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  1. Hello looking for some rps, these are my story plots I have so far tho I lso wouldn't mind figuring out a blind uke rp. Obviously im uke. Im interested in your ideas if mine suck. So let me know

    1. My Pet

    X is a vampire King, evil and powerful. Because he is so powerful to keep him on there side a neighboring village gift the king a male neko, which are rare and the most tasty. X chooses to keep Y alive so he can feed from him often and because he found Y very cute and like his attitude. Y was very rebellious against X but after saving Ys life Y falls for X.

    2. High School Secrets

    X is a popular bad boy and Y is a loser and nobody, but they are dating, secretly. Since their relationship is secret, X goes around flirting with anyone, kissing their cheeks and walking to class with arms around each other or holding hands and Y is really hurt by it. Finally, Y gets fed up and gets a friend to help get back at X. When X sees them, they are really hurt by it, but they don't let anyone know. When X and Y get together, X starts fighting with Y about what they saw and eventually X breaks up with Y by accident, cause they did it out of anger, but after X calms down he tries everything in his power to get Y back confessing his love for everyone and anyone to hear.

    3. Do You Trust Me?

    - RP only if able to somewhat play 2 characters

    X and Y are high school sweethearts. They've been dating for a (year/two years) and really belong to each other. X is in a band/club/team and is busy a lot, but gets really busy after their anniversary and even though they promised Y they wouldn't forget them, they sort of do. X doesn't cancel or reschedule any dates they plan so it leads Y to believe that X forgot. Y goes over to X's house and finds them drunk with a bandmate/clubmate/teammate and sleeping together in X's bed and Y gets upset and wakes them up. X tries explaining to Y nothing happened, but Y doesn't believe X and X get's frustrated and breaks up with Y. They regret it after a while, really missing Y, but when they try to win Y back, Y isn't hearing it until they give X another chance, but that bandmate/clubmate/teammate happens to really like X so they try to ruin X's chance to get Y back.

    4. Does He Love Me, Does he Love Me Not?

    X and Y hate each other. With a burning passion. They'd not miss each other if one died. One day, they're arguing, like really going for it, and one kisses the other. They end up getting a little personal, and when they realize what they've done, they freak out. But they decide to try and be friends, which promptly becomes friends with benefits. After a while, Y develops feelings for X, while X was very reluctant to come out that he was gay. They try to talk about it, but it doesn't work out. They end up arguing, and hate each other again but in more of a heart broken way. X had said some awful, unmeaning things to Y and possibly ruined his only chance with Y?.

    5.Lies or Love?

    X and Y are in high school. X is a popular person and Y is a loser, getting picked on all the time by X and their posse. One of X's friends makes a bet with X, saying the have to date Y until the next year's homecoming where they drop them like that. X agrees with it, seeing no problem with it and eventually gets Y to go out with them. As months pass, X starts to fall in love with Y, as they learn more and more about Y. As homecoming approaches, X calls off the bet and leaves stuff unsaid to Y, but X's friends decide to pull a prank and tell Y everything was lie and it was all a bet. Y confronts X and X admits it all, cause to really hurt Y and them breaking up with X. X tries everything to get Y back.

    6. Secret Romance?

    -only if able to somewhat play 2 characters

    Family X and Family Y are high important family's, there has been a feud between them for years now. But in a certain situation they both need each others business but neither trust the other family. So the oldest son from X and Daughter from Y are organised to be married for the family's sake. But on meeting the Y family the son of X falls for the Daughter of Ys younger brother. And soon after the son of Y secretly presues the younger brother he falls in love with him as well. With only a few weeks to the wedding will there love remain as it is just a secret never to be together or will someone speak out or run away??

    7. Love and War

    There is a civil war in the country. Because of this young men are being forced to recruited, some happy about it some not so happy. X is a handsome stud happy to fight for his cause, Y is a young boy who doesn't like fighting or conflict at all. X and Y meet before the day of war. Neither talk about the war so neither knows that the other is on opposite fighting teams. But they feel attracted to each other and make love that night as each one knows they will being going to war in the morning and could possible die. At war Y and X are on the battle field and run against each other seeing there on different teams. Xs team sees Y and captures him/ What will happen to Y? why didn't X stop them does he hate Y now for being on the other side? will there love have been a one night thing?

    8. Memory lost

    X is this powerful male that rules the whole world. He got his power from His pet Y who is a neko. He was born and infused with a gem that grew into his heart. So who Y loves get this enormous amount of power. There was an uprising against X but both X and Y were immortal so the rebellions used a spell to send them to be reborn 1000 years later without immortality or our memory. It worked on Y but when doing it to X one of his men attacked causing X to be reborn with all memory and immortality once he reached 30. So X search for his beloved pet who doesn't remember him or have immortality and make the humans pay. So X becomes a teacher to pay bills but to find Y.

    9. Kidnapped by love

    X is a 16 year old prince. An only child who is the gem of his parents eyes. He is the only one in line for the thrown. Y is in desperate need of money and kidnaps the prince. But Y has a good heart and doesn't want to harm the Prince at all. As time goes by the two fall for each other. But can anything happen when he had kidnapped the boy still needing the money and the princes guards searching to kill this man. Is this love just an illusion between the two?

    10. Monster Trouble

    X is a vampire scientist. In one of his experiments he captured a young neko boy Y and injected him with demon serum and also bite the boy with his own venom. Even he was shocked at the outcome. Now the now half demon/vampire half neko is a lethal weapon which everyone wants to either own or destroy. The only one this killing machine is forced to obey is the one who turned him a vampiric contract when bitten.

    11. Brotherly Love

    X and Y are brothers but There not related. There parents married when they were kids. Y is part of a huge corporation and there family is rich he is the sucsesser to the company so is very very high up. X is only part of the family by marriage, so hes not use to the upper class and isn't really accepted by family friends but everyone idolizes the Y the heir to the company. X has a lover but his Y doesn't approve at all and X doesn't understand why, because the Y secretly loves X even tho hes also engaged for "business purposes"

    12 Pregnant

    Women get pregnant and men make them pregnant. This is just how the world works and how it is done. But a question that must be asked is what if females were too totally vanish? What if every woman in the world died off and there were no longer able to make children for the human race? We would all be doomed one would say and in most cases that would be correct. But let's say evolution had new plans for the human race. Woman were slowly having more and more boy's while girls were becoming fewer by the year. After all the woman die off and it's only men, what happens then? Well here evolution had different plans for men. There was the regular male's that history has known for years upon years shooting sperm in whatever a penis could fit into. They are now known as the Alpha males, the common men relationship's still happen even with two alpha males. Though it can be hectic since both want to be in the same role and both want to top not be bottom. Quite simply two alphas were not meant to be together. Though that does leave a question of how men still are born when they only have their own gender's around. That answer is simple. Omega men.New to the world Omega males are men who, depending on there genetics can be super girly to the point where it can't be hidden to even the blind or they are just like an alpha and you would not be able to tell. Their bodies are weak compared to alphas not able to lift heavy things or take hits that well. Their very easy to injure and oftentimes if not treated with care they can get really sick. But the most important part about an omega is they can get pregnant and carry children. They only eat to feed their children when pregnant. Omegas are a very sought after creature as there is way more alpha's and omega's and they can ensure the future of the human race. If meet with certain requirements the omega is actually paid by the government to just be alive. Clearly being an omega is a great life right? Not so much. For one thing they live extremely short lives. Dying at the age of 30 and that is if they are lucky. The ones who can hide it for a variety of reasons. To top off the trio of bad variables there are very rare. There is one omega for every 100 alphas. So finding the creatures is hard though if found an alpha can tell you its worth the search.
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