EXERCISE Story in the Song #1

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  1. Now, most of us like music, do we not?
    Whether it be pop, rap, hip-hop, rock, even country, every song has a story.
    In this challenge, I want you to find the story in the song!
    Here is your first song!
    Here are the rules:
    1. You may not use any of the lyrics found in the song. A word from it here and there is fine, but not whole lyrics.
    2. You can interpret this any way you want.
    3. You can explain it in a poem, a scene, a plot description, or any other form of writing as long as you do not steal the lyrics.
    4. Have fun! :D
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  2. This song is referring to a person gotye knew. A person who may have been close to him. Maybe they were good friends or something more then that but then something in their mind switched and change the way they see eachother. Its like having a best friend for so long then something serious happen between the two of them. Leading to their relationship being burnt to the ground where the two who used to sit together at lunch or walk eachother to class and now can't talk eachother leading the end of the song now that's just a person gotye used to know.
  3. I woke, my eyes were dry and sore. It felt like ages... I stretched, hemmed and hawed, then found a suitable coat and set off to find her.

    She was in her study, ever the diligent scholar. When she looked upon my person she seemed disturbed, however, I was beyond her recognition.

    Had it been so long? She had kept her face the same, smooth and pale as the moon. Sharp nose and cheekbones... and her sharp mind had not dulled. She had not succumbed to some madness.

    No, the answer was obvious. Her perception of me was completely intentional.

    She had sold her memories of me to the demon.

    I, who had found her when she was nothing, I who had taught her everything she knows and thrives upon now, I whom had taken her heart, I whom she had killed...

    Yet, she did not do a good enough job of that last bit. She had killed me, and then rid herself of my memory. It's a shame. If she knew who I was perhaps she could prepare better, or save herself, or beg me for forgiveness.

    Look at her, that book she is translating, it is my book! She resides in my palace, and trains my demons!

    But alas, she knows not what she does, or has done in the past. It's a shame, she is completely at my mercy. My vengeance shall satiate me for a time, a gourmet appetizer to my feast upon the world.

    If she remembered me, she might fancy herself as significant, as someone who meant something. Perhaps that is why she chose to forget, because she realized, after I was gone, that it was all a lie. Yet, she is not outstanding in my mind, she is only one on the long list of souls I shall feast upon tonight.

    The first of many.
  4. An older gentleman with a black suit and yellow tie began to rub his temples,
    When I agreed to become your manager and signed you it was under the impression you would actually write and sing. Sure for the first year or so everything was okay but ever since the incident with Kimbra not even a single note. What kind of artist doesn't do that? It's been six months Gotye, it's time to forget about whatever happened between you two." The gentleman's cell phone vibrated with an alert. He looked over at Gotye who was sitting in the corner, his knees tucked in and his head down. The gentleman sighed, grabbing the guitar off the wall and a notebook off his desk. He placed the guitar on the floor next to Gotye, but threw the notebook at his head.
    Get over it, you baby. Now I want you to write a song and I'm not letting you leave until you've finished. I've got other clients you know, including Kimbra. Are you going to try and make her feel bad for you or are you going to give up and write?" He put a stack of Unichappell Music Inc. business cards into his pocket. He then slammed his office door and locked it.

    Gyote glared at the guitar, then looked at the empty note book. He quickly snatched it and angerly threw it across the room.
    It's not that easy to forget someone!" He shouted as tears began to roll down his cheeks making him choke up a bit. He rocked himself as he began to recall how he got to where he was today.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was a little over a year and a half ago when Gotye's now manager was trying to get him to sign. Kimbra was with them, She had been pleading him to join. Telling him how awesome her Company was, soon to be their's. Gotye couldn't keep his eye's off her, it was definitely love at first sight. She could be the right one for him, Gotye thought at the time. He signed the contract even though earlier when he was roaming the company halls he felt helpless and lonesome. Kimbra clapped,
    Gotye I am so glad you've joined! Gah, I'm so happy I could... I could... well, die!" She screamed in cheer. Gotye gave a small smile.

    The manager decided to let Kimbra show Gotye the ropes. The two spent lots of time together. Kimbra showed Gotye how the business works. They even began to share there private collection of music together.
    Do you have a record player?" Asked Kimbra one day.
    Umm, yeah..." Gotye replied, "But I don't have any."
    Don't worry about it..." Kimbra smiled "I let you borrow some and you can listen to my favorites." Gotye and Kimbra exchanged talk and music for almost a year. Gotye was starting to climb on the charts while Kimbra started to struggle.
    Haha I'm starting to fall behind because you're so good." She joked after another call to the office was once again for Gotye.
    It's not because I'm good, it's because lately you haven't written anything good." Gotye unthinkingly commented. Kimbra just chuckled.

    Gotye had been so busy with work it wasn't until the end of the week that he'd notice Kimbra hadn't been around.
    Where's Kimbra been?" Gotye asked their manager.
    She at home, she hasn't done anything this week." He said in monotone as he rifled through papers on his desk.

    Gotye decided to step out to call Kimbra.
    Hello, Kimbra speaking."
    It's me, Gotye. What's up? You haven't been to work all week, did you put in your letter of resignation?" He joked.
    Something like that..." She paused, "You should get back to work, you must be busy-"
    You can't give up, come back. Jeez you have a weak constitution. You know if you actually tried like you use to you wouldn't be acting like this." Gotye interrupted. Kimbra only scoffed as Gotye continued. "I was going to wait to say something but I must tell you, I love you so much Kimbra. Ever since I met you that first day..."
    Wait... What? Gotye you're not making sense." She said shockingly.
    What I've BEEN saying is I love you. I want to marry you and have kids and grow old, I can already see it!" Gotye smiled. Kimbra replied hesitantly,
    I-i-if you love me so much, Why do you always put me and my music down?"
    Well some one needs to help and cheer you on."
    That's what you call 'Cheering on'? I couldn't even tell. Was I suppose to be always looking for a hidden message when you talk to me?" Kimbra took a breath. "Look Gotye, what you think is going on between us doesn't make sense... We can still be friends but I think I need some time to myself, please?"
    Yeah, Yeah I'll let it go...." Gotye responded dejectedly. Another week gone by and Gotye started to worry. He had called Kimbra over 50 times that Friday filling up her voice mail. He tried again Saturday getting the dial tone,
    This phone is disconnected or no longer in service." Gotye slammed his phone down and a knock came at the door. A younger girl and a guy stood there,
    Hello Gotye, I'm Kimbra's bestfriend and this is her brother Mathew. We came to get her records and then we'll be on our way." She showed herself in.
    What's going on, why didn't Kimbra get them herself?" The girl had all the records in her hands and was headed out the door. Gotye went to stop her but Mathew stepped in his way.
    Kimbra doesn't want to see you anymore so leave my sister alone." Mathew grabbed the knob shutting the door quietly.

    Gotye barely got any sleep, but Kimbra was in the office talking to what seemed like an employer.
    Hey Kimbra, I'm glad you're back, I told you there was nobody to blame but yourself for-"
    Do you know this guy?" The employer asked. Kimbra stared at Gotye blankly.
    Nope, Haven't a clue." She replied. Gotye felt the pain in his chest.
    Alright, call me when you've made a decision." The employer smiled leaving the room. Gotye walked over to Kimbra,
    What was that for?" Kimbra glared at him,
    I don't know you can you leave me alone?" and with that she left.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Gotye remembered that was the last time he saw her. For months he grieved at losing his friend and getting his heart broken, but not anymore. This would be the last of it, the last memory he would erase from his heart. The door clicked unlock and Gotye's manager appeared from behind the door,
    So I see you wrote a song and already sent it over to the employer. I already got feed back!" He said Giddily, "And he loves it!" Gotye got up smiling, this was the feeling he had missed for so long.
    But he has a condition." His manager said in a serious tone.
    Anything!" Gotye smiled.
    Kimbra get's to change and sing a piece of it..."
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  5. I use to know better

    Prayer is not enough
    Drinking isn’t either
    Crashing into pain

    Should have known better
    Shouldn’t have flown
    Broken blistered walking

    Don’t start and please don’t end
    Fallen grace not this place
    Lost replaced mocked

    Open wounds
    Closed eyes
    Blank pages

    How long
    So short

    Her touch
    His lips
    All lies

    Written By
  6. I once had many friends,
    Now there gone,
    And it's all my fault,

    I miss them,
    Especially one,
    We were all different,
    But he understood me,
    Better than the others,

    I wish I knew where they were,
    But I don't,
    There was a time we fought crime,
    A time were I was called,
    A hero,

    That's now gone,
    Why some might wonder,
    Well I destroyed the world,

    My destiny came true,
    I wonder if my spell saved them,
    Maybe it did,

    They probable all hate me,
    Even him,
    He's probable glad to be rid of me,

    They all must be,
    Now there just,
    a memory.