Storm of the heart

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  1. It was getting closer to dusk, the sun was falling creating with it a vivid pallet of oranges and links. Leopardclaw was out gathering herbs, alone usual. He preferred it this way as it allowed him space to think and relax after the rustle and bustle of camp. He knew he was getting close to Stormclan's border, but there was an area just within his side of the borders that provided excellent mint. It was along the stream that ran down the border. After picking up as much mint as he could comfortably carry in his mouth he began to walk back. With a mouthful of mint his nose was virtually useless. Leopardclaw had unknowingly crossed into stormclan territory, it was getting darker so he couldn't quite see the land markers very well.

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  2. Stormpelt was patrolling the waterfallclan boarders. She kept a sharp eye out, that was when she heard a small squeak for help. She stopped a minute and listened. She heard it again, it was a kits cry for help. She ranat full speed to where she heard the the kit. Waterkit and her 3 siblings were cowering in fear as a badger cornered them. Stormpelt fluffed her fur and hissed. She new that kits were precious to all clans. She would not let these kits die even if they were not from her clan. She puffed up jumping infront of the kits witha loud his and swiped at the badger. She jumped back as a large claw came at her. She nudged the kits back and had them hidden behind her. They seemed to cower into her there bodies trembling. She kept a defensive stance infront of them as she snarled furiously at the badger. She didn't have any one with her so this was a bit harder to protect the kits and herself. Badgers were nasty creatures.
  3. Leopardclaw heard the squeak of the kits an dropped his herbs, immediately running in the direction he heard it from. The overwhelming scent of mint quickly dissipated as he ran, that was when he noticed two things. First of all was the badger, then came the stormclan scent. "Foxdung...." he hissed under his breath. It was his duty to help cats in need, so he decided to push forward. When he finally saw the badger he was at its flank, still a little ways away. He quickly noticed the she-cat the thing was swinging at, then the kits cowering beneath her. An idea came to mind, a stupid one. He had seen some of the warriors in his clan do this before. "Starclan be with me..." he prayed before bursting into an all out Sprint towards the badger. At the last second he jumped towards it an rammed it with his shoulder, staggering it slightly.
  4. Stormpelt saw a cat come out of nowhere and hit the badger in the shoulder. She told the kits to stay put. She saw the badger turned on the dazed cat. She hissed and intervined. She got a few swipes in before it got her in the shoulder. She growled and hissed at the thing. It must have decided this was to much and lumbered off. She growled till it was gone and limped to the kits. "You okay?" She asked looking them over. She narrowed her eye's at them before she fell to her side with a huff.
  5. Leopardclaw rushed to the she-cats side after the badger left. He left out a sigh of relief. "Its a long scratch, but it's not to deep. If it were there would be a lot more blood." he looked at the kits, realising who they were he narrowed his eyes. "What are you four doing out here? I'm plenty aware you're almost old enough to be apprenticed, but wandering off on your own? Its dangerous." he realised he was on the verge of growling and he took a deep breath to calm himself. "I appologize for my tone, I'm glad you're alright. Now thank, Stormpelt correct?" he turned to the shecat. "I should help you back to your camp, I don't feel comfortable with you going alone, not with that shoulder wound." he leaned down to offer his shoulder as support.
  6. She shook her head and growled."what were you doing, your a mouse brain medicine cat. You can't just run at a badger with no training." She spat. She pushed herself up."Besides it isn't a good idea. You need to get the kits home there mother is probably frantic." She said. She limped and nudgef the kits, come on lets go." She said she nudged the kits towards the boarder and limped. She stepped over it and felt a body land on her. Pebblestar held her down,"Ehat are you doing here Stormpelt strealing kits?" He snarled. Stormpelt squeaked."I was returning them." She said. "I stopped a badger from killing them ask your medicine cat." She meowed and he let her sit up.
  7. "She is telling the truth, Pebblestar. Look at her shoulder, the wound is fresh." he informed his leader. "I was gathering mint an happened to unknowingly cross the border when I heard the kits calling out. If it wasn't for Stormpelt, these kits would have been that badgers next meal." Leopardclaw explained, then he noticed the stormclan deputy's wound was bleeding again. "Pebblestar, with that wound bleeding again I'd prefer to escort Stormpelt closer to her camp. Just to make sure she doesn't injure it more." he asked, not only to his leader but to the deputy as well.
  8. Pebblestar nods"only to the border then back." He said and picks up a kit by its scruff the other warriors do the same and walk back for camp. Storm pelt sighed and limped back for home. Her shoulder was bugging her, but she didn't want to show it. She sighed and kept limping for her territory. She sighed again and sat down painting at the pain.
  9. "When you get back, make sure you go straight to Rainnose. I'd recommend a horsetail and goldenrod poultice, it'll help with the pain and bleeding." he said to her from a few tail lengths back. He was on his side of the border. Leopardclaw dare not disobey his leader, thus he stayed even though he felt he should walk the she-cat to her camp.
  10. She looked back at him,"Thank you." She said to him. She dipped her heaf and turned to walk away, she turned her head to look back at him. She sighed and leaped into the ferns towards camp. She flopped into the den of Rainnose and he walked over scolding her. She got patched up and was told to lay still. Thunderstar came in aftet what seemed like hours."ehat happened" he growled."There was a badger father, I had to save kits." She said and sighed. She lay still, he nods, I will let the queens know about the badger, get some rest." He mewed and nudged her. He padded out,"emberheart, bring Stormpelt fresh kill and Rainnose since she is in there." He said to the young warrior
  11. Emberheart dipped his head an bounded over to the freshkill pile. He looked around for two large pieces, satisfied with finding the two plumpest mice he picked them up by the tail an proceeded to the medicine cat's den. "I have your kill, Stormpelt and Rainnose." he muffled and placed the mice down nearest the cats. He looked over at Stormpelt and gave her a confused look. "I smell waterfall clan on you, did they do this?" he asked, clearly not hearing the part about the badger.

    Leopardclaw watched Stormpelt leave, once she was out of sight he returned to camp himself. Shadetail watched him enter an she cast a friendly nod his way. He returned the nod before slipping into the nursery. At spotting the kits with Streamflower he let out a sigh of relief. "No more exploring on your own okay?" he teased.
  12. Stormpelt lay on her side. Her eye's were half closed. She smelled the food and lifrlted her head. "Emberheart, hey, no I saved kits from a badger turns out they were waterfall clan and well kinda ran into them." She said. She thanked him for the food and tucked in neatly. She sighed at her stiffness.

    Pebblestar, scoled the kits abd brought them back yo Streamflower who had been frantic to find them gone. She wrapped around her kits and licked them lightly. She held them close and wrapped around them. She looked up when leopardclaw walked over. She still wrapped around them."Yes Leopardclaw." They all say.
  13. "Oh I see, I'll leave you in peace." Emberheart dipped his head to the deputy before walking out. Mistfur ran up to him as he left. "Stormfur is still in there right?" she asked an the fire colored Tom nodded. The she cat proceeded inside and plopped down next to her long time friend. "So taking on a badger all on your own huh? Starclan be with the poor Tom that messes with your heart." she mused, nudging her friend on her good shoulder gently.

    Leopardclaw dipped his head in a silent farewell as he departed. Walking towards his leaders den he called inside. "Pebblestar are you inside? May I enter?" he asked an sat to await response.
  14. Stormpelt looked up as her friend Mistfur walked in. She smilef and budged het friend. She livked her fur."what was I supposed to do let thr kits die, besides the medicine cat is mouse brained at fighting." She said"Yeah when and if that day comes, for now my clan is my priority." She said and lay her head on her friend."want to go to the meeting tomorrow at fourtrees?" She asked her friend tiredly.

    Streamflower nudged her kits into the nursery. She curled around them and stayed awake. She was afraid to sleep again. Pebblestar was in his den and pacing. He had just layed down, when he heard leopardclaw."Come in Leopardclaw." He said gently
  15. "I didn't hear anything about a medicine cat, and I'd love to go." she purred. The smokey she cat began to groom her friend. "Your fur is a mess." she informed Stormfur.

    Leopardclaw padded into his leaders den and sat. He looked at Pebblestar and noticed he seemed stressed. "If you'd like I can bring you some poppy seed to help you sleep. Now for the reason I'm here. I'd like to take on fallkit as my apprentice. I've caught her numerous times in my den, asking questions and nosying around in the storage." he brought his proposal to his leader.
  16. "Yeah he tried to help, but he didn't know how to fight." She said. She purred at her friend."Well I did fight a badger and get tackled by a leader." She said. Her head lay on her friend as she was licked and her eye's closed. Rainnose walked up,"careful of her shoulder, don't open her wound again." He growled. He too his fresh kill and walked to the back of his den to eat. Stormpelt purred as she fell asleep

    Pebblestar looks at him."I will think about it, see what she does, and poppy seed be nice." He said. He ate and waited on the poppy seed. He took them when Leopardclaw gave them to him and he curled up to sleep. Pebblestar was troubled but poppy seed helped.
  17. Mistfur finished cleaning up her friend, careful to avoid her wound. Once she saw that Stormpelt was asleep she let out a yawn and headed to the warriors den where she fell asleep soon after.

    Leopardclaw proceeded to his den where he ate a poppy seed to help himself sleep. He was a bit stressed himself and could use the sleep. The Tom was soon sound asleep, sprawled out in his nest.
  18. Stormpelt woke in the morning and yawnrd, her body was stiff as hell. She had to choose who was to go to a meeting. She groaned and pushed herself up and limped for the entrance. She shook off the pain and just walked out. She limped out of camp and went to find a place to think. She lay by the river as she thought.

    Pebblestar stood gently in the morning and shook his fur. He sat outside his den and watched his clan as they started to wake.
  19. Leopardclaw had woken up early and went out into the woods to relax. He often went out into the woods on his own. Getting thirsty he headed towards the river, as it was the closest water source.

    Mistfur saw her friend leave as she left her den. The smokey she cat quietly followed her friend. She lay a little ways off, keeping an eye on her friend to make sure she stayed safe.
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