Stories that stick with us

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  1. Many stories have stuck with every person. Whether they be from a roleplay, a book or a movie (TV shows are not included here, but I don't think that they are concrete points), we have all taken part of them for better or worse.

    So which stories have stuck with you, and why? How do they play a part in your life, or inspire you to do better or change?

    For me, Les Miserables has really made an impact in my life. Because I know what it is like to feel oppressed by my government, and what the lower class have to deal with; poverty, rights taken away and working on what is known as a slave's salary, hunger is nothing new to me. And the need to stand up for the rights that have been taken from you, or never given in the first place that should be there.

    Another story would be Hellboy, because looking back at my family (biological one actually), there is only one other person in my life who is trying to better themselves and that would be my full blooded sibling. Hellboy had to put up with a lot of discrimination because he was a demon; people look at my congress and think that I'll turn out just like them. So proving people wrong has been an issue for the main character in this story as well as mine.

    The Aesop Fables have taught me issues as a child to deal with. While there are some in that book I disagree with, the lessons are great.

    Harry potter (the books, not the movies) have taught me that you that just because you have a shitty family and there's a murderous war lord out to suck your soul out that you can find your way in a world fraught with dangers. Not sure if dragons chasing after you in a game that would make the Hunger Games look like child's play would be covered in my insurance however.

    As far as roleplaying goes, one that I am in has really taught me to look deeper into things. it is about an angel and a demon who are at first the bitterest of enemies, but turn out to be the best of friends to the star crossed lovers. Teaches one never to judge others until you meet them.
  2. This one!

    And this one.

    Taught me life lessons: Don't blow false air raid sirens and don't 'overname' your kid!

    Those two always stuck with me.
  3. A story i heard today by a coworker. She was listening to the radio and they have a segment on the station she listens to where they tell amazing stories and such. Well the story they told today was about a guy who had had a lung transplant. Apparently after the lung transplamt his skin cancer, which had bee. In remission, began to metastisize. Because of the lung transplant he wasnt a camdidate for treatmemts. The doctors had only given him 6 years to live. Well the guy apparently decided to reserve his church and invited his daughters and wife to the church without telling them why. Well he then took his daughters one by one and walked them down the isle since he didmt know if he would be alive to do that on their wedding days. Then he walked his wife down the isle and they renewed their wedding vows. The man died 6 months later..

    I was almost crying when she told me the story. My coworker said that the dj's who were tellingt
    The story were crying too. Just an amazing story and really makes me appreciate the loved ones i have. Just the thought that he thought of his family when given such news is inspiring and heart warming to me.