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  1. Hello everyone,

    Below are a few plots that I've come up with. For all of them, I envision playing female, but I'm fine with mxf and fxf. These plots are all starting points as I enjoy working with my partner to evolve the story. Let me know if you are interested and we can see if our rp styles are a good fit!

    Child Soldier - Currently filled but you are welcome to inquire

    The world to the south has been encased in war for centuries. The north is the refuge for those that do not wish to be a part of the fighting. There is a truce between sides, allowing this dichotomy to exist. A hospital in the north recently admitted a young girl with wounds of war, hardly over 16. As per the agreement, once a warrior crosses the territory, they are no longer required to serve and ultimately cut off. She is alone, only knows death and hatred, and will be released from the hospital without a home.​

    Heir to the Throne

    The small city had been the center of a great civilization that had ruled the East hemisphere of the world for centuries, which was until the heir to the throne was kidnapped and drowned. With the heir’s death, the ancient power that had brought prosperity and peace to the people vanished. It is now nearly two decades later; the city has considerably weakened and is in search of a new heir in hopes that the ancient power will accept another.

    Your character is in search of that heir as one of many who had been sent out as scouts and messengers. Some are seeking potential heirs, others are following rumors of great beasts and other sources of power to save their people.​

    School of Alorian

    In this time period, most made do with what they had and worked hard to achieve what little they did make. If they were born into a surname with power, they used it. And those with power ensured that their children would inherit the same power by sending them to private schools across the nation. There were public schools, however they could not compare to the lessons learned and the privilege gained. Of these private schools, the most distinguished and elite was high in the mountains in a secluded valley. The school was more of a castle with a private town that saw to the needed supplies, work, and of course, entertainment for the privileged who could afford to be here.

    The family Mirthow was not of the elite, at least her mother gave up that power when she married her father, a common bookstore owner. They had a single daughter who they named Ilsa. The daughter knew nothing beyond the bookstore, which her parents joked that she had read every book in the store, but in realty their child struggled with reading and school in general. She was quiet by nature and didn’t seem to make friends easily. Though her mother and father loved her dearly, they fought constantly about her happiness. Her mother stating that they should give up their daughter to her Great Aunt who could afford to give the girl a proper education and a better life. This argument only ended in insulting her father and threatened to leave them both. This argument went on like this for as long as the girl remembered. She had no idea that it would come true when the bookstore went up in flames. The girl had been rescued, suffering a few burns. The emotional toll however was far greater as she had watched her parents die and since then would not speak.

    Not a week after the accident, she was shipped to the school in the mountains. All she received was a letter from her Great Aunt explaining in very clear and cold instructions that she was to begin her schooling where she should have started. Her Great Aunt had paid for everything: a private room, new school uniforms, her books. That was all that was necessary and expected high grades or she would be disowned completely. The girl held the letter tightly in her hands unopened as the private horse drawn carriage bumped along the cobblestone road, approaching the main entrance of the school: Flor’an​
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  2. I'm interested in the Child Soldier one. [:
  3. Awesome! I'll pm you! (I think that is what Start a Conversation is here)
  4. I saw someone already reply, but the Child soldier sounds really interesting. I was thinking maybe a slightly older mentor figure. Maybe someone who already went through the same struggles.
  5. NO worries. I sent you a message. :)
  6. The School of Alorian sounds interesting.
  7. Heir to The throne sounds fun, if you're still looking.
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