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  1. Why, hello there.

    I'm back again, with some new ideas. I've got two basic stories for which I am looking to find partners. But first:

    Expectations for You!

    I like to think I'm a pretty easygoing partner for the most part. I'm patient and active and enjoy a wide variety of things. But there are a couple things that I do look for in my best partners.

    Posting length. Now, I'm not one for a forced word count. Not only does it tend to kill any enjoyment that comes along, but it also tends to stifle general creativity. At the same time, I am a wordy writer. My introductions will almost certainly be 1000+, and I'll regularly knock out 500+ in a standard reply. And I have found that a notable discrepancy between the posting lengths of partners makes things difficult. So, please, be a fairly detailed, well-organized, and lengthy writer. Especially for the second idea.

    Mixing free-form and planning. I like detail and organization. If it exists, I'm going to want to know about it. This is easier in modern stories because I know all the details already. But a fantasy world is going to take a fair bit of planning, to establish things that only may or may not have some relevance. At the same time, I'm not looking to establish the whole plot. I like doing things differently depending on what my partner does, and I like being able to gallivant off on a tangent without breaking anything. So, while I am going to want to really flesh out our world, I'd rather only establish the most basic and all-encompassing end goals. End goals that could be reached no matter where our characters go or what they do.

    Activity. This one is significantly more flexible, but still. I'd like someone who can usually reply more than once a week. Hey, I'd love someone who could post multiple times in one day. Now, I'm not about to abandon our story if something comes up suddenly in your life. I'm a patient person, and I'll wait. At the same time, stories that only progress by a few lines of dialogue every week, and therefore take months to get through a conversation, are going to lose my interest pretty darn fast. Two to three replies a week, on average, will keep me nicely satisfied.

    See? That wasn't so bad.

    Now, onto the ideas! :yes:

    The Bells (open)

    At the moment, this idea is still really basic. It mixes the movie Hugo and the book The Hunchback of Notre Dame, for context.

    In Fantasy Land X there is a giant church, dedicated to the greatest gods in the land. For... a very long time, hundreds, maybe thousands of years, the bells have rung themselves every morning, midday, and evening, rain, shine, war, or peace. The people of the land believe it is an act of the gods, to remind them to keep faith.

    What nobody knows is that there has been someone living up in the belltowers all this time, quietly keeping the soul of the town ringing. Maybe he was set there and blessed by the gods, but he remains there of his own choice.

    A new churchboy/girl is one day looking for some place to hide, and she (arbitrary, could be male) heads up into the high parts of the cathedral, where no one has gone. There she encounters the bellringer.

    And then... the plot begins! I... can't really say I know what it is, but I'm sure you, creative person that you are, can help me figure it out.

    Dark Dreams (open)

    This idea only really has one protagonist, so bear that in mind. It is (very loosely) based off of a video game called Catherine. Very loosely.

    Our main character is a fairly average man. He grew up in an average family, one that didn't have quite enough money, argued some, but got on well enough. Now he is trying to make his way in life. He works in a very toxic work environment, has a best friend who does everything he can to live on the dangerous side vicariously through his friend, and is in a relationship with a very demanding woman who may or may not be cheating on him. He is not someone who grew up knowing how to stand up for himself.

    One night, he starts having some very dark dreams. He "wakes up" in a dark room with a number of other people, "people" who look nothing like normal people, just as he no longer looks like a normal person, and is herded towards a door. On the other side of this door, he finds various things, none of them plesant. Over the course of the week he is subjected to fights to the "death", hunting and being hunted, massive battles where he must obey the orders of other, attempts to survive in some of the most deadly natural situations. And, any time he fails, he spends the next night in torture.

    Gradually, he gets better. He starts winning, and winning consistently. He gains a group of people in his dreams who look up to him, and fight with him. And he starts to notice that all of these things he is doing can be applied in the real world as well. He starts changing, starts relishing the control he feels growing inside of him, relishing the sense of deadliness.

    What he does not know is that these dreams are real. Every "person" in them is a real person. And there is a thing controlling the dreams. A thing looking to build the perfect army. And it has just found its new general.

    Gradually, the dreams continue to change, drawing our main character further and further into the land of the dreams, and the dark fate that awaits him there.

    The Vigilante and the Officer (open)

    A vigilante killer dances around a friendship with a no-nonsense, skilled police detective.

    He was once the best assassin the world had ever known, trained since birth to be the perfect killer. But a series of people in his life were able to teach him a little bit about mercy and love, just enough that a young woman with a bright face, kind eyes, and gentle hands could tempt him to stray. He fled with her, and for ten years and two children they lived in peace. But the man who had raised him, trained him, and bet his whole future upon this perfect assassin would never forgive him.

    Ten years exactly after he fled from the organization, his old boss, his father and mentor, tracked him down and slaughtered his family.

    The policeman had never understood love. He ran away from home when he was young, and life tormented him until he nearly broke. The rules became his salvation. They were clear-cut, and left nothing to the imagination. Even his own broken heart could follow them. He joined the police and slowly worked his way up, a dedicated and ruthless dog, unbribable and with nothing to hold him back.

    There was something about that case that caught his attention. Something in the face of the man who had just lost his whole family, a sadness so deep that it could only be called rage, mixed with an iron-hard focus.

    The police never caught the criminals responsible for the murder, but the man returned to his home two months after the murder, and he seemed to have obtained some level of peace. The policeman never forgot about that look in his eyes. The man had owned a small, home cooked restaurant right near the police station, and now that he returned he re-opened it. The policeman started consistently going there to eat for lunch, and the two men eventually struck up an easy friendship.

    At the same time, people were starting to turn up dead across the city. They were all criminals; rapists, murderers, thieves, gangsters, the ones the police knew about but could never touch. The policeman is convinced that the man is behind it, even though he has no evidence. The vigilante needs the information from the police to select his next kills. Both hide their deep mistrust and broken past behind smiling faces. Both hate the need to associate with the other, yet, even when they don't need to, they find themselves returning to the only other person who shares the broken rage of their own hearts.

    I have another, more classic vigilante story as well, if you want to hear about it. But you'll have to ask.

    Yup! That is all I've got for now. Please, feel free to respond to any idea, even if it looks like someone has already claimed it. I won't necessarily be doing a first-come first-serve method, and if I'm absolutely certain that I've found my partner, I'll go ahead and delete the idea. If you can read it, it is still open.
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  2. I like the first idea about the bells. It could very well mean some disaster if that one in the church is somehow removed or leaves.
  3. I write a lot too, it has been hard to find others that don't mind the lengthy detailed posts, if you are still looking I would like to discuss plotting further with you.
  4. Sounds great. I'll send you a PM.
  5. i am willing to do the second idea if you want, i played a bit of the game you based it on.
  6. Sure. I'll send you a PM. Although, the game is only the very loosest of inspirations.
  7. I'd love to play about the plot about Catherine, I find that game absolutely horrifying and funny.
  8. Sure, I'll send you a PM.
  9. Bumping this for a new idea and a title change.
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