Story of a Bird and a Bat

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  1. Hello and greetings to all! I'm back with another idea, this one set in a fantasy world filled with mythical creatures such as elves, vampires, lycans, mermaids, werewolves, dwarves and so on and so forth. Before I get into the actual story itself, let me go ahead and give you the details of what I'm looking for and the requirements so there's no beating around the bush.

    Facts to Know:
    • Fantasy-romance based story.
    • There will be sex scenes, possibly just as much sex as there is plot, so be prepared for that.
    • Looking for someone to play the male in the story; I only play the female and no, I will not be intentionally doubling up, so please do not ask.
    • I would like for the character of the male to be assertive, dominant and passionate. I've played with enough characters who are more passive and would like something new.
    • My girls are always of color; if that bothers you, please move along.
    • I adore interracial relationships and would like for that to reflect in the story.
    • Just because I'm looking for someone to play the male character, that doesn't mean the person behind the screen has to be male. If there is a woman behind that screen that can play a convincing male and is comfortable with such, please, by all means! Offer your services!
    • At the least, two paragraphs in every post. I myself can post anywhere from 3 paragraphs and more. When I get creative and add details, my post lengths can get pretty long.
    • At least one post a day. While I am a much more patient person, I do not appreciate having partners that only post once a week. If you feel like that's all you can give me, then we are probably not the best partners at the moment.
    • Offer your own creative ideas to the story instead of waiting for me to move things along. Playing leader gets boring rather quickly.
    • If you find yourself unable to post for a while because of real life circumstances, please let me know and don't leave me hanging in the dark. I will assume that you have grown bored of the rp and will stop playing with you period. I will do the same for you.
    • Communicate with me. If you have any concerns or ideas you want to bounce off of me, please feel free! I don't bite, I promise! =)
    And that about does it for Facts and Requirements. On to the idea.


    In a dark kingdom ruled by a young, handsome vampire king, a beautiful creature has been found. At the edge of the forest, injured and unconscious, a young woman with hair of rose red was found by the king's patrolling legion after they were called to investigate a strange occurrence in the same area. They speculate her to be of a certain clan of people who resemble the Phoenix and take the woman to the king, offering her as a gift; her strange beauty pleases him and he decides to keep her as a pet of sorts, telling the waking woman, who has no idea of her actual identity aside from the name on the bracelet upon her wrist, that she owes him her life and thus should obey him. She refuses him and attempts, at every opportunity she can, to escape, but he thwarts her plans each time and continues to keep her close. Despite their very rocky start, the woman finds herself intrigued by the man that proves to be much more than a monster, her feelings for him growing warm, fond, and then sincere. While their love blossoms, an evil is looming near, one that could very well rip them apart for good.

    And that is it. I believe this is a story that could truly build to something exciting given the right partner to do this with. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Do not message her asking me to PM you for the reason that 1) I won't see it and 2) that just shows me that you didn't bother to read the rest of my instructions. Thank you for reading!
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