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  1. Lady Jester here-

    I'm looking for something and someone that can help me scratch the itch that I have. I wish to write with a literate partner again that is open to have some fun. I have been RPing for a long time and I want some more adventure and some dirty, dirty RPing at the same time.

    To sum things up, I'm looking for a story and some sex. I like them mixed together and I am usually open to many RP ideas.

    I will play yaoi, yuri, or straight. Almost all of my characters are submissive in the relationship and sex; the girls can be snarky and bitchy when not in the bed. I can however double up characters to play opposites so no one feels left out. Just talk with me a bit about it and we can plan things out.

    Some topics I love----
    Dragons (With human and beast forms)
    Dark Fantasy
    Adventure (LOTR Style or Outlaw Star Style)
    Many More....

    I know this thread doesn't represent a lot of my literacy level, but I promise I can keep up very well. Check out my preferences for a RP sample. It's long, but it showcases my engines on full blast level if needed.

    Please message me for requests or questions.
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  2. ------ Oh! I almost forgot! I also do geek out for fandom RP's -----

    Hellsing :bananaman:
    Sailor Moon
    Sherlock Holmes
    Disney - Name it I've probably seen it
    Harry Potter

    Ask if I've seen/read it and we can go from there!​
  3. Hey there. If you say "open to many RP ideas", would that include a rather unusual partner character?
  4. Send me a message with your idea!
  5. Hello. I'm interested in something FxF. :) Is there anything you listed that you are currently craving?
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  6. I'm kinda open. I'm really just in the RPing mood. The only thing I don't usually do FxF in is reality. I'm not sure why. I just really like fantasy situations for it. What did you have in mind? Feel free to shoot me a PM with specific wants
  7. Hiya I am interested in doing a dragon rp ^^
    Do you have any ideas for it?
  8. I don't have specific ones but I enjoy the cliche and the inventive when it comes to dragons. Did you have any specifics you would like? Hit me up in a message.
  9. Still Looking. OH! I can also RP through AIM. Just message me and we will talk.
  10. I think I might be up for a dragon shifter RP ^-^ Or perhaps with some new characters I made recently and haven't been able to use. Shall I PM you?
  11. Yes please!
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  12. Still Looking!
  13. Hi! :) I'd be interested in a vampire MxM if you are!
  14. Awesome. PM me and we can talk about ideas.
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