a time. I'll go first.

    Randall Jefferson woke early, unsure of what he had done the night before.
  2. He noticed that he wasn't in his room anymore, nor was he anywhere he recognized.
  3. Instead he was in the Land of Oz, surrounded by Munchkins.
  4. Except the munchkins wore gas-masks and had long, bony arms.
  5. They were also yelling "FOR HELGHAN!" as they brandished fully automatic weaponry.
  6. Some of them even had little grenades, called "muchkin' poppers", by the local towns folk.
  7. Randall was soon struck by the idea that decreasing his physical proximity towards these beings would be a most excellent idea if he wished to continue living with the majority of his internal organs retaining their "internal" status.
  8. Picking a direction, Randall began running away.
  9. Picking a similar direction, the Helghan (?) began running that way as well.
  10. Then Randall chanted "BE AWESOME!" and suddenly Optimus Prime appeared alongside The Crow & Liono to defend him.
  11. Optimus, having more important issues to deal with, backhanded Randall for bothering him.
  12. Optimus then proceeded to walk off and go "HA SUCKER!", leaving Randall to defend himself against an army of space nazi- I mean, Helghan.
  13. Luckily, Randall had a sawed off 12 gauge.