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Fantasy, romance, yaoi/yuri, vampires (non-twilight vampires preferred) though right now I'm VERY interested in finding a romance fantasy

Hi there. I've recently been told by the other person that they no longer had the interest in continuing to do our roleplay, but I'm kind of hooked and I want to see where it could lead, SO i'm asking one of you lovely people to take over her parts. A little explanation about it:

There is a school in England named the Estinthion Academy--a boarding school for the relatively rich or powerful, with a few exceptions.

It is a basic love-hate-romance. The characters can be changed to fit your style. There are two characters each (one girl and one boy) for each of us that will go through various trials/hardships to find the one that they truly love.

The two characters that you are taking over:

A) An American transfer student. Thus far has been really nice to one character and really jerkish to the girl character I have.
B) My female character's best friend.

Please read whats int he link overhead to see if you still want to do it. I would greatly appreciate someone that is willing to see this one through.

If you have any questions: go ahead and ask here or send me a pm.

Graci all, <3

Sleepy Rose

PS: You must be comfortable duel playing (taking control of two characters). :) Thank you