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  1. I have a vague idea for a little story based on a weird dream I had awhile back.

    Character A: The necromancer/demonlogoist/some shady type of magic-user. He gets in over his head with a particularly strong spell and NEARLY experiences a permanent death. Through luck or design, he manages to survive by creating a link with a living person...

    Character B: A normal person, not a magic user at all. Their family may have been involved with shady-magic-dealings but they have not talent for it. Their marriage was arranged with Character A, and they do not know Character A very well and perhaps does not approve of shady-magic-dealings. However, Character A nearly dies and by the connection they have, perhaps the engagement ring, Character A is in their head... urging and instructing them to cast a resurrection spell to bring them back to life.

    I have ideas for and can play either character, and left it vague on purpose so that you can influence the story as well ^_^

    Let me know what you think and if you are interested!
  2. I think it's an awesome idea. I would love to play character B if you are okay with that, since I don't have much knowledge of magic or experience playing someone who is able to do magic. Could character B's family possibly be in debt to character A and use character B to repay that debt?
  3. That is a perfect explanation ^_^ Character A bailed them out of something terrible!

    Soh, now that I'm A and your B, I'll come up whit names and such... what gender would you like to play? (I did not want to assume ^^;) and do you have gender pair preference?
  4. I can play both, though I am better at playing a female. I don't have a preference really, it's up to you :)
  5. Okay, so if you play a girl then I will play a manz. ^_^
  6. Though, if I was a girl, that could add a dash of awkwardness to the situation...

    Parents: what can we do to repay you great sorceress!
    Sorceress: Got any daughters you need to marry off?
    Parents: O.O;;; yeah...
  7. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, it could bring more tension if I make my character straight and she has to marry another woman. It could increase her anger at the situation, or just confuse her :) it's up to you though, we can make it work either way
  8. Oooo. I like that drama. I'll make a lady. :)
  9. Alright, sounds good :) what would you like as a description? A lot of background or just main features? Or something else?
  10. Just the basics. I'm into the 'find out in game' especially if our characters don't know each other very well.

    I think the engagement ring is what created the link.

    Do you want to start from the engagement ceremony/party? Or after my character s near demise.

    I'm thinking it's the ring that creates the link. It's magic and mystically mysterious and your character won't be able to take it off.
  11. Great, that's what I like too, usually I don't stick to the personality I right if I make some long description. I think at the engagement party would be a good start and the ring as the link makes sense :) I won't be able to make the description for awhile, I'm about to have a birthday dinner, but as soon as it is done I'll make mine
  12. Oh. Happy birthday! :D
  13. Thanks :) it's not until the 23rd, but I go back to college tomorrow so it needed to be celebrated with the family today
  14. Cara: She has long brown hair and eyes that shift from green to blue depending on the light. She is somewhat short, only 5'2" and most people label her as "cute" or "fun sized"

    (Is that alright or would you like more?)
  15. No that's fine. I'll start a thread either tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how work stuff goes.

    Do you want th party to be at my characters place or yours.

    I also thought of the idea that they don't know she's a girl until the party when she shows upup. (Patten's just assumed that the necromancer was a man, only seeing her in her robes oror in the fire/mirror/whatever magical means of communications they used.
  16. It can be at mine, that way it would make sense for your character to walk in. And that sounds interesting :) maybe the parents will even try to make a new deal or something since they didn't know
  17. Just PM me or write on here when you get the thread up :) I start a new semester tomorrow so I might not reply too quickly, depends on how everything goes.
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