Stories! munch munch omnomnom :3

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  1. Whello peoples and things!
    Windstormugly am I.
    (yes it's me, none else uses my name)
    I decided to expand my reading-grounds here as well ^^
    Anyone with a cozy little story O.o
  2. Hallo windstorm of questionable appearance! <3 Welcome to the site! >:3 Browse around and snoopysnoop, I am sure you will find the right kind of story!
  3. Thank you ^^
    The "ugly" in my name doesn't imply that I'm ugly but is rather a bunch of methaphores ;)
    But feel free to call me Windstorm, any derive from my full name may be used as a nickname. (I'm actually collecting nickames :3)
  4. Winstom it is! >:3
  5. Woho!
    Why o.O ???
    No, wait. Don't tell me. I think it was like this:
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    Windstormugly walked casually about. When on the road there was a cat.
    "Hello cat, where is thine trail." Windstormugly asked the cat.
    The cat flicket its fluffy ears and mewed.
    "I am notacat ! I am Diana. And my trail stretched behind you, but has since changed. Your name is too long, and far much to edgy. What say you Winstom. Where go my trail."
    "Onwards I think. Nocat for fair. Wheter you follow more names I now care."