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  1. I've thought of an idea where there would be many different plots in one thread, and I think that would be fun to try. Only one idea would be going on at the time, but when it ends, another will start. And each player can submit an idea and people can vote on which one they would like to try next.

    And if anyone wants to, this could be a place to develop your medieval character and truly bring out their personality. Show why a knight is how he is, why a mage is how they are, or why an adventurer adventures! It's a great place to develop or show your character's stories and I'd like to see that.

    First there could be a story arc about vengeance, and the next could be about romance or the black death. There's so many ideas we could all try. If anyone's interested, I'd like to know below.

    I hope I was clear with what I want to do, and I really hope this idea is seen by somebody. x3
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  2. This sounds very interesting. ^^ It might be better suited for a group, though- or maybe in the fantasy section? I'm not sure if this really needs to be Mature, and it'll get a lot more joiners if we can include the 18+ crowd as well. :D
  3. I prefer the Mature section because of the immense gore I would like to try, and if someone wants romance, I'd like them to be more free with what they want to do.

    It is a group roleplay anyway, I thought putting the ''Group Roleplay'' thing would make it less.. eye catchy? Hehe.
  4. Generally speaking, gore won't get you in trouble, and people can take their sex to a private medium. ^^

    Oh, a group doesn't mean a group RP- it's sort of like a private club or a guild of some sort. All the users can join, and then we can create multiple threads and keep them all together instead of having to wrangle everyone every time we want to move on to something new. There's a tab up top that reads "groups", I think it has some more information.

    Anyways, I'm in, but give some thought to moving the thread. The underage mature section has a TINY population compared to the fantasy board. ^^ I think it would be wicked sweet if this took off and we had at least half a dozen people contributing.
  5. I will give it thought.. thanks for the idea. :3
  6. No problem. ^^
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