Story-Book Castles!

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    Found this.
    Wanted to share.

    TAKE IT.

    T ^T

    Pretty pretty crazy giant castles. ._.


    Would you, putting the cost of living aside, want to live in one of these?

    If you could hire cleaning and all that jazz, would you really like to live in any of these "story-book worthy castles"?

    I think.. I'd like to stay in one for a week, tops.
    I don't think I'd enjoy it for a lifetime. Surprisingly, yes, I did say that.
    I feel like it would be SUPER CRAZY AWESOME ERMAHGERD at the start.
    But then I would become use to it, and all the space would become ..daunting.

    What do you ghosts and ghouls think? :]

  2. My IMPOSSIBLE DREAM HOME is a castle. o____o I have always wanted to live in a castle. I fucking love castles.

    I wouldn't find the space bad at all. 8D I'd enjoy having tons of rooms to move around in!

    Cleaning... um...>> well, if I could afford a castle, I could afford staff to clean my castle. >:]

    Iwaku castle! 8D
  3. If you manage to get a castle, Diana, then that would be the Iwaku Commune you so fondly dream of having! :P
  4. Iwaku Castle. o ___o
    . . .

    After I test-run Iwaku Apt. when I make time,
    Iwaku Castle will be the next step..
  5. I'd love to live in a castle. All of my favorite OCs grew up in castles/large estates, so I'd want my home to be the inspiration/actual castle for one of their homes... :D
  6. If there's a good kitchen, a large library, fireplaces, and places to grow plants, I'm statified!
  7. All different Tea plants I could assume?
  8. Given the opportunity and the necessary funds, there is no question: I would definitely want to live in a castle. However, I would be very picky about its location: It would have to be located somewhere near the snowy mountains, where I can enjoy the sight of nature as it is, without seeing the sign of human hands. It would have to be in a place that is far away from the world and which reflects the true beauty of nature; a magnificent mountain range that cannot be quite described by human words. I would also keep a large staff, create lots of underground tunnels, gather a sizeable library and... so much more! If I could do all that, then living in a castle would definitely be awesome.
  9. Nope. NOPE. As grandiose as it might seem, large spaces like this would scare me half to death. xD.

    *goes to mull in the BriTin mansion*
  10. ^ That. I have this thing with living in large castles/mansions/homes. If someone could break into my residence and live there for months before anyone is even aware, then there's a problem. Plus I imagine it would be frigid during the winter with such wide, open spaces.

    I might consider staying in a castle for a week(end), but living there? Nah. I like small, comfortable houses/apartments. Nice and snug, warm, and most importantly, private.
  11. I don't need much space to live and prefer a tight area in reality. Especially if I have to go to the bathroom and the darn thing is 8 miles away. Although would be kinda cool to own a dungeon.
  12. Yes, please.
    This one.
    I'll always adore Neushwanstein castle, but I've long fancied Wernigerode also. They're both beautiful.