Story of Seasons is finally out in Europe~

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  1. *throws confetti all around* You heard me! They've finally settled the localization matters and it's out in Europe!
    While not as hyped up as many of the darling games of the gaming community, and not officially a Harvest Moon-title it's still a Harvest Moon game for me.

    Plus now I can talk about the game with friends abroad who has already had the game for nine months already.
    Anyone else here who is giddy about this?
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  2. Not me. Cause me and my wife played it when it was released cause we love Harvest Moon games.

    Glad the rest of the world can actually enjoy it. What were the localization issues?
  3. Well, whenever a new game hits the market it gets rated, and in some cases get translations coded in.

    Marvelous was in charge of the North American release of Harvest Moon, but not the European release. So after their cooperation with Natsume (the creators of HM) ended and they made their own game they had to consider a few things they as a company was never used to. Localization to Europe includes coding in translations and language options, especially the top 3; German, French and Spanish. I think Italian is also included but right now I really can't remember.

    Now, doing that, with no previous experience of porting it to Europe, they had suddenly a lot more to do than just changing the PAL region. Ah, gotta love bureaucracy and their tediousness sometimes.
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